Augarde Street Police Department

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Augarde Street Police Department
EHB, lit
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Augarde Street Police Dept

Quarlesbank [26,2]

the Murley Building Eastmont Street the Evett Building
a cemetery Augarde Street Police Dept Gully Walk
the Elson Building
(Phone Mast)
Summers Towers Kembry Boulevard Fire Station

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Malton Police Department

Augarde Street Police Department is one of two police departments that can be found in Quarlesbank. During the outbreak, this once proud police station fell swiftly to the zombie outbreak, almost every officer torn limb from limb or turned.


Barricade Policy

According to the Quarlesbank Barricade Plan, Augarde Street Police Department should at all times be at EHB, so it is secure, yet it's always accessible for survivors through Summers Towers.


Pre-Malton Outbreak

The brave men and women of the 563th, based at Augard Police Department, had the highest arrest rate of all of Malton by the time of the outbreak. They were the top of the top, and every other police force nationwide envied them. There were few higher honours than to be transferred to the 563th.

Behind the scenes things were less rosy, as they used their reputation to get away with breaking the laws they were supposed to uphold. Their most vocal opponent was Lord Pitman who decreed "your reckoning be nigh!" Indeed, after Chitty Cinema, the police station was hit.

Some of those who escaped that dreadful night still speak with awe of the heroic officers that volunteered to hold the line against the incoming horde whilst all that could escaped. Indeed, the 50 officers held for no less than 10 days and nights before the barricades came crashing down and they were overrun.

Now the station houses survivors from all over the suburb, some hiding from grief and danger before moving on, others using it as a staging zone for attacks on the mansion and still some have made their ground, determined to hold no matter the cost, the spirits of the heroes of Augard watching over them.

Post-Malton Outbreak

Survivors in control and at EHB - for now. -- Sid1138 09:27, 3 May 2008 (BST)

Officers present

(Groups maintaining the PD)

As of yet, no groups are maintaining or have maintained the PD.