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After The Flesh are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:29, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

After The Flesh
Abbreviation: ATF
Group Numbers: 10-30
Leadership: The Razor Eater
Goals: zombie group survival
Recruitment Policy: email to
Contact: We'll call you

After The Flesh or ATF is a group primarily consisting of zombies and some revived members operating in the northwestern suburbs of Malton. ATF members have been sighted operating in Jensentown, Judgewood, Quarlesbank and Gatcombeton. They were recently active in Roywood, and have since moved on. As of January 2006, most members are once again active, and have vowed to bring mindless carnage into the game, instead of politics. Most the group have wandered north and are currently engaged in a sweeping raid of various safehouses in Jensentown.

Both the group's name and motto is drawn from the song After the Flesh by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, which featured in the motion picture The Crow.

"I am the new way to go. I am the way of the future!" -MLwtTKK

Origin and Purpose

The ATF was formed by zombies, for zombies, for mutual self-defense and coordinated assaults of fleshbags.

While the state of zombification is a state beyond death, it is still particularly vulnerable. Especially given the state of war which effectively exists in the city of Malton. Consequently this group of like-minded zombies has formed with the purpose of defending their newly embraced way of life.

Despite this some members have been unwillingly revived, yet continue to cooperate with the group. These revived members often find themselves in conflict with other survivors. They are particularly concerned that their possession of primarily zombie traits or abilities make them targets of suspicion from other survivors.

Such suspicion often results in accusations of zombie spying activity. While these members certainly continue to provide information and support to their zombie ATF brethren, they do not provide that same information to other zombie or survivor-hunting groups.

Zombie members attempt to leave those humans who aid revived ATF members in peace. If you are the only human left though, run fast, because we'd sooner feed than talk.

Revived members do not initiate attacks against survivors, but do act in self-defence and the defence of fellow ATF members.

ATF members have not operated as bounty hunters, but have actively pursued "known PKers" and executed them, both as humans and zombies.

The fact remains that though a deeply complex group, each member should be taken on their own merit. They all joined the group to kill humans, but they all have different methods. Despite holding under a group banner, all citizens of Malton are advised to simply to seek peaceful talks with the group, as they will only kill if provoked.


Operation Security Blanket

Though a relatively small group at the time, the ATF was the major reason in late October of 2005, the suburb of Roywood fell. Through a full week of coordinated attacks and use of the TRPs strategy, the suburb fell with little to no opposition. The lack of unaffiliated zombies in the area has given claim to this, as only members participated in daily raids, and the area was scouted out with little to no incidents. The ATF managed to kill over 80+ humans in the span of the raid.All buildings were confirmed human free, and the lack of humans gave some lower zombies the urge to ZK. With the dead being restless, they have since headed towards Judgewood.

Operation Fire on the Dance Floor

Noting the relative lack of solid defense in Jensentown, a two week long raid is underway. Over 100 deaths are noted and no amount of humans have repelled any attack while it took place. The last portion of the raid begins in the following nights, as recon only found only a single portion of Jensentown rebuilding. The portion was destroyed, full recon done, and in a single glorius moment, Jensentown was all dead. The group has now moved into Gatcombeton, but operations have yet to pick back up as they are facing various new requests from members, and some members are focusing away from the game to create a new tool for zombies wishing to keep up to date on the slaughter.

Operation Pigs in a Blanket

After months of inactive status, numerous members of the ATF, along with fellow horde helpers The Ferals, the ATF successfully seiged and wiped out BGPD and the surrounding area. Well over 50 people were killed on the end of this excursion. The area has since been repopulated, but the ATF is no longer dormant in any sense. In fact, party plans are getting prepped for the one year anniversary of the group.

For those showing interest in joining on the ongoing buffets, email

We promise more brains with less thought. Politics are for fleshbags.

Conflict With Non-ATF Survivors

It is possible that some of the conflict has stemmed from a misinterpratetion of the status of ATF members when acts were committed; i.e. attacks made as zombies being interpreted as acts made as humans if the attacker had been revived prior to the victim next logging in. This possible issue may be exacerbated by an apparent unwillingness of ATF members to explain their position, either in or out of character, after the fact; in conjunction with the possible ignorance of some other survivors regarding game activity reports.

Regardless of the origin of conflict, however, the ATF now finds itself at odds with numerous survivors in any area of operation; both organised survivors and loose-knit allies. Conflict between other survivors and the core ATF membership, being the zombies, ought to be considered a normal state of affairs for the most part. Conflict between those survivors and the revived ATF members appears more vitriolic as it is exacerbated by numerous differences of interpretation regarding the acts and intentions of the ATF membership.

Some survivors have attacked and even killed revived ATF members as a result of accusations or suspicion of either zombie spying or attacking survivors. In certain areas, mostly within Jensentown strong allegations of "ratting" (either deliberately betraying or sabotaging survivor sites to the enemy) have been made against ATF members with local survivors tending to take a position that just having an association with the ATF is strong enough grounds for taking "action". It is unclear how much of this conflict is a result of direct knowledge of ATF activity, perception of such activity or simply acting on third party information.

The ATF is looking into the allegations, though they remain a horde of zombies and the terminalogy of the accusations fall upon a set of confused ears.

Clarifications of Character Positions

We use this space to clarify each of our thoughts on the way we play, and why we do as such, to prevent miscommunication, and engage in smoother gameplay for all.

The Razor Eater's Thoughts

As a zombie in Urban Dead, there is not much I can do. I can't gather supplies, nor can I discuss the state of Malton with my fellow maggot nests. I can speak, but it is usually limited to a few "choice" grunts. I can say quite a few funny phrases, usually pertaining to "Haman Hambargars" and "Grab Bang Bang Man." So, how do I entertain myself with each passing day?

By killing every living thing I comes across!

Now, we're not here to ruin our rival's game by destroying them all. As we all know death is not final in Urban Dead. However that doesn't mean we won't try.

We fight, to make this game more interesting. Our enemies call us an annoyance. Apparently they would prefer to be left alone. I say what is a zombie survival game without the zombies!

Another Zombie's Thoughts

You wanna know what being dead is like? It's about pain and it's about fear. When I was first killed by the undead, I looked for help. All I got was attacked. I had no ability to communicate with the living, but no one would have listened. All anyone saw was a corpse. I eventually fought back, and fought back very well. Later I was revived.

More pain. No matter how many survivors I healed, no matter how many barricades I repaired, I was marked. Marked as one of the dead even though I was alive. And so I was killed again. And again. World without end. Amen.

After a while it didn't matter anymore. Living, dead, it's all the same. Once you're dead, you're marked. All you can do is try to survive.

A few of us got the same idea and we ganged up to watch each others' backs. But the killing went on. We got tired of trying to coexist.

Enough is enough. It's time for some payback. It's time for war.

After the flesh, there will be peace. World without end. Amen.

A brief repose of the rotting.

Most people within the group find On Strike to be terribly stupid, and that others should stop 'bitching' about a free game. On quid pro quo, 'If you don't like it,leave. We can pull enjoyment out of a game regardless of the odds.'

Joining in the Buffet

For those interested in membership, contact The Razor Eater. We accept damn near everyone. Just don't shoot fellow members on purpose, and we're golden.

Jonas quits

I no longer play this game, and can not be found accountable for anything the group does. I've not played in over 5 months. I now am busy working on flash animation and moderation at . I wish the group the very best of luck, but my yahoo account was hacked and I've lost all steam to play this game anymore. I wish the BGPD the best of luck , but damned if you aren't all going to die. The only character I may ever play again is 'A wandering Dalek', so don't bother thinking I am zerging since I honestly can't. Best wishes, and happy dining.