Gapper Place Railway Station

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Gapper Place Railway Station
Last Update February 2020
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Gapper Place Railway Station

Chancelwood [66,6]

Woodard Square St. Lousis's Hospital Curton Mansion
wasteland Gapper Place Railway Station a carpark
wasteland Bealey Boulevard School Cradock Row Fire Station

Basic Info:

  • Train station. No trains are running.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Railway Stations:
    • "Its platforms are empty, its departure boards blank, all trains having left the city during the evacuation."
    • "…a fire-damaged white-stone building surrounded by lawns. Behind railings, you can see railway tracks disappearing into the surrounding city."
  • This building can be barricaded normally.

Gapper Place Railway Station is found in the southeast-central area of Chancelwood at coordinates 66,6. The station is located one block southwest of Curton Mansion and 5 blocks east of Rodges Stadium. It lies on the Yellow Line between Stranks and Royal Stations.

Malton Rail Yellow Line (clockwise)
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Gapper Place, front exterior.
Gapper Place, rear exterior.


When the outbreak happened, many citizens of Malton tried fleeing the city via plane, train, and automobile. Most quickly discovered that their efforts to escape the city was futile since the military had quarantined the area and locked down the borders. Some citizens that were desperate enough to hope that help would come locked themselves into various railway stations throughout the city. One such station was Gapper Place, and for a short time it seemed to be a relatively safe location for survivors of the zombie attacks in Chancelwood.

A few weeks after the outbreak, however, the situation at Gapper Place changed. One night, the survivors inside the station heard strange sounds and saw eerie lights emanating from inside Curton Mansion. At first they assumed that this was the sound of people inside the mansion fighting off zombies, but the sights and sounds that they heard soon turned out to be much more horrifying than any groan uttered by a zombie or scream from a survivor. All throughout the night, the survivors inside Gapper Place shuddered together in terror, and by morning, many of them had fled the station. One person, overcome by the maddening sounds, shot himself in the head.

This empty railroad station was once a part of the city's now extinct Malton Rail system.

In the days that followed, the remaining survivors inside Gapper Place found themselves unable to sleep, and even their efforts to relax were disturbed by haunting images and flashbacks to the horrific night. By the end of that week, they had all abandoned Gapper Place, and the station had become an open shell of what was once the hope of rescue.

Months passed and the situation in Chancelwood became worse. Anytime that survivors would try to barricade the station and use it as a safe house they would end up overrun by zombies. Gapper Place endured numerous attacks by zombie hordes, and even sustained a fire bombing by a local gang of bikers who were looting the nearby Curton Mansion. For a while, it seemed as if Gapper Place was destined to be another burned out building in Malton.

In January of 2006, something changed at Gapper Place. Survivors in nearby buildings awoke in the morning to find that Gapper Place had been secured and boarded up. In the nights following, they noticed flickering lights from within, and each morning they discovered the station to be more secure and in better shape.

Finally, toward the end of the month, they discovered that the building had been marked on the exterior. The mural depicted an ancient symbol, not done in the typical modern style of grafitti, but in an artistic and very stylized fashion. When survivors dared to approach the building, they could not find a single way in or out. However, one survivor simply knocked on the steel-reinforced doors, and was greeted by a voice from within asking his business. He replied that he was seeking sanctuary, and the doors were opened. The man within introduced himself as Anton Szandor LaVey, and welcomed the survivor into his sanctum.

It is no coincidence that LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, would choose Gapper Place as his sanctum. After all, those possessing a GPS device will know that the location of Gapper Place is 66,6...or 666. Having been restored to life through necromantic rituals by the arcane group Articulo Mortis, LaVey chose to join the group and was immediately honored with the rank, title, and privileges of a Magus of Articulo Mortis.


Since it was claimed as the sanctum of Anton Szandor LaVey of Articulo Mortis, Gapper Place Railway Station has been extremely heavily barricaded.

Notable Events

November 6th, 2007

Drama Club staged a performance of "Army of Darkness" for the 3 survivors at Gapper Place Railway Station as part of their Border Tour of Malton after the primary location turned out to have no audience. See their group page for performing groups, schedules and booking information.