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"Leader of the Pescodside Defense Alliance"
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Looking for some head? Well if by head you mean Lemonhead, then use the LemonTracker!

Evil lemon.jpg
Joined: 2006-07-11
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Fire axe and FAK's
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Living in the Farbrother Building/Inman Building
Character group: Pescodside Defense Alliance
Character stats: Level 43
Journal: Journal for Lemonhead7t7
Dr mario2.jpg
Joined: 2007-06-11
Character class: Zombie
Favorite equipment: Hands and Teeth.
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Shambling about with the MOB
Character group: Militant Order of Barhah
Character stats: Level 30
Journal: No Journal for DrKillKill
Joined: 2008-08-02
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Hanging out.
Character group: None
Character stats: Level 43
Journal: No Journal for Limehead7t7
Joined: 2008-08-03
Character class: Scout
Favorite equipment: Shotgun
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Killing
Character group: Sanguine Liquor
Character stats: Level 38
Journal: No Journal for MrLemonhead

MrLemonHead DORIS.jpg

Joined: 2008-08-05
Character class: Scout
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe and FAK's
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Leveling up
Character group: none
Character stats: Level 20
Journal: No Journal for Orangehead


Lemonhead7t7 was born in Pescodside, on Mermagen Street. His parents were the owners of the Farbrother Building, and they had a penthouse on the top floor because they were rich bastards!

(The following is factual information) October 2006


Finding the city in quarantine, I came back and lived in the Farbrother building for a few more months. After that, I decided to go out and look for more survivors. I made my way to Roachtown and found a mansion. I had always wanted to live in a mansion, so I decided to stay for a while. There I met many people, including Jurai, who would soon become my best friend in Malton. Jurai and I stayed in Alner Mansion for about two months, and then the mansion got broken into by many zombies. I quickly grabbed my things, and Jurai and I ran back to my hometown, Pescodside. There I moved back into the Farbrother building, and we fixed up The Holt building, and Jurai lived there. A few weeks later, the Pescodside Defense Alliance was born. We lead the PDA to the great group it is today, and things were never better.

September 2007 The group has been going great, lots of members. We lost a great general, General Killerwolfbot. I went on a mission with The F.P.S to help clear out Treweeke Mall, and the operation went pretty well.

December 2007 The PDA is very strong with 15 strong active members. I get pk'ed about 2-3 times a day, which is a bit annoying, but my members always revive me withing the hour, so i guess its not too bad. The PDA has rejoined the Dulston Alliance!!! Things are going well, we are making tons of allies, and we are all getting ready for Christmas.

April 2008 The Dead have ravaged Malton.

-April 28th- Pescodside is coming back online thanks to a PDA led operation to take back Inman!

June 2008 The NE has been reclaimed and there are a few zombie attacks at Inman, but we are succesfully fighting them off. DrKillKill is no longer a babah, and is loving death in the MOB. I'm getting tired of crap on the wiki.

-June 15th- DrKillKill is raising his level very quickly and is now level 25! This is all thanks to the feeding habits of the MOB. Lemonhead7t7t, who is of course Lemonhead7t7's twin brother who was trapped in Monroeville, is also starting to level up. He's only at level 5, but things are looking good for him, considering he's been alive in Monroeville since day 1! Lemonhead7t7 is having some trouble in Pescodside, as zombies are breaking into precious resource buildings. The Inman building was taken down, but reinforcements are coming.

August 2008

-August 3rd- DrKillKill is now level 28! The MOBis a great group, and he's having a great time. Lemonhead7t7t is dead, but is still having fun even though he's been BARHAH!ized. The Inman Building is back up, as Lemonhead7t7's reinforcements ifnally arrived. The DEM, and members of groups in the DA have come to help out, and things are going well. We have a new addition to the family, Limehead7t7! He is currently in the NW, and is looking for brainz to eat : D.

-August 9th- DrKillKil is still killing as happily as ever!. Lemonhead7t7 is fighting off zombies at the Inman building, and causing quite a bit of trouble at the Dulston Alliance as well! ;) Limhead7t7 is curently snacking on harmans, and Lemonhead7t7t finally found a harman to eat in Monroeville! We have the newest (and probably final) member of the family, Orangehead!!!!! He is waiting for a revive in North Blythville. HALP!

-August 15th- Today, with permission from the MOB, DKillKill killed Michael Corsair! AKA Uncle Zeddie, host of Radio Survivor. What a great day!

-August 25th- It's been a crazy couple of days in LemonLand, Brainstock drama, zombies attacking Inman. Inman is still down, another attempt to take it back by Lemonhead7t7 will happen soon, and will hopefully be succesful. Orangehead joined the MCDU, and is going throught the academy. He is writing a supar sekrit paper, and will hopefully be as succesful as "The Wonders of Meta-gaming and the Benefits of Instant Messenging" which is posted below. Limehead7t7 is eating the harmanz up in Lamport Hills, and MrLemonhead is killing survivors in Osmondville. Lemonhead7t7t is having trouble findin survivors in Monroeville, as the last 100 survivors are being slaughtered. The big news of the day is after DrKillKill killed Michael Corsair, AKA Uncle Zeddie, host of popular show Radio Survivor. He mentioned me at the end of his latest episode, Episode 49. It's a great day to be a Lemon! Hats off to you, Uncle Zeddie, thanks for keeping Malton informed!

September 2008

-September 3rd- It's been a sad few days as Uncle Zeddie aired the last episode of Radio Survivor. It's going to be sad not having our icon for survivors to look up to, but maybe one day he'll come back. In other news, Limehead7t7 joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front, specifically the Team America strike team. The strike team is very similar to MOB, and they are feeding me : D. DrKillKill is still having a great time with the MOB, and Lemonhead7t7 has retaken the Inman Building. Orangehead is still being confused at the MCM hopsital, where people spend all of their AP healing and talking. Orangehead's massive project is slowly coming along. It's a lot of work!

-September 24th- It's been a long a month, and there's much to talk about.

Lemonhead7t7 is dying in Pescodside, as zombies ravage the NE. There is some hope however, as the BAR is maintaining its position at Clewett. There is a conflict with the DEM and the Imperium, but it isn't affecting the PDA much....yet.

DrKillKill is still killing zombies, and the MOB is currently in Wray Heights.

Limehead7t7 is eating harmanz with the RRF, and is pretty much maxed out on zombie skills. The RRF is currently in Shearbank, taking down Stickling mall.

orangehead is slowly leveling with the MCDU, and is actually participating now. Looks like this DEM thing might work out!

I removed Lemonhead7t7t because well, Monroeville is kind of boring. I'll add him again if things get interesting.

and finally, MrLemonhead is following the orders of Lord Pluto and will be doing his bidding for a while.

I don't think anyone reads this but me, but it's helpful for remembering what goes on.

October 2008

-October 15th- Quick summary: Lemonhead7t7-Inman has been reclaimed Orangehead-Stocking up at Caiger Limehead7t7-Created a new RRF strike team, gathering recruits MrLemonhead-Killing people in Giddings mall with Red Rum DrKillKill-still loving MAHB!

January 2009

-January 1st- I have been away for quite a while, signing on just Lemonhead7t7 and MrLemonhead a few times. Life got busy, so I had to cut back. Hopefully I will be able to get back into things, and save the PDA! I have joined a group called "Three of a Kind" with MrLemonhead, and will enjoy randomly killing people based on random numbers. Happy new years!

-January 20th- MrLemonhead is having trouble in Pitneybank, while DrKillKill has returned to stir up trouble with the MOB. Through some divine twist of fates, Limehead7t7 has been revived and is making his way up north to see what treasures he can find. Lemonhead is keeping Pescodside up and running, and all other characters are inactive right now.

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The Wonders of Meta-gaming and the Benefits of Instant Messaging

PAMU: Players Against the Malton Uprising. Sign it!

Current: nothing

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