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Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad

Front Desk - DITPS News Reports - Medical Staff - Procedures & Policies

DITPS Command Structure

D.I.T.P.S Command Structure

DITPS Chart.png

D.I.T.P.S Commander
Chief Medical Administrator: The head of the D.I.T.P.S and the director of all group operations. The CMA serves as the group's leader and coordinates the all operations under their command. The heads of each branch of D.I.T.P.S report directly to the CMA and all promotions and/or transfers ultimately require CMA approval.

Hospital Branch
Chief of Staff: Director of the Hospital Branch, the D.I.T.P.S presently has two chiefs serving within its organization, one stationed at Anne General Hospital and the other at St. Anacletus's Hospital in Dulston. A Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing hospital staffing in their hospital and coordinating with the stationed security team members. All promotions and transfers within a hospital must be authorized by its Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff has the authority to command all hospital staff in their hospital.

Resident Physician: Resident physicians are charged not only with providing treatment for the sick and wounded, but also with defense and maintenance of the hospital where they are stationed. Physicians are considered veteran members of D.I.T.P.S and are often tasked with reviving the fallen, curing infections, and performing surgery on the injured. While the security team normally handles all hospital security concerns, physicians are still required to help maintain their hospital's barricades.

Physician's Assistant: The first staff position available to new recruits seeking to become doctors with the D.I.T.P.S team. PAs are hospital staff and may be transferred to another hospital as determined by superiors (see Chief of Staff). A medical student may be promoted to a PA upon learning the necessary skills and demonstrating the basic knowledge necessary to help maintain a hospital. While the security team normally handles all hospital security concerns, assistants are still required to help maintain their hospital's barricades.

Field Branch
Field Captain: The head of the D.I.T.P.S field team. The captain is the most skilled and experienced member of the Field Branch, and as such, the captain provides broad support along with tactical direction for everyone in the team. The captain has the authority to command all field task forces.

Field Surgeon: Provides superior medical treatment to the D.I.T.P.S mobile forces and local civilians. Surgeons are most effective when stationed at a powered field hospital, but their role in the Field Branch requires them to function under any circumstances while sheltering at locations throughout their team's current field assignment suburb.

Paramedic: Serving as front-line medics, paramedics are often the first at the scene of an attack, whether it is a zombie siege or the result of a murderous rampage by psychotic killers, they are there to tend to the wounded and revive the fallen. Due to their general inexperience a paramedic's role in the mobile team often has them initially delegated to the task of traversing between D.I.T.P.S hospitals in order to lend medical aid wherever necessary or monitoring revive queues, while they await further orders from their Field Captain between operations.

Security Branch
Security Captain: The leader of the D.I.T.P.S Security Branch. The captain is a D.I.T.P.S member who has proven themselves to excel in combat, tactics, and providing support for all hospital staff. The captain has the authority to command all security forces.

Security Guard: After a rookie becomes a fully qualified and trusted member of D.I.T.P.S staff. Security guards are assigned the task of dealing with any and all threats to D.I.T.P.S hospital property and/or staff. They are the front-line defenders against zombie incursions and the random threats posed by criminals.

Rookie: Best described as a "fresh" recruit who prefers solving the problems that require shotguns over scalpels. Rookies will usually be assigned to a hospital where they will receive instruction from the senior staff member on staff so that they might hone their counter-siege skills necessary for the defense of all D.I.T.P.S facilities. While on-site a rookie learns about D.I.T.P.S protocol and procedures.

New Recruits
Medical Student: Fresh recruits. Medical students are often assigned to a D.I.T.P.S hospital, where they are placed under the tutelage of senior staff members. While on-site, they are expected to learn D.I.T.P.S protocol and general survival skills. After a period, determined by either the CMA or a Chief of Staff, a medical student will be assigned to a D.I.T.P.S branch of their choice, provided that they possess the required skills necessary for initial entry into the selected team.

DITPS Membership

D.I.T.P.S Membership

IMPORTANT: Any members of Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad using multiple characters are reminded that they are required to keep their alts in different suburbs (i.e. only one character in Dulston) in order to prevent any zerging allegations against our group. We do not condone zerging for any reason.

The following table lists every member ever associated with the D.I.T.P.S. If you happen to depart from the group be sure to delete your profile or change your "Current Status" with one of the following indicators:

  • On Duty at/in (hospital/suburb) - An active D.I.T.P.S group member with the associated group affiliation.
  • Resigned - (group) - A former D.I.T.P.S member who has since removed/renounced their group affiliation (blanked out) or joined a new group.
  • Retired - A former D.I.T.P.S member who still indicates they are with D.I.T.P.S, but who is no longer active/alive.
  • Suspended - A former D.I.T.P.S who is not active, and whose dedication to the group is seriously in question. Spying much?
  • FIRED - A former D.I.T.P.S member who has since left the group and become hostile. A disgrace to the uniform.

Please note that your group affiliation should read EXACTLY as follows: D.I.T.P.S (please note there is no period after the 'S').

Character Name Rank Branch Level Date Joined Current Status
Flyte Chief Medical Administrator Administration Lvl 43 2006/12/11 On Duty at St. Anacletus's Hospital
Deathwire Chief of Staff Anne General Hospital Lvl 41 2006/12/11 On Duty at Anne General Hospital
Orophin Minyatur Resident Physician Anne General Hospital Lvl 43 2007/01/07 On Duty at Anne General Hospital
R.J. MacReady Resident Physician St. Anacletus's Hospital Lvl 42 2007/03/30 On Duty at St. Anacletus's Hospital
Rotten Ray Security Captain Security Lvl 43 2007/11/18 On Duty in Dulston
Healer computer2slow Resident Physician Anne General Hospital Lvl 43 2007/12/08 On Duty at Anne General Hospital
I LUV Paramedic Blaise General Lvl 43 2008/01/18 On Duty in Dulston
jackspear9 Security Guard Security Lvl 43 2008/03/02 On Duty at Anne General Hospital
xethon Resident Physician St. Anacletus's Hospital Lvl 43 2010/03/19 On Duty at St. Anacletus's Hospital
Captan Price Security Guard Security Lvl 35 2012/02/26 On Duty in Dulston
intcheck02 Medical Student Unassigned Lvl 43 2012/06/28 On Duty in Dulston
rest'in'pieces Medical Student Unassigned Lvl 43 2015/04/24 On Duty in Dulston

Former Members

Retired/Former Members

A list of all the former or retired members of the D.I.T.P.S who are either MIA/KIA or have joined other organizations in Malton. As the survivors listed below are former members it should be noted that the D.I.T.P.S is not held liable for any actions they may take or crimes they may commit once they no longer serve with the D.I.T.P.S. Most ex-members are good, honest, and upstanding citizens who have either passed from this world or chosen (less rewarding) careers elsewhere. May God rest their souls (either way).

Character Name Former Rank Level Date Joined Last Known Status
kyled Physician's Assistant Lvl 12 2006/12/24 Retired
sycerica Security Guard Lvl 28 2006/12/24 Resigned
sandalfon Medical Student Lvl 06 2006/12/24 Retired
John Harbor Field Surgeon Lvl 41 2006/12/24 Retired
Hathead Attending Physician (Anne General) Lvl 41 2007/01/02 Resigned
Rip Purr Security Guard Lvl 41 2007/01/04 Resigned - Malton Rangers
Kilkid Security Guard Lvl 41 2007/01/04 FIRED
mr coolerer Attending Physician (Anne General) Lvl 41 2007/01/14 Resigned - The Opportunists
Ikusawa Ruriko Field Surgeon Lvl 38 2007/01/22 Retired
Motling Combat Medic Lvl 16 2007/02/03 Retired
Black35 Physician's Assistant Lvl 16 2007/03/05 Retired
intx13 Attending Physician (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 43 2007/03/10 Retired
Steinherz Security Captain Lvl 34 2007/03/14 Resigned
Ryan Marsh Resident Physician (Anne General) Lvl 43 2007/03/16 Retired
Lucio Chagrini Combat Medic Lvl 22 2007/03/18 Resigned
921Dennis Field Captain Lvl 37 2007/03/23 Retired
hunter 2 Rookie Lvl 41 2007/03/23 Retired
Arkengarth Field Technician Lvl 35 2007/03/24 Retired
Iis Medical Student Lvl 07 2007/03/31 Retired
Anacy Tailor Physician's Assistant Lvl 08 2007/04/02 Resigned - A.T.R.C
Lord Sojobo Rookie Lvl 33 2007/04/02 Retired
I Ninja Rookie Lvl 18 2007/04/03 Retired
Wuhan Medical Student Lvl 41 2007/04/08 Retired
rothman dex Resident Physician (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 22 2007/04/09 Retired
Arrowsmith Chief of Staff (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 41 2007/04/10 Retired
LuellaStrong Field Surgeon Lvl 40 2007/04/12 Resigned
Vladimir Ulyanov Field Captain Lvl 41 2007/04/16 Resigned
Alice MacIntyre Resident Physician (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 41 2007/04/16 Retired
Healforfud Medic's Assistant Lvl 27 2007/05/04 Retired
Lightburns Medical Student Lvl 10 2007/05/21 Retired
Toadette Physician's Assistant Lvl 15 2007/05/22 Resigned
Schnurov Security Guard Lvl 41 2007/06/02 Resigned
Byggvir Field Surgeon Lvl 28 2007/06/06 Retired
OmegaLord Medical Student Lvl 04 2007/06/29 Retired
James Norris Security Guard Lvl 36 2007/07/18 Resigned
Lt Spiers Medical Student Lvl 03 2007/07/28 Resigned - The Dirty Dozen
grayfox29801 Medical Student Lvl 03 2007/07/28 Retired
Army of canines Security Guard Lvl 20 2007/08/10 Resigned
piratesteve Medical Student Lvl 25 2007/08/10 Retired
CloseCall Rookie Lvl 41 2007/08/30 Retired
Robicus Field Captain Lvl 43 2007/09/17 Retired
Edward Longshanks Security Guard Lvl 22 2007/09/18 Retired
Dr 5150 Medical Student Lvl 05 2007/09/18 Resigned - W.I.Z.A.R.D.
CaitSith54 Attending Physician (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 30 2007/10/11 Retired
i'm the doc Resident Physician (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 13 2007/10/11 Retired
Artemel Field Surgeon Lvl 41 2007/10/18 Retired
xombiewannabe Rookie Lvl 41 2007/11/06 Resigned - The Northern Regiment
Lance Duran Rookie Lvl 20 2007/11/07 Retired
RKM Medical Student Lvl 41 2007/11/08 Resigned
littletaymouse Physician's Assistant Lvl 03 2007/11/10 Retired
soberdoc Resident Physician (Anne General) Lvl 37 2007/11/11 Retired
Lewis Black Paramedic Lvl 43 2007/11/19 Resigned
Arganth Dragonclaw Medical Student Lvl 01 2007/11/19 Retired
kgirl1992 Paramedic Lvl 33 2007/12/06 Resigned
docta135 Medical Student Lvl 11 2007/12/10 Retired
Abdak Medical Student Lvl 28 2007/12/11 Retired
XxmahmoudxX Medical Student Lvl 17 2007/12/12 Resigned
SweetHikari Medical Student Lvl 12 2007/12/12 Retired
DoctorNik Paramedic Lvl 30 2007/12/16 Retired
Perzeus Security Guard Lvl 41 2007/12/18 FIRED
OnyxSapphira Medical Student Lvl 34 2007/12/21 Resigned - Kingdom
James Ackerman Medical Student Lvl 01 2007/12/28 Retired
cannibalsurfbabe Medical Student Lvl 13 2008/01/19 Retired
Andrew Boswell Medical Student Lvl 06 2008/01/20 Retired
rrro0orrr Medical Student Lvl 09 2008/01/22 Retired
skynizzle Combat Medic Lvl 41 2008/01/23 Resigned
Machenbach Medical Student Lvl 11 2008/01/30 Retired
Cookedbeef Medical Student Lvl 10 2008/02/01 Retired
Stefano D'Angelo Medical Student Lvl 24 2008/03/02 Retired
Faile Bashere Medical Student Lvl 33 2008/03/23 Retired
AirTitan Rookie Lvl 09 2008/03/29 Retired
RadioactiveKitten Security Guard Lvl 33 2008/05/14 Retired
RadioactiveDuck Medical Student Lvl 05 2008/05/17 Retired
Vivian Sharpe Physician's Assistant Lvl 18 2008/05/25 Retired
kazypoo1 Security Guard Lvl 41 2008/06/26 Resigned
Aiofe Combat Medic Lvl 33 2008/07/08 Resigned - Imperium
DarthKnight Security Guard Lvl 43 2008/07/22 Retired
Chase Gilligan Chief of Staff (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 34 2008/08/02 Retired
TehHeyhey Medical Student Lvl 29 2008/08/03 Retired
Bugs McGoo Medical Student Lvl 12 2008/08/16 Retired
Desmond D Paramedic Lvl 22 2008/08/19 Resigned
Calcyon Security Guard Lvl 43 2008/08/22 Retired
pinkie101101 Medical Student Lvl 01 2008/08/27 Suspended
TurnupToaster Rookie Lvl 07 2008/10/29 Retired
Doctor How Physician's Assistant Lvl 34 2009/01/13 Retired
Dr Samuel Benson Physician's Assistant Lvl 12 2009/01/31 Retired
fallout11 Medical Student Lvl 31 2009/04/22 Resigned - Mad Craskers
Jesse Biesecker Physician's Assistant Lvl 16 2009/5/15 Retired
ZombieVictor Medical Student Lvl 40 2009/07/24 Retired
Mike Herball Medical Student Lvl 01 2010/02/28 Retired
Contestshipper Physician's Assistant (St. Anacletus's) Lvl 42 2010/03/25 Retired
Bill England Medical Student Lvl 01 2010/05/14 Retired
Elle Atkins Medical Student Lvl 08 2010/07/17 Retired
Doc11111 Medical Student Lvl 13 2011/07/23 Retired
Aliss Medical Student Lvl 43 2011/11/28 Retired

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

I see you have taken an interest in joining the trained medical professionals of the Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad. Well now, you are certainly in the right place to learn more about what you will need to do to join us. The D.I.T.P.S is a relatively small, but growing, survivor group and we are always eager to hire new staff to work with us to reach our goals.

What Are Our Goals?
The first step to joining the D.I.T.P.S is understanding our goals, but odds are if you're reading this you already have a pretty good idea. The D.I.T.P.S is a survivor group that is situated in Dulston and has staff primarily located at either Anne General Hospital or St. Anacletus's Hospital. As a member of our medical personnel your job would be to heal survivors who are injured and/or infected and revive undead survivors back to life. However, you should always be mindful not to heal or revive any criminals. Criminals are those survivors who commonly sabotage or murder survivors. A comprehensive list of local troublemakers is maintained by the Dulston Alliance organization, of which the D.I.T.P.S is a member group, and anyone on this Black List should never be healed or revived.

Who Can Join?
It's time for us to study your qualifications, but fortunately we do not have many. All we ask is that you be a pro-survivor and have no outstanding warrants with the Dulston Alliance (i.e. on the Black List). As for skills or levels of experience, there are no such requirements as the D.I.T.P.S welcomes survivors of all levels. Everyone who joins the D.I.T.P.S has the option to start off as a Medical Student until the meet the necessary skill requirements to progress through the ranks of their chosen team.

How Do I Join?
Joining is fairly simple. Visit our group forum's sign-up thread located here, register yourself as a new forum member, and then post a request to join the D.I.T.P.S along with a link to your character profile (i.e. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=686096).

Once your request to join has been confirmed on the forum and you are granted "Member" access, the last step is to add our group's name to your character profile. This step may seem easy, but there's a catch. While our group is officially named the Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad, on your character it should be entered as: D.I.T.P.S

Against what you may naturally assume, there is no final period after the "S". Feel free to copy and paste the red text provided above for your ease and convenience.

I've Joined, Now What?
Now that you have officially joined the D.I.T.P.S you should consider which team you want to join, as there are 4 different teams in the D.I.T.P.S and each is geared towards different careers. You should take a moment to review the D.I.T.P.S Command Structure chart and position descriptions before deciding which team is the team for you. Also, there are skill requirements for each position, which are detailed in this forum thread (viewable only by D.I.T.P.S forum members). Until you have decided which team you intend to join you will be ranked as a Medical Student (unassigned). However once you do meet the minimum skill requirements for a position and join a team then be sure to report to your team leader for further instructions. As the tactical situation in Dulston varies it is important to stay in contact on the forum to avoid mishaps with the local zombie and/or criminal elements whenever possible.