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Brainstalkers Logo
Abbreviation: BS
Membership: 15
Leaders: KristiOTD - Prep - Body Bag Ripper
Sign Up: Join
IRC: #Brainstalkers
In-Game: Regroup in Ketchelbank! - See the Forum for more details

Motto, general purpose (TBD) goes here. For now though. Join. Change your group to 'Brainstalkers'. Join us on the Mall Tour. Rattle. Eat. Rattle some more. Groan once you're full.

n the day the dead rose up, the entire population of Mickleburgh Way School in Ketchelbank was on a field trip. One of the students had a father who worked as a researcher at Telfer Building. To be sure the students and faculty of Mickleburgh Way did not know it was a Necrotech lab. And that today of all days was an extremely bad time to visit.

The facts were these. The same day they had chosen to visit the Telfer Building, just a few blocks from their school, a terrible course of events was going to take place, that would change the face of Malton for all time. The people of this fair city had grown used to several things; the Sun rose in the east, cable TV was good, and a new mall in your suburb was the peak of excitement. So you can imagine what a shock it was when the dead got up and started eating folks alive.

The teachers and students of Mickleburgh Way School were equally surprised. And with the teachers more suited to grading papers, and the students more suited to being kids, the zombies made short work of them with a quick gulp. They left their child victims and their Math, Science, English, History and other teachers bleeding on the floor of what was once the rather pleasant lobby of the Telfer Building.

But don't be sad, the story doesn't end there dear reader. Because one at a time, child after child, teachers, teenagers, all the dead of Mickleburgh Way School begun to stir, then to stand, then to walk, then to kill. First on the agenda was to find everyone's parents, then after that to make the smarty pants adults pay for ruining Malton. For making zombies in the first place, for robbing them of their child hood, their lives, and the dignity of even their own deaths.

So it is that today the students and faculty of Mickleburgh Way School still walk the streets of Malton, looking to devour everyone they find, but taking special delight in the deaths and pain of the smart ones, the scientists and doctors and those that want to learn.

They are now and will forever more be the Brainstalkers.




Strike when you can or get on the IRC if you want to put together a little joint strike. Apart from that .... follow the groans and eat the local inhabitants.

Strike Times
Strike Times
Practices daily at around midnight GMT, 8:05 pm est, 7:05 pm cst, 6:05 pm mst, 5:05 pm pst on #Brainstalkers

Other than the band geeks above, we're just slapping together some small bands to feed the babah zambahz, but if you'd like to start another strike time group please feel free . ( #Brainstalkers)


As of right now ...

  • KristiOTDFounder, Leader – Call her what you want (at your own risk, of course) she's currently in charge
  • PreparationHCoFounder, Leader – Currently leading the revolution to revitalize the Brainstalkers
  • Body Bag Ripper - Current Day-to-Day Operations Manager - Assisting in the groups goal: More brains, Less heart burn!
    • [Horde] – Kill the harmanz, etc, etc. Make us proud!

These things are rather standard and if you've been in another group (especially another horde), it's likely you already know all about the rules.

Rules regarding alts

  1. Never, ever specifically coordinate your alts to individually help out the Brainstalkers.
  2. If you're part of another zombie horde that is working with the Brainstalkers, there's no problem with having that alt in the same area as the Brainstalkers and even coordinating with the Brainstalkers, as long as that alt is at least 10 blocks away from your Brainstalker.
  3. If you have an alt in an organized group who's either being ordered to an area where the Brainstalkers are, or the Brainstalkers are going to where your other organized group is, you must choose to play with one or the other until the groups have parted ways.

Rules regarding information

  1. All publicly available information is fair game. Nothing that can be learned only through private forums outside of the Brainstalkers forum can be used.
  2. Information learned while breathing is never to be shared with the horde or used for your own benefit in the horde. Even if we ever have death cultists (big IF there), this rule will still stand.
  3. Information learned from another alt is not allowed to be used or shared. The only exception to this is when the information is out of date, but would prove to serve only for amusement purposes.

Rules regarding fancy UD tools

  1. Anything that performs automated actions is not allowed. To be clear, if it could be called a bot, don't use it. One example is a ?rise bot.
  2. Anything that automatically gathers stored information or allows you to automatically access stored information is not allowed. Examples of this would be UDBrain, Autoscout, Demon or anything of the sort.
  3. Anything that organizes data on the screen (be it a map, profiles or anything else), but does not store the data is very alright. Map tools, UDWidget, UDtool, or even greasemonkey scripts are OK so long as they don't automatically use ap for you.


  1. Newer members who may be overwhelmed by horde life and may have missed these rules will be given one warning and asked to read the policies.
  2. Senior members who violate these rules will be given a very stern warning, and if merited, will no longer be welcomed in the Brainstalkers.
  3. Outright zerging (two alts in the same area hitting with the Brainstalkers) by anyone will result in getting kicked out of the Brainstalkers and an evening chatting with Sonny, Labine, Dr Tom and myself about the DEM. (yeah, scary stuff, eh?)

If you're interested, check out the Sign-Up Thread on Brainstock.

Acknowledgments and Special Notices

A special Thank You to all those who helped this group, including members of Militant Order of Barhah and Ridleybank Resistance Front

Jelly made us something!!

Jelly Art!