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Command Squad

-Cthulhu In Lingerie (Nellie)

Veterans and Heroes

-Silent Sister Founder
(Gray Guard)
-Talunex CDR

-DonTickles CDR
-Pyromonkey CDR
-Tarman2007 CDR
-Ironic Sponge Tissue CDR
-Drawde CDR
-Murray Jay Suskind COG
(Hiatus - Saving the World)

-graater Vet
-Kitten (a runaway child) Vet

Active Members

-Chloe Freeguard
-Cthulhu In Lingerie (Nellie)
-Davi Marcondes
-Head Knight of Ni
-sven swansonhammer


-AwesomePersonified (inactive)
-BellaMort (inactive)
-Bernard Berrian (RLMIA, Sexy Rexy Grossman alt)
-Braggledorth Vet
-bog'a'mol (inactive)
-Cialan Vet(ret.)
(Team America)
-Chumba Wumba Vet(ret.)
-commando101st (inactive)
-Dead Wrath (inactive)
-dick in a blender (RL monsters)
-Dickmunch Malone (inactive)
-DJSamhein (inactive)
-Felidae Mort (inactive)
-FiremanDolyn (Hon.Disc.)
-GIJeff Vet (MIA, inactive)
-Halocakes (inactive)
-Ironic Sponge Tissue (inactive)
-JohnDW (inactive)
-Ken Shambles (inactive)
-lillat (inactive)
-Lord Olam (inactive)
-Lorho (inactive)
-Lucifer Rising (inactive)
-mind riot (inactive)
-Mnky Vet(ret.)
-Mobbo Vet(ret.)
-Moffing (in the homeland?)
-Montie Hall (inactive)
-MTD Vet(ret.)
-nilin Vet(ret.)
-OPFOR999/no9sadmirer (inactive)
-P37r1 (paralysed in front of the computer)
-Patrick Blake (inactive)
-pedped (inactive)
-Pie Jones (inactive)
-Rorybob (inactive)
-RottenImbecile (inactive)
-Saqsnacker (inactive)
-Spork Messiah Vet(ret.)
-Stathiss (inactive))
-VandyX (RLMIA)
-Visargo (inactive)
-Zambahdrawde (MIA)
-Zatan Claus (inactive)
-Zombie Bobb (inactive)

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a zombie
2. Make strike times (late afternoon GMT)
3. Join This Forum
4. Read And Respond To This Topic



Auxunit 10 is a highly co-ordinated strike team operating within the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Its primary function is to assist the horde in cracking troublesome safehouses, Malton-wide.

The team was formed in September 2006 to assist the horde in liberating Ridleybank from the harman menace that was foolish enough to barricade its ruined buildings. Serving as special weapons and tactics it was crucial in pushing the breathing blight from the suburb and eradicating the drugs they peddled. Auxunit 10 has since made a speciality of removing pesky NT buildings from the hands of harmanz, who are only prolonging their lower rung on the ladder of evolution. While not the only ability of the deadly and storied unit, this duty to protect not only the Front, but all zambahz, is a cornerstone of the team; as is its dedication to its junior members. Babahz are fed well, encouraging both their spirit and their battle prowess.

AU10 WANTS YOU! Join Today!



Zethren, do you feel the call to Barhah? Do you relish the chance to be the weapon that crushes the foes of your people? Do you wish to crack the harmanz barnz and feast upon their bra!nz, while they senselessly waste their time and resources only to see you rise again unscathed, as the Homeland always does? Come and lend your ever-renewing strength to wield the Hammar that is AU10. Crush the harman underneath its mighty strength. Feel the power of BARHAH!

All we require is your allegiance... You must...

  • Be able to participate in daily strikes (late afternoon GMT).
  • Be able to check into the forums to receive strike information.
  • Be ready for guts, glory and a shit load of BARHAH!

Read This Thread on the RRF forums for recruitment information and follow its instructions for recruitment.


Were it not for the efforts of one Czigot (forever memorialized as the Most Significant Harmonizer), the members of Auxunit 10 would still be lost in the futility of uncoordinated efforts. From the disorganized mass in front of the Blackmore Building, Czigot bravely rallied his fellow zombies in the face of insurmountable odds and brought forth our splendid Brotherhood of BARHAH. A humble zombie, Czigot refused the mantle of the leader of a strike team and chose instead to direct us in battle as an equal. His strategic genius allowed us our first small victories and spurred us on to greater exploits.

Alas, our founding father was soon called to higher pursuits and was faced with a conundrum: should this non-strike team die aborning, or should it continue? A premonition of Auxunit 10's future greatness prompted Czigot to fight for the survival of the resistance he'd kindled and he asked Elizabeth Vignelli to assume leadership of the group. With determination, she accepted the honor and petitioned Papa Patrucio for strike team status. Over time -- and after several victorious campaigns -- our sister grew more silent and was replaced by our next bold leader, Talunex, who for many months lead AU10 with a great sense of BARHAH. The feelings of love and admiration his brothers and sisters felt for him were later coupled with sorrow as he announced that he was unable to continue leading the now experienced strike team. Forced to assign a new leader in early May of 2007, Talunex together with Papa Murray Jay Suskind and the rest of AU10 elected to give the leadership to the two volunteers DonTickles and BellaMort, to lead the team together. Changes in October 2007, saw Talunex re-assume command of AU10; DonTickles stepped down to pursue covert operations on behalf of the RRF. Pyromonkey had leadership of the team for a brief time after, but became a casualty of RL; March 2008 sees Cthulhu In Lingerie leading AU10 in a permanent capacity, after a battlefield promotion and temporary command status.

AU10's decorated veterans have seen service in some of the deadliest areas of central Malton. The Battles of Blackmore saw several members decorated to levels unprecedented in the early outbreaks. Their courage and loyalty to the horde shone as they helped liberate Ridleybank, twice, from the harman menace. The veterans of AU10 have seen active combat in Shearbank, Roftwood, Stanbury Village, BARHAHville and Pitneybank. Numerous other skirmishes have taken place in countless other suburbs, especially during the RRF's second and third Excursions. AU10 are among the first to enter the combat theatre and the last to leave. The new recruits of AU10 follow in the footsteps of the combat veterans, learning skills and tactics handed down from those with years of active duty.

The combat records of AU10 detailing their glorious battle history can be found here.


Welcome, zethren, welcome! Enter and partake of our bounty! Sounds of joyous BARHAH! again ring out across our stronghold. The record halls are dusty no longer. The medals and honours are gleaming with victories past, and promises to come. AU10 rises anew, to bring swift justice to its enemies, and victory to its people.

Auxunit10, one of the formidable Ridleybank Resistance Front elites, founded in days now legend, rides into the future on the glorious wings of its past. Like the Phoenix, AU10 never truly perishes. It is constantly reborn, its heart burning with the passion that has served it and the Front since the beginning. Its body may change, but the eternal spirit of AU10 will never be broken.

The proud soldiers of AU10 serve with distinction, knowing that they are the pinnacle of destruction, but only glorying in the bounties their dire skills provide for all zambahdom; knowing that their prowess is the cause for harman fear, and zambah rejoicing. Nevertheless we should honour our valiant zethren, for without them the struggle against harmanity would be far darker indeed. The Hammar lends its strength to those with the conviction to wield it. Let the fiery wings of our spirit blind our enemies and sear their living flesh! Help the babahz feast and grow strong upon the bra!nz of the cowering harmanz! Let the Hammar fall!

AU10 is Dead! Long Live AU10!

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