Club Hucker

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Club Hucker
VSB Caded, powered, and transmitter-ed!
Mafiamanz (talk) 09:38, 13 July 2020 (UTC)
Club Hucker

Whittenside [83, 99]

a cemetery wasteland the Hurst Building
St. Symmachus's Church Club Hucker Hitchens Street Fire Station
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Basic Info:

  • Clubs are Dark buildings.
  • The usual internal description of a Club reads as follows:
    "…in the near-darkness of the main dancefloor."
  • When powered by a portable generator, the internal description changes to the following:
    "Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers."
  • Clubs can be barricaded normally.

Club Hucker "The Funny Bone Comedy Club"


Club Hucker was nicknamed the "Funny Bone" by survivor CarlosMencia. Carlos' club is a comedy club which at one time had "open-mic" stand up acts on Wednesdays at 9EST. Open mic nights will continue once Whittenside is secured and freed from the zombie infestation. Anyone in the area is welcome to stop by and listen, tell some jokes, or shoot-the-shit with CarlosMencia.

The Funny Bone uses the radio frequency 26.05, to be in constant contact with Fort Perryn in case of a full scale attack.


CarlosMencia founded the "Funny Bone" on 8-20-07, and has been telling jokes ever since.

Barricade Policy

The inhabitants try to keep the barricades at Very Strongly Barricaded to allow people to come in and out as freely as they please. The Funny Bone is used as an entry point to the Hurst Building (NT), and does not conform to the Whittenside Barricade Plan.

Current Status

The "Funny Bone" is currently looking for anyone who wishes to join the "open-mic" night, and anyone who could supply the club with Radio Transmitters, and Generators.