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The Dulston Alliance
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NOTICE: Kikashie is MIA, and as such any further issues of "The Dispatch" are on hold.

About the Dispatch

The Dispatch is a newspaper run by the Dulston Alliance, started in January 2008. At the start, the Dispatch was plagued with problems. Aside from the general lack of news, writers, and a paper format, there was no real desire to make a newspaper. Go figure. But, after a while, the prospect of an interesting take on current events, and the false promise of commissions for writing stories, led to the first issue of the Dispatch being printed on March 29th, 2008. Three long months after the concept was thought up, there actually was something to show for it. Now, every week (more often than not, Friday nights) there is a new issue of the Dispatch ready for public consumption.

How to Contribute

Want to contribute a story to the Dulston Dispatch? You can either leave a message on the talk page, or contact the Editor and Chief, Kikashie, [here]. Want to work for the Dispatch? Apply for a position on the talk page. We're currently looking for writers, editors, political analysts and interviewers. Frankly, If you can form sentences - you're hired! The current staff is as follows:

Name Position
Kikashie Editor and Chief
Ottari Zombiologist / Political Analyst / Editor
Deathwire Reporter / Editor (D.I.T.P.S)
Arrowsmith Reporter / Editor (D.I.T.P.S)
N00bert Reporter (FOXHOUND)
Mikhos Resident Expert (BHU)

Current Issue (July 7th, 2008)

The Dispatch (current).PNG

Previous Issue (June 29th, 2008)

The Dispatch (previous).PNG

All older issues of the Dispatch can be found [here] in the Dispatch Archives.