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Aardwolf Rangers
Es wolf moon.jpg
Abbreviation: AaR
Group Numbers: Small Strike Force
Leadership: Redwave
Goals: To travel across the city leaving fallen zombies in our wake.
Recruitment Policy: To join, just visit our forums (see below).
Contact: Forums

We're gone for good this time. Sorry. Look up the Malton Rangers instead, they are cool as balls.

Our Story

If you've ever been in a battle with the Aardwolves you'd know. Between the fire, the loud speeches, and the dying sounds of zeds you'd be hard pressed to miss us. The Aardwolves are a nomadic group. We travel from battle to battle seeking out the biggest fights and the greatest foes. If you join us you can expect little respite, and survival will not be guaranteed. We are the group for the wanderer, the survivor who can't stay put, and the warrior, the person who cannot go without the ring of steel and the sound of gunfire. Join us, and you will never go without these things again.

Battle History

(The following is a series of books from Zombateer Press that chronicles the adventures of the Aardwolf Rangers. The first publication was suspended due to zombies however, and the series remains safely locked away somewhere in the city waiting to be found.)

Book 1: Blackmore

Four ordinary people have met in Pitneybank. Four ordinary people have traveled to Ridleybank. Four Heroes will be born in Blackmore. Now, for the first time, follow the legendary Aardwolves on their first adventure to the heart of the Zombie apocalypse. When Ridleybank is invaded en mass by hundreds of desperate survivors the original Aardwolves are swept along for the ride. But with the RRF zombies attacking from all sides how long can the tide be held back?

This photo is so old, we not only have a helicopter, but it's still black and white! (Really though, this is totally us dropping into Blackmore.)

Book 2: Homeland

In the aftermath of the titanic Battle of Blackmore the Aardwolves return to Pitneybank to find it in a state of anarchy. Pkers and crazies are everywhere, and the local groups seem to be unable to curtail the violence. Remembering their time with the New Malton Colossus and the Bastards, the Aardwolves will vow to travel the city until they are worthy of joining their ranks.

Book 3: Fortress

Giddings Mall has historically been an unstoppable survivor fifedom, controlled loosely by the military and other peaceful groups. Now it faces Shacknews, the most fearsome Horde in Malton is setting its sights on Giddings. In an apocalyptic battle to decide the fate of the city, who will break first?

Unserialized History

Operation Ardicade was a heroic, (if slightly premature), push into Pitneybank after the fall of Giddings mall. The Rangers worked closely with Team Recon, taking up residence in their HQ after forcefully evicting the undead squatters there. For the next few days intense fighting rocked the area. Part of Boutcher alley exploded in a giant fireball, the mall changed hands 4 times, and we all got very little sleep. Eventually we ran out of people, so many had died trying to hold onto the mall, survivor numbers dropped to about 7-8 in TR's HQ, and maybe 4 in the Morrish building. A day later the Morrish building went under and we braced ourselves. The warehouse lasted a surprisingly long time, 2 days. We stood against a 60+ horde for 48 hours. But the end was inevitable, and soon the building was overrun. Later intell suggested that this group was in fact, members from the Big Bash. This battle was tough on the Rangers, but we overcame. And soon we did. Operation Ardicade 2, son of Aardicade was the follow up to operation Aardicade. We commenced a barricade and run policy that led us to jump around and 'cade up the suburb as much as we could. As we passed through the area we found the Hospital barricaded, and it led us to contemplate our place in the world. Did St. Benedict's really need us? The southern half of the burb was secured, and we then went on into the mall. Battle was joined, and the result was like slapping around a peasant with a fish, the humans let out a FOSTERS size can of pwnage on the horde. The Aardwolves stood side to side in the mall's soda fountain, assuming the power stance and cutting down Zeds left and right. Afterwards a big victory party was held at Team Recon's warehouse/nightclub. After giving ourselves a nice shave and getting some dry clothes we packed up the station wagon and headed out...

The Mall Tour Tour: Then the Rangers tracked the mall tour through Malton, trying to learn their weaknesses before they reached Giddings in the hope of stopping them there. Showing up at Bale Mall the Aardwolves fought in the midst of the battle. We pulled out only after it became inevitable that the area wouldn't hold. Then the Tour began to choke on Stickling. In a moment that would be forever remembered as the most wrong thing he ever said Redwave started giving out odds for the malls survival. Ransacked after a week was even money. How wrong did those words turn out to be. What eventually was called The Battle of Sticklinggrad turned into a titanic battle with hundreds of deaths on either side. For the first 2 weeks things were rather boring with an average of one small break-in a day. But that all changed when the tour sauntered up on to the Whippey building. About 300 Zombies did their damn best kill that place, and the Rangers did their damn best to keep them at bay. That was a true test. But in time, our resistance was crushed by the unstoppable rotting tide. 600+ Zombies were in the suburb and the human population could just not keep up attrition wise. Regardless it was great fun to fight alongside C4NT, the Malton Rangers, and dozens of other great groups. All told the battle lasted for 32 days. We also walked out of it with a couple of good new members, including old second in command Gary Flamer, who mysteriously returned from the junky wilderness.

Operation AardAid: As the Mall Tour slunk ever closer to Giddings the more we realized that there was no chance of stopping them. So the Rangers went to ground and waited. We quietly gathered ammo, medkits, genneys, and fuel. Soon the Tour attacked, and it was soon over. Once the Zombies had moved out the Rangers struck into the heart of Pitneybank. in less than a week the area had been retaken. As one of our most successful missions to date it was commemorated with the ceremonial stealing of the top floor of the Stanser Arms to add to warehouse 83,41.

The Great Cleansing of Yagoton: Soon after Giddings Mall was secured the Rangers set out to find another solid fight. The compass of foes was pointing towards Yagoton. Following their canny sense of smell, the Aardwolves flitted from building to building. Zombie bites were common, but in time they reached the Challenger Crescent Police Department. There a pitched battle was underway between about 20 occupants indoors and around 40-50 outside. Entering the fray like a bunch of Zulu warriors on golf carts the Rangers harassed the horde, and gave much needed medical attention to the residents inside. The next day a strike was launched to clear the hospital near by, and soon there was a good supply of rubbing alcohol for all. Eventually however, the PD was overrun, leaving the Aardwolves split up. Luck favors the wiki divers however, and Redwave caught wind of something great about to go down. Ghetto Cow, along with the Malton Rangers and the Channel Four News Team, was about to attack the historic and strategically located Whatmore Building. Not wanting to miss out on the action the Rangers of Aardwolf went out to meet the Rangers of Malton. Soon a massive battle was underway, revives were quick, but the lack of other supplies was threatening to choke off the survivors. Numerous strikes were launched in all directions, St Catherines Hospital, and Stickling and Bale Malls. But they all failed. Facing defeat of the worst kind, (at the hands of jerks like Death's Embrace), a plan was hatched for an alpha strike on Bale. For 3 days the mall changed hands, and Whatmore slowly eroded, but in the end the New Malton Colossus was the victor. Truly one of the more furious fights yet, the Aardwolves resupplied and prepared to boldly go where no other Aardwolf has gone...

The Siren Call of Caiger Mall: Caiger Mall. For the first time we set foot upon the historic survivor fortress. Things went to plan, the area was cleared, nearby NT's were held, and we took long draughts from the delicious selection of drinks available to us. But Caiger was really boring, and with no breakins for days after the push to clear it we prepared to move on. But we didn't, something had taken the wind out of our sails. Tugbottom correctly suspected the Mall as being a cursed anti Aardwolf zone. So as fast as we could tear our members away we went to make up for it we launched a campaign into West Becktown, the home burb of Albub.

West Becktown and Molebank: And then the struggle over the Flowar building began. We charged once, we charged twice, we charged thrice... and we didn't make any headway. However it seems that our failure was just the distraction Ghetto Cow needed to make some serious inroads into Molebank. With little prospect of success in the future we prepared to charge back in, and then we got the call.

The Battle Santlerville: A nice fellow by the name of Sunil mistook us for being in Shearbank. The RRF, one burb over was tearing through the competition. The Aardwolves got fairly strung out the way over, but as things thickened the team took a stand in the Hall building. Held by the most determined solo survivors the Aardwolves had ever seen; a group of 50 defended against the RRFs 200. 5 days, (and many revives), later we climbed outside and lit off some celebratory bottle rockets in... celebration.

The Hazy Bit: For the next few weeks there was a lull in the action, a scenic trip to Blackmore took place, the RRF was fought against, and so forth. But a storm was gathering on the horizon, in the form of LUE. Smashing their way through Ridleybank, then Stanbury Village, and then Tynte Mall, LUE cut a path towards Giddings. The Aardwolves perused but they were too late, by the time Giddings was reached it had fallen. Holding their old base, Warehouse 83,41, the Aardwolves held off a pack of about 15-20 ferals, and helped survivors as they escaped the area.

Moar Heavy Fighting: At this point the tide began to turn. We were no longer in the green as it were. LUE ate chunk after chunk out of the map. Malls fell like houses of cards, tragedy all round. Having been routed from Stickling mall by LUE in what could only be described as a slaughter. We found ourselves defeated again in Stanbury Village by the RRF this time. Things looked grim...

Things Were Grim: Falling away about ten squares to Hildebrand Mall was a natural and predictable move. However, when we Aardwolves fall back, we only go as far as the nearest supply of... supplies. After grabing guns, FAKs and the ever needed needles we embroiled at the Mall as we fought the same horde again. Lucky for us Hildebrand is uphill of Stanbury Village. The fighting continued for a period, intersperced by short rounds of death and the occasional infetious bite. Outside our 'Cades however, the city was being roasted, and the fire wa a combination of ruin, LUE, the RRF, and The Eastonwood Ferals. Lacing up our boots and puting on our jetpacks we soared out to meet the North West "Extiction Zone".

A Brief History of our Time in the Extinction Zone: There isn't really much to say about a lot of things. We charged, fought and died. Conserving ammo and Med Packs was standard, break-ins, safe houses, falling back, moving forward. The Aardwolves and dozens of other groups had decided that this was enough. In the face of insurmountable odds, truly insurmountable for any one group to handle, the cogs of the machine forced the tide back again. Our little section of the battle covered a stretch of land between Shearbank and Eastonwood, prime territory for both sides. When life started to look a little greener we retired from the city, for a time...

The Glorious return and the Battle of Angerstien: It took two months for us to hear the call of the war once again. The Big Bash Jr was kicking the crap out of the south, and we hadn't fought in the south yet. Thus came about the battle of Angerstien. A stand of epic proportions. 100 die hard survivors against 300 ravenous zombies. A heavyweight fight that shook the foundations of the city. The fight nearly shattered both the NMC and the Bash, but the lack of medical supplies took its toll. It was a phyrric victory for both sides. Most of the NMC was dead, and the Bash was held up for an entire week on a building that had no importance whatsoever.

The Seige of Pitneybank: Then came the Grand Seige of Pitneybank. Thousands of soldiers of fortune and conscripted survivors alike squared off against the shambling masses of the Big Bash II.

It lasted 30 days. If you weren't there it's useless to describe it.

The seige ended with the advent of blocking. We only held out for two days afterwards, there were no survivors.

The Dark Ages:

Some time passed, and like all things the time of the Dead had come again. As we speak, more than half the map is red, and we are needed more than ever. If they come knocking, just pray we're still out there.

Various Battles in Molebank:

The Dead had shown no sign of relenting, the map was a sea of red. Our old hidey holes were destroyed, and our farms and cattle were burnt and stampeded. So we did what any stranded commando group would do, we walked into Molebank and made a mark. Necrotechs were cleaned up, people were revived, zombies were shot. In short order, the suburb was so clean and tidy that it attracted the attention of an arm of the dead. With nothing to be done about it we headed out again to meet up with the NMC.

The Passing of Ron Burgundy and the Battle of the Kilt:"


Our favourite weapon is fire and spears.

We served the zeds in Pitneybank, Ridleybank, Pitneybank, Edgecombe, Pitneybank, Yagoton, Shearbank, Pitneybank again, Yagoton, Darvall Heights, West Becktown, Molebank, Santlerville, Ridleybank, Pitneybank, Yagoton, Shearbank, Roftwood, Brooke Hills, Wyke Hills, East Grayside, Havercroft, and Stanbury Village. In about that order.

The German word for bagpipes is doodlesack.

Tridents with NecroTech syringes on the points are a VERY BAD IDEA.

The Aardwolves have been paid (5) cases of Vanilla Coke to date.

And this:

Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.


We now have a template, because all the cool groups were doing it.

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This user is proud to be a member of the Aardwolf Rangers. Or maybe they're not proud of it, but either way they are a member.

Anyways, just add {{AardwolfRangers}} to your user page. Or not, depending on your personal preference.

Recent Events

Our past updates can be found in the recent history archive

May 27, 2008: Currently in Stanbury Village, trying to defend the kilts. Redwave 15:06, 27 May 2008 (BST)

April 24, 2008: You all know we are in Molebank, just putting it here cause I haven't updated in a month. Redwave 13:32, 24 April 2008 (BST)

March 28, 2008: There are 2 seperate areas of interest for us, see the forumn and take your pick. Redwave 12:27, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

March 23, 2008: OK, definate destination. Bottom Left corner of Hildebrand Mall in Roftwood. The Malton Rangers called for backup a few days ago, we're gonna lend them a hand. Sorry to switch it around so fast lately. Redwave 15:40, 23 March 2008 (UTC)

March 21, 2008: We've lost Stickling and Yagoton. Try and make a death run to Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village, we can do some good from there.

March 13: Currently kicking but and holding out Stickling mall --Spencer J 19:39, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

March 1: Regroup at Tynte Mall, I know its a long run, but if I made it you guys can. ;) Redwave 20:11, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

Febuary 23, 2008: Alright, looks like we're going to Ackland Mall. Full speed ahead!--NeWbeD 21:04, 23 February 2008 (UTC)

Febuary 19, 2008: Hunker down in Stickling fellas, looks like we're waiting for the Bash. --NeWbeD 01:37, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

Febuary 14, 2008: Fall back into Hall. Hospital closed due to Bash. Redwave 23:56, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

Febuary 7, 2008: Move to St. Columbanus's Hospital, we're going to try and keep the Medkits flowing into Hall by defending it. It is marked as and entry point, but I think it would be forgivable if we overdid it. Redwave 21:47, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

Febuary 1, 2008: To Santlerville! We will seize the hardware shop and some missiles and build this. [1]

January 12, 2008: The seige of Pitneybank is perhaps the biggest fight I've ever seen. Keep it up, that Bash is gonna be stopped dead! Redwave 04:54, 13 January 2008 (UTC)

January 3rd, 2007: Farmer is down. Morrish is the last line of defense for Pitneybank.

January 1st, 2007: We will fight the Bash for round three in the Farmer NT near Creedy, the secondary position is the Morrish Building. Good hunting! Redwave 03:52, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

December 29, 2007: The rally point is the old base. Gather round and lets try to shake off the Christmas lull by next Friday. Redwave 05:51, 29 December 2007 (UTC)

December 13, 2007: Back to Fort Perryn! The first (new) fort seige in Malton is taking place and we're missing it! Redwave 14:19, 15 December 2007 (UTC)

December 12, 2007: Regroup in Bale Mall in Yagoton, we'll get a head start on TGCOE Redwave 03:24, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

December 5, 2007: Head up to Woodroffe Mall for some RNR. Re-loading 'n Revivification. Redwave 21:30, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

November 29, 2007: The Angerstein Building troops, we've got to hold it, and they want it. Simple stuff, see you all there!

November 24, 2007: Aardwolves! Wake from you slumber, the city has called us once more. Fort Perryn will be the site of our return! Redwave 05:32, 24 November 2007 (UTC)