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Clock.png Inactive Group
Gibsonton Defense Alliance are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:36, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Gibsonton Defense Alliance

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'The GDA is inactive. It will resume if anyone with the right work ethic decides to take up the project. All former GDA members have been moved to the Pescodside Defense Alliance (PDA)

Group History

The Gibsonton Defense Alliance (GDA) is dedicated to defending Gibsonton, its citizens, and helping other suburbs around when needed. The group was originally formed in December 2007, drawing its inspiration from the Pescodside Defense Alliance. The GDA was created at the urging of PDA Leader Lemonhead7t7. and undertaken by PDA member ARCtrooper225. With snow falling across Malton, Arctrooper225 left Pescodside on December 16th, 2007 to begin laying the foundation for a safer Dunningwood. Working out of the Halliday Building, ARCtrooper225 is actively recruiting survivors to fill the ranks of the Gibsonton Defense Alliance. The GDA will operate under the same independent cell system that has been used to efficiently manage the GDA.

The Gibsonton Defense Alliance does not agree with murder, but if the alliance is threatened they will defend themselves from any would-be attackers. The GDA has a main headquarters, with specific goals and rules that are followed by all of their members. The GDA's job is to protect and serve the citizens of Gibsonton for the greater good of Gibsonton, whatever that may require. The Gibsonton Defense Alliance strives for the perfection and efficient working of its system.

With the creation of the Gibsonton Defense Alliance, the conception of the ICS ranking system, and its growing membership, the GDA will soon make a name for itself as a group that is here to stay.

Gibsonton Defense Alliance
GDA Group.png
Abbreviation: GDA
Group Numbers: 0 (Highest 0)
Leadership: none. Apply now!
Goals: Protect the suburb of Gibsonton and offer support to neighboring suburbs.
Recruitment Policy: Currently accepting all qualified applicants.
Contact: Group Forum or Aim: tombo1504

Group Roles & Responsibilities

The Gibsonton Defense Alliance works with an Independent Cell System (ICS). The heads of the ICS' are usually high ranking officers (high-level military personnel), advanced surgeons (high-level NecroTechnicians), or just plain ol' experienced civilians. The ICS works first through conscription. Once you have gained admission into the GDA you will then be either given an Independent Cell (making you an CO [commanding officer]) or you will be recruited into an existing IC. If you become a CO your job will be to:

  1. Responsible for maintaining a building's barricades at a set level provided by the group's leaders.
  2. Responsible for setting up and maintaining a portable generator and radio transmitter.
  3. Responsible for maintaining a radio channel tuned to 29.00 MHz (GDA Radio Frequency).
  4. Responsible for the health and welfare of all survivors in your building.
  5. Responsible for tagging the inside and outside of your building with "Property of GDA (do not graffiti over)".

If you are recruited your responsibilities lie first to the GDA leaders and then to your group's leading officer/surgeon/civilian.


The GDA is an effective and organized coalition. We believe in the revivification of non-hostile zombies (i.e. undead survivors) as a TOP PRIORITY, but if necessary will combat revive. Zombies with Brain Rot are to be exterminated immediately whenever discovered. We do not tolerate murderers within the GDA ranks without reasonable cause. If a member is caught killing, or assisting to kill, an innocent survivor they will be judged. If they are found to be guilty, the member will be exterminated on sight and their GDA membership revoked. The main goal as a GDA member is to ensure the safety of the survivors of Gibsonton, and Amatt Place School. GDA members are then to help out whoever requires assistance at any given moment (as long as it does not contradict standing rules and regulations). The GDA is also firmly against zerging, botting, and hacking of any sort, punishment for such acts will be the same as PK'ing along with being reported.

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This user or group supports MHG in their attempt to restore health care in Malton.
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