Dufferin Park

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Dufferin Park

Ridleybank [55,41]

Hailstone Way Coat Road School Club Dury
Chap Place Dufferin Park the Sumption Arms
the Purnell Building Owens Crescent School Donn Boulevard School

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Duffin Park is the only park in Ridleybank. it is located in the central northern parts of the suburb and is found at the coordinates [55,41]. For obvious reasons this park cannot be barricaded even if it wasn't in RidleyBank. Surrounded by three schools, before the outbreak this was a popular play-area for children out of school hours, nowadays the park is empty and the grass has grown wild. This location is not considered a revive point.


Soon to be the location of Ridleybanks very own Extravaganza fireworks + flares display on the 3rd of June at server reset (00:00 GMT).
The event in this location is being organized by The Malton Mafia
As of yet no other groups are officially attending.