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Banana peeled.png Combined Zombie Groups of Malton Supporter
This User or Group supports the Combined Zombie Groups of Malton & acknowledges that Ridleybank is the zombie heartland, and that every action of their zombie group is contributing in some little way to Barhah.

If you are a zombie group (or pro zombie) and your group supports barhah in any way shape or form, then slap this template on your wiki. --Danalov 10:19, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

Handy Hint no 478,394,002: Handy hint numerical values are often wildly inaccurate


Handy Hint no 478,394,003: To get the template, place (no spaces) { { C Z G O M } }


Banana peeled.png CZGOM
This CZGOM Member knows Ridleybank as zombie heartland, & every zombie must help bring Barhah.

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