Clerck Park

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Clerck Park

Osmondville [86, 72]

Lea Park Pickford Cinema a factory
a cemetery Clerck Park Fifoot Crescent Railway Station
the Ayliffee Museum Doveton Towers Brailey Walk

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



Also called "Cleric Park" this location was a favorite for LARPers. Many a night could robed figures waving aluminum foil swords be seen shouting "MAGIC MISSILE" at each other!

As the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons style games waned other LARP groups took over.

The local goth night club started holding Vampire: The Masquerade sessions in the park.

It was quite common to see people dressed up in crazy costumes and make up roaming the area. That's why the first few victims of the outbreak were heard screaming "NO TOUCHING! NO BITING! DM! I CALL A TIME OUT! THAT'S OOC!"

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