St. Onuphrius's Church (Spicer Hills)

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St. Onuphrius's Church
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St. Onuphrius's Church

Spicer Hills [26, 90]

a cemetery
Roode Road
Balle Avenue
the Brockliss Building St. Onuphrius's Church Martindale Plaza
the Headington Building a cemetery Sanderson Park

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.


An odd church that is larger underground than it is above ground. It is dedicated to St. Onuphrius, but not the well known one. In history, St. Onuphrius was a Cenobite monk - in the sense of a monk within a traditional community living the hermetic life . This St. Onuphrius was a Cenobite monk in the We have such sights to show you. - Hellraiser sense.

Before the outbreak this church was suspected of being involved in many disappearances of boys and girls in their mid 20's looking for fun and ignoring the warnings. After the outbreak it was confirmed that it was involved, but this time it was zombies not demons taking the blame.


Barricade Policy

Churches should be barricaded to VS+2 at all times unless under seige.

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