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Clock.png Inactive Group
Freerunners are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:51, 13 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Abbreviation: FRs
Group Numbers: 16 members, 3 active
Leadership: Important decisions made by complicated voting.
Goals: The protection of Shearbank, and providing aid to surrounding 8 burbs.
Recruitment Policy: Shearbank has been overrun for far too long. We need your help to take it back.
Contact: and koresrabbit at gmail dot com

Current Information

A majority of Freerunners have gone underground. Active members include Aaron Gosling and an operative known as echorabbit. Rumor of an undead man named codespace abound. Further recon will arrive when available. Be careful out there!

Who are the Freerunners?

I 'ave 'eard of zem, yes. I do not know of zem, myself, but zey stand for freedom of movement, I sink, yes? And zis, I like. I feel very deeply for all of ze poor people in Malton town, and I hope zat zese "freerunners" do something to help. -- Sebastien Foucan, founder of Parkour "Freerunning"

The Freerunners are a very small group of survivors operating in the suburb of Shearbank . Working together since February of 2006, the Freerunners were forged into a real operational group during the multiple attacks on Stickling Mall in the months of April and May.

The Freerunners are a motley crew of diverse backgrounds. They maintain a barricade plan, as well as patrol routes, revive points, and actions against hostile zombies.


Several of the founding members of the Freerunners are Maltonians who lived in the area and attended the Keedwell Boy's School. They have an intense loyalty to everything Shearbank, and a desire to see it through these dark days, and rebuild it, brick by brick if need be. A large contingent are American soldiers, here through special NATO action. It was one of these yanks, Alita Jones, who taught the group the importance of Freerunning.


Taking parts of the discipline Parkour, Freerunning is the art of free movement developed in France by Sebastian Foucan, taken from Parkour, which was founded by David Belle, which is simply the discipline of self-mastery and efficient movement. An art of great beauty, the Freerunners have taken to studying it as a more practical survival tool for getting into and out of the crowded barricades of Malton, and over or around the large mobs of zombies we find outside. In this sense, they use freerunning much more like they would if they practised parkour. The architecture of Malton, with its many narrow streets and alley ways, its low walls and many small bridges and driving circles, makes freerunning an ideal study for any survivor, allowing them to maneuvre themselves through the rooftops with ease.


Barricade Policy

Following a variation of the Uniform Barricading Policy , it's our policy to keep all public buildings very strongly barricaded. These include:

  1. Police Departments
  2. Fire Stations
  3. Necrotech Offices
  4. Hospitals
  5. Churches

Note: two differences from the DEM's ODP... in Shearbank Schools and Auto Repaires are not open, but Churches are.

When Shearbank is under attack, any or all barricades may suddenly go up to Extremely High. This is a sign to all survivors that Shearbank is not safe to sleep in.

"PK" Murder Policy

The Freerunners do not tolerate vigilantism in our suburb. We do not respect the authority of "bounty hunters" who are unknown to us. If you are a member of an established and respected survivor group with which we have had dealings (e.g. the MPD, the Roach Klips, the Channel 4 News Crew), then we will be understanding. Otherwise, any survivor killing another will be dealt with as a criminal without exception in Shearbank. This is especially true of survivors in Stickling Mall.

Survivors going by suspicious monikers (e.g. "ZombieSpy24", "IEatBabies", or "TrentIsAwesome") will be carefully monitored, and may be killed with prejudice. These are hard times which sometimes call for extreme measures. Anyone with a suspicious name is encouraged to send Aaron an email (contact in sidebar)

Revive Points

All churches are revive points. Zombies *outside* the church are considered safe. Zombies *inside* the church will be considered invaders.

Generator Policy

There will rarely be enough generators and fuel to go around, especially with the rise of so-called "GK" survivors. As resources are available, generators will be provided for the following locations, in order of priority:

  1. Auto Repair
  2. Warehouses
  3. Stickling Mall
  4. Necrotech Offices
  5. The Keedwell Plaza School - Mobile Phone Mast
  6. Hospitals
  7. Police Departments

Buildings not on this list should not have running generators. The light will merely attract zombies. Note that this policy means that there cannot be radio transmitters except in already-powerd buildings for safety reasons.

Note that black-outs may be instituted during periods of particularly heavy zombie activity, to protect the location of survivors.