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General Information

Game-Cavemen is a Finnish survivor group born on Finnish forum of MBnet Peliluola at 18th of March 2006.


  • 19 June 2007 - New member joined the group. I'm not sure about the amount of active members so I won't change the total amount.
  • 31 May 2007 - Nope, we aren't dead yet...
  • 8 April 2007 - Still here...
  • 18 February 2007 - There's been no news about GCM lately and we don't actually know if any non-GRR! -members are still active. Might look into it some day. If it turns out that the old GCM is dead, this page will most likely be absorbed by GRR!, or left here, or something... Dunno. We'll see!

(All older news removed.)


Since now our group will no longer open fire at people that try to hide in our HQ. This is because of few larger problems caused by it. You are still not welcomed, but you won't be thrown out anymore. --Niilomaan 07:56, 5 April 2006 (BST)

Group's purpose is very self centered. Survival. Any means nessessary will be used, including shooting trespassers on claimed territory. Group knows it's own members, so unless you know that you're in, please keep your distance.

NOTE!! There will be no Player Killing for fun but we will open fire on any trespassers who (accidentally or with purpose) ignores the warnings except when attacked by someone first!

Healing and revives

Healing will be done as often as needed and possible. If you are outsider living in our HQ, you might get healed by someone, but don't count on it. Each of us decide ourself who to heal. Our members and allies come first.

Reviving will be used on cemeteries to any zombie, that has decided to stay there. If an outsider zombie comes to our territory, it will most likely get shot. We do however support Sacred Ground Policy, so shooting on cemeteries is highly forbidden. When in need for a revive, you should go to the graveyard near our HQ and post a request on DEM's revive request site.


We are located at border area of Pennville and Whittenside.

GCM currently protects area of 27 blocks. Area includes Hospital, Police Department, phone mast, Fort Perryn, 2 cemeterys, School, and NecroTech Building. Whole territory can be seen here

Bases Of Operations

Primary HQ at Remfry Bank [85, 87].

Secondary base at the Buckoke Building [84, 88] for those without Free Running.

(Full map for the area.)


As a part of Pennville, our group now officially uses radio frequency of 27.80 MHz.

For more info about this channel and who uses it, check Pennville Internal Communication Link.

Game-cavemen dark small.jpg
Abbreviation: GCM
Group Numbers: 19 active (2 with wrong group info)
Leadership: Anarchy. No single leader.
Operations: Protection of our territory.
(List of old and current operations.)
Recruitment policy: Active, but Finnish speaking only.
(Check this part of the page for more info.)
Contact: Our discussion page.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
We support the Sacred Ground Policy & acknowledge that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Finland flag.png FROM FINLAND
Part of the great Republic of Finland.


If you think that you're able to speak Finnish and you are gonna play for at least some time, then you can follow these simple guidelines to join our group:

1. Show up on MBnet Pelihalli forums and post a link to your profile in this topic. (That forum page is a mess, so just try to make it.)
OR you can post your profile in IRC at #mbnet_nettipeli @ (Still Finnish only!)

2. Change the group in your profile to Game-Cavemen.

And that's it. Might be a bit harder than for most teams, but only because we like to know every single one from our group. And this whole "Finnish only", is because of single language for communication. (Forum is in Finnish.)


Username Joined
Niilomaan 18 March 2006 (at birth)
1nsane 18 March 2006 (at birth)
Eemeli 18 March 2006 (at birth)
SteelHearth 24 March 2006
Mosqu 31 March 2006
Tauron 2 April 2006
Tume34 2 April 2006
AlgoFinland 4 April 2006
Sandu 10 April 2006
Carabia 26 April 2006

There is also full list of our current members, but it won't be linked in here if everyone won't agree on it. For now members can just post names here if they want.


If you think that your group could offer something to Game-Cavemen, you are welcome to contact us on our talk page. We do however need a full list of your members and profiles. If you can't provide us with those, then couldn't we just be friends?

List of our current allies can be seen below.

Group name Duration
Pathfinders 11 June 2006 - 04 December 2006
FedCom: Urban Dead 14 June 2006 - 04 December 2006


When ever member of GCM is seriously wounded by another human, their name is added to the list. Names on the list will be hunted down by Game-Cavemen. We do NOT tolerate any violence against our group!

Name and profile Reason
Airk Fraker PKed MANY of our members.
John F Rambo PKed our members. Lurks us as a zombie.
tessutit PKed MANY of our members.

GCM Radical Redeemers

There is a Player Killing group called GCM Radical Redeemers that is rumoured to be a part of the Game-Cavemen. Even though they use our group's name, we do not tolerate any of their violent actions and are not allied with them.