The Purnell Building

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The Purnell Building
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the Purnell Building

Ridleybank [54, 42]

Camidge Drive Chap Place Dufferin Park
Cribb Row Railway Station the Purnell Building Owens Crescent School
Caswill Lane School Club Vaughan a warehouse

Basic Info:


You are inside The Purnell Building.


The Purnell Building has had a somewhat overlooked history. The history in itself is irrelevant to anything to do with zombies invading, but that hardly seems to be a problem. This building is part of a new game that the RRF are playing, UN-Life. You live in a house, and go to work. The work is actually hunting harman intruders down, and that makes it a very nice game.

Barricade Policy

None would be fine.

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