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The City of Malton Pipes & Drums

City of Malton Pipes and Drums
CMPD Recruit small.jpg
Abbreviation: CMP&D
Group Numbers:
Leadership: Major Dead
Goals: Keeping the taps flowing
Recruitment Policy: Activey Recruiting. Talk to us via the Discussion page or email
Contact: maltonpipesanddrums at gmail dot com

Want to declare - loudly - that human culture still thrives in Malton? Join the City of Malton Pipes and Drums to march, jig, and fight your way to a better tomorrow.

While we are musicians, given the military background of our founding members as well as bagpipers' combat role in today's British Army as machine gunners, we are foremost combat troops. Considering Malton's sad lack of crew-served weaponry, we make do with pistols, shotguns, and the occasional axe.

Our Mission

The Pipes and Drums' mission is focused on safeguarding survivors' morale, welfare, and recreation. We achieve this via a focused defence and, when practicable, by hosting morale-boosting parades and dances. What do we mean by a focused defence? With our small numbers, we necessarily restrict our combat operations to the defence of the great pillar of civil society and normalcy in Malton: pubs.

As is the case with all pipe bands, we're very much a drinking club. We encourage all survivors to drink heavily for their mental health and to please pay the pipers with a pint or a quaich (or two); in return, we will defend your watering hole.

Where We Serve

After nearly two years of roving the streets of Malton, the CMP&D has found a welcoming home in Gibsonton, where it proudly supports the operation of the local United Bar Alliance pubs (The Mounter Arms and The Fone Arms (Gibsonton). The recent opening of a K&M Irish pubs location in Gibsonton (The Verrier Arms) has made Gibsonton that much more enjoyable.

New members are not bound to serve in Gibsonton. All we ask is for new members to:

1. Devote themselves to defending their local pubs

2. Monitor the status of Nichols Mall and assist in its defense. Protect The Kilt Store at all costs.

3. Periodically get together with their bandmates for public performances.


Despite the existence of The Kilt Store in Malton, CMP&D performances have traditionally been met by rather cool audiences. And despite asking nearly every Scotsman and Irishman we've encountered to fill our ranks, we're still two kilted loners playing piobaireachds to dead city blocks. We're fine with that, but we'd sure love some company. Especially when it comes to defending our home pubs.

Soldiers, medics, and drinking men are preferred. No piping experience necessary; pipey will tutor you.

How to Join

1. Add City of Malton Pipes and Drums as your group in your UD profile.
2. Click on the discussion page and add your information:
Name, profile link URL, piping / drumming experience (if any), general info on your whereabouts & what you want to get out of CMPD participation.
3. You will not be bound to serving in Gibsonton; however, if our numbers grow, we will plan occassional performances throughout Malton.


Kilt - Balmoral Gillies tartan. Ask for the "grey tartan kilt" at the Kilt Store.
Shirt - Dark green, long-sleeved. We would traditionally prefer a white shirt, but in modern Malton, dark colors are more practical. Available at most malls.
Jacket - Grey, to reflect the traditional wear of the Balmoral gillies.. Available at most malls.
Footwear - Black Boots. Like the shirt, we'd prefer something more traditional, but prefer the more practical combat boot. Available at Malls and Forts.
Headgear - Dark Green Beret. The closest thing to a combat balmoral we can find in Malton. At the forts.

Pipey will get you started.