Bant Park

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Bant Park

Kempsterbank [54,78]

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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Located at (54,78), Bant Park is a small but beautiful garden filled park inside the Kempsterbank suburb. A fountain bubbles peacefully into a romantic concrete lined pool. Shade trees line the paths that wind their way gently through the park. It appears that this is the last point of refuge for Malton's endearing wildlife. Squirrels frolic playfully among the treetops as fuzzy little bunnies scamper under foot. The Savidge Grove School Ornithological Society has reported over 43 species of avian on this very spot. Some of the animals from the Malton City Zoo have even found their way here and rare, exotic creatures can be easily seen. Someone must have managed to rescue some fish from the aquarium as Koi, catfish and other fishes swim peacefully in the parks reflecting pool. A playground off to the side holds some decrepit equipment but is nearly hidden by the lush green ivy that thrives in the open space there. Do not be misled by the apparent sanctity of the park. And please don't feed the bears, this will only encourage them.

This location cannot be barricaded and tagging it earns 2 XP.


This revive point has been closed down by MFU authorities and left in the hands of the Knights Templar. The Knights in turn have deemed this revive point as strategically excessive, and a holdover from the days when Kempsterbank was under heavy attack from the Shacknews Horde, and large groups of feral zombies. Thus, they have placed this revive point on reserve should an emergency arrive which warrants the distancing of a revive point from strategic resource buildings. The Knights have reverted back to this revive point's predecessor at Ebbutt Road(57,76). Please direct your traffic there.

Revive Point Statistics

Revive Point Statistics for Bant Park [54,78]
Suburb Kempsterbank
Coordinates [54, 78]
Status Closed
Maintained by Knights Templar
Waiting 0 zombies (view requests)
Dead bodies 5 bodies
Total known revives 69 revives
Last updated -23:42, 3 January 2007 (UTC)
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OCT 16, 2006 -Bant Park is declared a Revive Point

OCT 19, After a brief surge on opening day, we are now back on top of things, with 0 zombies standing

OCT. 30, -(Devils Night)Looking good. Those standing in line are down to two.

Nov. 23, For fourteen days in a row, Ablesentinel has left the Park with no zombies standing, today is the first day he left anyone waiting. There is two left.

Nov. 26, Known PKer Macho Nachos is dead at Bant Park. DO NOT REVIVE!

Dec. 19, Sgt Claus pays us a visit. Probably searching for Christmas trees.

Jan. 12, AbleSentinel has been reported AWOL from this area.

Jan 15, the location is no longer a revive point.