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Aimless Ardent and Armed Anarchist Activists Absurdly and Arbitrarily Addressing Atrophying Antagonists' Attrition Agendas.

Abbreviation: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, or 15A
Group Numbers: Unknown
Founders: Meeso Sorry
Abby Omination
Goals: To pursue perfection by embracing chaos
Recruitment Policy: Contact us on the forum. All legitimate players welcome.
Contact/Sign Up: Forum

Nothing is set in Malton. Nothing. Suburbs and gangs rise and fall daily. Victories can turn into defeats in moments, and defeats into victories with equal haste. Not even the men, women, animals and aliens of Malton can remain alive, dead or undead with any certainty.

None of it matters. Nothing is constant, except one thing.

The Random Number Goddess, who we know as Rando. Her randomness determines every action in Malton whether you choose to believe in her or not.

In short, we are Rando's followers. We acknowledge the will of Rando as the highest law of Malton. To this end, we have decided we shall strive towards being as random as the great Rando. We answer to no cause, pro-survivor, anti-survivor, Pker or bounty hunter, except for the RNG and our own amusement. We change on a whim, kill at will and rhyme on a dime.

After all, if nothing stays the same in Malton, why the hell should we?

NNPOV aside: We shoot bad guys. Like mallrats. And generators. And people minding their own business. And people who aren't. And you. Your little doggy too. But fear not, it's all for a good cause, namely Rando. Praise Rando! :D

Joining is easy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Forums

Once you have joined you are welcome to add our template to your wiki page...if you are nerdy enough to have one.

This user is a card carrying member of 15A

Our three Rules for our members, as well as our policies towards other groups are here: The Rules

We also do house calls.

The Wheel of Rando

The Wheel of Rando is what dictates the activities of 15A. It is a lovingly-crafted, intricate portal to the ever-changing ebbs and flows of Rando's will, bringing her divine word to our humble earthly eyes. In other words, it's what the unenlightened refer to as a RNG. The Wheel selects from a large pool of unorthodox and tasty activities. We spin it regularly, usually on a weekly basis, changing our activities as the Random number Goddess dictates, staying entertained perpetually through Rando's patronage.

As of September 1st, 2015 the Wheel was revised and rebuilt as an alter, located at the bottom of the 15A Forums at which individuals (including non-members) can beseech Rando for a task to give them temporary purpose.


What we're doing, what we've done.


December 20th- Meeso has once again been spotted in Malton. The forum is still up but current is lousy with broken image links, a thick layer of dust and cobwebs and in need of a serious airing out after someone left a half eaten bagel with lox and cream cheese out on the counter. If this receipt for a French maid's outfit is any indication Meeso may be thinking of doing some cleaning.


Rando skipped 2016


August 26th- Meeso Sorry has decided to reopen 15A to those seeking a purpose...or I guess to embrace an utter lack of purpose.


Nothin'- Seriously.


December 1st- Resistance to the evil machine lords continues! They hurt our eyes with their horrid light and enslave our fellow humans into feeding them with fuel! Human self-determination is once again a possibility with the actions of 15A taking these mechanical slave drivers out of Malton's malls and factories!

November 21st - Death to the Machine Lords! Death, I say! If you have sighted one of these whirring, light-giving, fuel-guzzling fiends installed in a local position of power, please contact your nearest machine lord with the nearest convenient sharp object. Contact it repeatedly until it dies.

November 11th- 15A gets wind that A GENERIC BUT, take our word for it, VERY LARGE AND INTIMIDATING ZOMBIE HORDE is coming and therefore this is a good reason to PANIC. Doors were locked, ammo was hoarded and zombie spies (they're all over the place!) were shot in the streets, through the windows, off of roofs. A trenchcoat in every pot and a mule in every Uzi! The pirouette of death continued until there were no zombie spies left, leaving many the buildings empty but safe. Mission accomplished.

November 1st- 15A puts the sword to Whippey NT, an illegal drug den distributing the horrid narcotic Revivification. They say going a long time without it turns you into a mindless cannibal! Most disturbing, 15A emptied out the NT for reasons of public health.

October 20th- Having survived the Mayan Apocalypse, 15A is dusting itself off after a long dirtnap and dressing up for it's second date with Malton! Our old friends The Abandoned died of SHEER JOY upon seeing we were back. Well, hearing we were back anyways, I'm not sure they saw who was shooting.



August 10- 15A fought for survivors once more. Not much happened.

July 29- 15A brought Silence and Darkness to Malton once more. Not merely in the form of rebellion against the horrendous Machine Lords, but also silencing their human minions. Praise Rando.

July 7 and July 20- After discovering that Organization XIII has allied with the deceiving, treacherous forces of cake, 15A decided to take things into its own hands. "Things" being Org13's still-beating hearts. Org13 guarded the dessert cart viciously, and bodies from both forces littered Gatcombeton after the fracas.

However, in the aftermath, Org13 admitted to relying on cheap tricks to fight off 15A, and their performance sharply declined afterwards. The good survivors of Gatcombeton have nothing to fear now- with the departure of 15A, all competence has left the area. Praise Rando.

June 25- 15A realized that the good suburb of Gibsonton was under imminent zombie attack! All hands on deck braced for zombie invasion! Zombie spies were mown down by the dozens as each 15A member blasted away with their ten shotguns and dozens of katanas. Alas, Dowdney Mall fell despite our finest efforts, and the devious zombie spy agency, the Malton Department of Defense, still today snoops around with impunity.

June 17- 15A taught the people of Malton the value of chemistry by giving them hands-on introductions to the contents of fuel cans and beer bottles. Alas, many people could not handle the EXCITEMENT of chemistry and died as a result. Their deaths were a tragic misunderstanding and we here at 15A mourn their loss.

June 10- 15A caught a bad case of the crazies and ran amok around the B.A.R, delivering warnings of the bears, machine lords and unwell goldfish within their midst. Unfortunately, they failed to heed said warnings, and as such we are not responsible for the bearpocalypse which will fall upon them soon.

May 17- 15A members hunted down and killed/revived each other many, many times. Countless 15A lives were lost in this horrifying incident, mostly the same four over and over again.

May 8- 15A assisted survivors. WE ARE THE 68%.

April 26- 15A lit up dark buildings and killed whoever was inside.

April 13-15A revived folks then killed the revivees in order to demonstrate Rando's duality.

April 4- 15A went on a Bounty Hunting spree, hunting down RG-listed scum for JUSTICE. Like good lawkeepers, even the slightest bounties fell to our blades, for JUSTICE knows no mercy!

March 26- 15A Death Culted our way across Malton.

March 20- 15A participated in some PKing by Rando's whims.

March 11- 15A took a C.R.A.P. and revived everything we saw.

March 1-The very first Mission from Rando. 15A brought radio stations and generators to silence in local areas.