Cemetery 26,91

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a cemetery

Spicer Hills [26, 91]

the Brockliss Building St. Onuphrius's Church Martindale Plaza
the Headington Building a cemetery Sanderson Park
Munckton Crescent the Padden Museum a junkyard

Basic Info:

Cemetery 26,91, Spicer Hills.jpg


This local Revive Point is currently maintained by the Bowring Blackwatch, in conjunction with the NecroTech building, the Brockliss Building [25,90], one block north-west.

Barricade Policy

It is not possible to barricade cemeteries.

Current Status

This location is part of the area maintained by the Bowring Blackwatch.

Please see the Spicer Hils Building Information Center.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
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A quicker revive will be achieved by using Dickin Park, Old Arkham [19,98] one block west of the Bowring Way Police Department, headquarters of the Bowring Blackwatch.

Do Not Revive list

LoRd gALtH0RnE http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=1142673 is a pker, zerger and spammer on channel 28.01.

See Do Not Revive list.


Founded in 1820, this lovely old cemetery had been in continual use until the Outbreak began.