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A character's class determines his or her starting skills, equipment, and the XP cost for buying new skills. Character class is chosen when creating a character, and cannot be changed later in the game.

Each side in the human-zombie struggle has its own advantages. Humans move twice as quickly as starting zombies, are able to use weapons and other tools, and can barricade buildings against attack.

Zombies, while initially slow-moving and able to inflict less damage per attack upon their victims, are effectively immortal. Upon death, they are able to simply stand up again, at the cost of 10 AP (only 1 AP with Ankle Grab, if you were killed by a Headshot it takes 5 extra AP to stand up: i.e. 15 AP normal and 6 AP if you possess the Ankle Grab skill.)

Class Groups

There are three character classes available to survivor characters: Military, Science, and Civilian. Each class has several subclasses. For example, civilians may be consumers, firefighters, or cops. A character may also begin as a zombie, an animated corpse that was once a civilian.




NecroTech Lab Assistant





Switching Sides

It is possible to switch sides in the conflict: a survivor that is killed will rise up as a zombie, and zombies may be revived as survivors. However, zombies can buy the Brain Rot skill which ensure that they can only be revived in a powered NecroTech Building by a survivor with appropriate skills to operate a revivification syringe. As long as the player stays away from this building, they remain a zombie indefinitely.

Character classes: Civilian | Military | Scientist | Zombie

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