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My own private journal-blog-chronicle-place. I really don't know what it is as I've never made any of those things, but I just call it Techercizer's Sequence of Events. Basically a composition of interesting things that have happened to me or my characters that I believe to be note-worthy, sorted by date. Good for an interesting read every now and then, but not meant to be any sort of serious or meticulous record. Read and enjoy, or don't. Techercizer (Food) (TSoE)

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August 31st

I've been away for a week since school's started. I'm probably not going to be able to play Urban Dead for awhile while I get all this stuff sorted out and settled...

August 22nd

Well I've been home for a week and very busy, so let me sum up the events of the past week:

  • Dr. Jackson left his Rot Revive clinic but is still sticking around out of nostalgia...
  • The Doctor survived an assassination attempt by one of his superiors.
  • Barhah Zambaz ate many bra!nz, smashed many paintings, and killed another mall.
  • Techercizer left his shotgun-filled mall to go and try to do some good by repairing a red zone, and was promptly killed. He's still waiting for a revive.
  • Carson is still keeping it real.

Now on to Wiki news. Karek is up for Misconduct for protecting a page without the official paperwork. If you ask me he really shouldn't get a huge black mark for skipping a step, but he also ignored protocol, so I'm divided....

Also, In case no one's noticed, I have a new signature! It's much less intrusive and (to me, at least) seems to make everywhere I write look a bit brighter and more pleasant.

Finally, I'm sponsoring another A/VB case. Now I'm no stranger to stupid morons making empty threats of violence, but a couple Wikifriends who may or may not want their involvement listed discussed bringing it in and told me they thought it'd be best if I did, so here we are.

August 17th

Nothing happened today besides a long and unpleasant plane ride that started at 4 AM, except for a funny way to burn excess AP I came up with. I call it, The Doctor Speaks to the Zombies. By Mr Doctorz.

Dear Zombies....jpg

August 12th

Well some Meatpuppet is all over the A/VB page threatening to send my and others' ISPs Cease and Desist letters. Apparently someone's going to arrest me for posting a verse from "Hey Julie" in a public chatbox. Singing in public isn't Illegal in real life, or online; and if Ioncannon and his all-hot-air-and-no-action minions even try to get someone to do something about it I'll laugh in their face. New to the drama? Check out Talk:A/VB for Ion's latest attempt to circumvent a perma, this time by framing Lemonhead for framing him! I guess he figures that since the perma is for sockpuppetry, that if he makes more puppets and brings in cronies to make it look like they're fake, then people will think the original puppet was fake as well. Why Lemon? I'm assuming it's because he screenied some of Ion's bragging before this whole plan came together.

August 11th

The world createth the boredom, the world take it away. Looks like there's some MMS unrest brewing, which promises to be interesting, if potentially disastrous.

In other news, Marina is back from her Hiatus from BLF leadership, BLFers and woodland creatures alike rejoice.

August 10th

Nothing interesting is really happening in UD. I finally beat the cheating Homeworld 2 through a combination of Strategy and Cheating of my own, but no one really cares about that, so...

Code: Geass was once again completely amazing. No Friday Night Sci-fi though. Le Sigh. Looks like [AS] threw out Death Note and Ghost in the Shell to add in two Metalocalypse's and a Shin Chan, talk about a dumb move... anywhos...

Nothing much is really going on. Barhah Zambaz is eating Brainz, and The Doctor has a long night with a lot of cabinets to put up. No screenies of wild tales of drama shall be found in this entry.

Also, the Name A Template contest has closed. I know at least one person reads this, but since no one's taken the time to actually enter, I'm ending the contest and scrapping the template.

August 6th

Nothing interesting has happened lately, but today I decided to put a suggestion through the works and see if I can't make it passable. The suggestion can be found here, feel free to take a look and tell me your ideas! In addition, looks like I've got an A/VB File now, Ioncannon11 decided it would be funny to vandalize my suggestion, so now he's on review. See the trial at UDWiki:Administration/Vandal Banning#User:Ioncannon11

August 3rd

Code Geass was as usual nothing short of a stunning masterpiece of suspense and intrigue, and Bleach was as often a boring episode with good humor, some plot development, and little combat. I'm expecting a status update on Project Liftmod in the next few days, which will probably be the non-Saturday-night highpoint of the week.

In other news, The Doctor is In! Mr Doctorz has finally joined up with MMS. At the moment He's on a two-week introductory/probationary period, but I'm expecting good things and an audience for my witticisms from this group. In other news, I finally filled up on FAKs, every last slot. There's something you might not see every day

We Are Overstocked! All Hot Tech Must Go!!

Well there's some more Hot Tech on the shelves today, Possibly the last in stock. We only re-ordered because some n00b decided to take his pro-survivor bullshit and dress it up in a slightly different dress. Link provided below.

August 2nd

Well last night was one of mixed reviews. Dr. Who was an amazing triumph of goofyness and plot twists, but had just a tidbit too much incoherent technobabble (that didn't even make sense) to really capture the viewer. Stargate Atlantis took a twist in that it actually had an interesting plot and execution, although the ending was incredibly predictable.

Some Suggestions Page Shenanigans today, replicated for all you X-files fans below.

Add to this the fact the accounts are usually brand new. And all they do is post to this page: no other edits... Call me paranoid if you must... but it certainly seems suspicious... There could very easily be another explanation, but a genuinely plausible one hasn't been put forward yet. And, you can just call me Wan Mulder, that's fine... ;P --WanYao 01:14, 3 August 2008 (BST)
What are you saying Mulder? That there's some kind of, conspiracy by the n00bs to create bad suggestions here? Sounds a little far fetched doesn't it? Techercizer (Food) (TSoE) 02:00, 3 August 2008 (BST)


Trolls are mythical creatures Mulder, they don't exist. Even if they did, what could they possibly have to do with these suggestions? Techercizer (Food) (TSoE) 02:02, 3 August 2008 (BST)

August 1st

Ruined the NW corner of Tompson Mall personally today, and that's a damn good use of 3AP in my books.

You trash one of the mall's remaining stores. The building is now ruined.


Well I ran into some goon on the suggestions page who thought making it cost 45 AP for zombies to stand would be fun. Needless to say I took the kid gloves off on his ass. I normally endeavor to remain neutral and supportive on the wiki, but I made an exception for this special case. Screenshot Below.

July 31st

The eventfulness that the last 3 days seemed to lack almost appears to have been packed into today alone, there's a bunch of news to tell! First off let's start with the MOB strike tonight. In what I can only consider to be an amazing efficiency rating, I used 16 AP to:

  • Stand Up
  • Break down the last of Tompson Mall's Barricades
  • Infect 4 different people
  • Groan to the 80-something zombies outside and within range around the mall
  • take a survivor down to dragable HP (10), and drag them into part of said massive horde outside
  • re-enter
  • Get 4 consecutive ransacks, alert the BLF leader via IRC to the mall's emptiness, her to ruin it for only 1 AP.

And if that isn't good Timing and RNG luck, then I don't know what is BARHAH to the BLF and BARHAH to the Ruining of Tompson Mall's NE corner!!!!. In addition, a new user posted 2 unsuccessfull ideas on the Suggestions:Talk page, and continued to stubbornly insist that they were super special awesome despite overwhelming criticism and (mostly kind) descriptions of why they were not good. In addition to having not read ANY of the appropriate material before suggesting (Sugg Dos and Do Nots, Freq Sugg ideas}, He became through a course of events subject to 4 independent A/VB cases in 2 hours, and If that isn't some kind of record, it at least amazes the crap out of me. I even made him a template which can be found on his talk page ;) As testimonial to this amazing collection of Bureaucratic procedures, I have a screenshot of the cases and times below.

In addition, here's long screenie of the the ideas he suggested and defended to the death:

July 28th

Ah the benefits of summer... Scifi ran a Stargate SG-1 marathon for much of today, and actually managed to pick a bunch of good episodes to place in there as well! In other news, Marina of the BLF finally made the new Logo and Templates official, whereas before they were pending administrative review, being commissioned and authorized by the BLF's Second in Command, and not Captain. There's a new section on my Userpage, detailing what I do on the wiki and where to send requests for help. I also finished FLZombie's Userpage rennovation. I think that there's probably more that could be done, as it doesn't really look like a major top of the line userpage. However, FLZ himself admits that he doesn't wiki very much, and everything that's on his page is arranged nicely with no loose threads, so I guess I'm satisfied with the job.

In still more news, My policy of Neutrality and Patience failed to do the job today, and some of you might be interested in what is possibly the n00b with the highest Stubbornness-to-Sensitivity Ratio ever seen. Apparently my patient/constructive approach not only succeded in convincing him NOT to drop a dupetacular and one-sided suggestion, but caused him to trow a temper tantrum and claim to leave the wiki. *sigh* The Newb+n00b combo strikes again. If any of you are interested enough to still be reading this, then analyze and perhaps get a laugh out of it:


July 27th

Well Code Geass was nothing short of the amazing triumph of suspense and intrigue that it has so far proven to be. Bleach, on the other hand, was full of people talking....The entire episode....><. The worst part is it can't even be called a filler episode because the conversation has plot significance. I've officially retired A Random Emu and Firearms Joe due to IP hit concerns today, although they've been inactive and unofficially retired for a good week. Monroeville is really going in the toilet for humans, the entire place is freaking wrecked and there can't be more than 300 Humans alive. Maybe they'll move to a valley, round up some shotguns, put on trenchcoats, and wind up giving one last Spartan stand (Movie reference, anyone?). I hope Kevin got some interesting data from that experiment...

July 25th

WOW. I started helping users with their pages and signatures again yesterday, and I was up forever and a day trying to get a signature to work. I went to bed around 6 AM that night. Not so much working late as lying in bed awake due to crippling insomnia though. A fresh morning and a fresh outlook have still failed to tell me why the hell Maisy's Signature is acting up A quick assistance from Kazeri, on the other hand, was able to clear up the problem. and as such he gets a template on my page =P. Dr. Who was amazing tonight, and Stargate Atlantis counterbalanced it out with its underwhelming plot thinness and predictability. On another note, I created the first Official Template and Logo (on said template) for the Bra!nz Liberation Front of the MOB.

Finally, A perfectly Hilarious Stargate joke went unnoticed on IRC today, and I died a little inside.

Jackson Referance.jpg

July 21st

Another decimated red neighborhood in our wake as the MOB moves on to find new prey. I finally made an account for Liftmod, If you're an Eureka seveN fan and you don't know about it, you should. Aside from a few interesting IRC fights over Dr Who, nothing really eventful today.

July 20th

Anime Saturday has once again come and gone, with interesting developments for all. Somehow Code:Geass always seems to postpone an interesting event until the next episode, until you get an up-and-down pattern of one suspenseful and one eventful episode, with the occasional double of both kinds here and there. Bleach was amusing as well.

July 19th

Been away from UD and the wiki for awhile due to technical issues >.< other than the world's biggest waste of space popping up in the suggestions:talk page (see walking on rails), not much has happened yet. Stargate Atlantis seemed to have continued its downhill trend, though Dr Who's ending certainly shows promise.

July 14th

Happy Bastille Day! My MOB friends Jacques and Jacques led a strike team in Marven Mall's SE corner. there's about 25 dead bodies and the place is EHB ?+ right now, so I'd write it up as a tie. On the bright side Barhah Zambaz now has all maul attack skills, and is considered a fully fledged member of the Militant Order of Barhah. The only really interesting thing that happened today was that someone made a post in the Suggestions:Talk page concerning Archery that were so stupid I considered shooting something... not one of my best moments. Preserved for all eternity it can be found here:

Until next day, farewell Jacques

July 13th

Well last night was Anime Saturday, so a ton of drama there. No spoilers, but Code:Geass was particularly breathtaking. I also assisted in cracking open Marven Mall, BARHAH! A bit of a complication almost threw a wrench in the works though: I'd had a offense-based character there since before I'd even joined the Mob. On top of that he'd (apparently) been Headshot minutes before I realized this (after dying from APing out on the streets due to just having to finish off that zombie), but luckily was able to limp riight next suburb to a revive point (SE diagonally every step, and not a square off.) Barhah is Almost fully Combat Ready, and Random Emu is still ZKing in the remnants of Archway Mall.

In other news: I finally switched to Firefox! I always kind of preferred IE 7, but the ability to use iWitness and the (supposed) enhanced protection finally pushed me over the edge. I'm liking all the cool gadgets and customizable crap available, but I haven't quite got the Text settings down right... All the Standard UD Buttons and most of the UDwiki buttons (Save Page, Show preview, Show changes) have the wrong text, and most of the Links on the very top, and on the left sidebar are too small, possibly due to incorrect font as well. WanYao saved my ass and allowed me to continue my coding days by correctly identifying on site the font from my old IE coding window (Courier, by the way), so the font issue has been whittled down to only a minor inconvenience. I thought about using a Firefox skin that is supposedly identical to IE7, but it's not 3.0 compatible.

Still no comments on the Name a Template contest, and no feedback on my Dawn of the Urban Dead article >.<. If someone actually reads this they're remaining very quiet. A man named Desmond has been deemed a Friend of the Tech for promoting my Sequence of Events on his userpage, but it doesn't appear to be the most well traveled area in the wiki, so I'm not expecting a massive flood of readers any time soon. If you actually read AND enjoy this log, feel free to post the TSoE Template (below) on your page, or , hell, just mention it to your friends. Few (online) things suck worse then consistently devoting time to something with the creeping-suspicion-turned-near-certainty that absolutely no one reads it or cares about it.

July 12th

I finally have a confirmed person who's read TSoE, so I figured I might put my Template Prowess to the test and create an "I Read Techercizer's Sequence of Events" template for those who like this soo much they want to spread the word (yeah right, heh).

TSoE.GIF TSoE Reader
This user reads Techercizer's Sequence of Events

one of the ideas that wormed its way into my head as I was trying to sleep was: what would Dawn of the Dead have been like in Urban Dead? I'm going to write about it for your and my amusement


July 11th

Wierd day today... Got Ankle Grab for Barhah and revived a couple zeds at Dr. Jackson's clinic. Nothing big really happened untill the nightly strike where some random person started yelling at me.

Random Yell.jpg

Of worthy note is the fact that Stargate Atlantis started again today. Ain't gonna spoil anything for any viewers out there, but it makes me wish long and hard for the old days of the show, and even more for Stargate SG-1. Speeking of which, commercials of Stargate:Continuum have started to air, after I see it I can finally return to the message boards without fear of spoilers. Dr. Who was meh, didn't really seem to have any long-term significance, nor any solid emotional impact from the episode. I think I've just seen one too many "cabin fever" permutations of my favorate shows already...

Alot of news, I am currently totally out of Template Ideas! I have a cool picture I need a snappy caption and title to, but can't come up with one. If YOU or anyone you can think of would like to help me out, post on my Talk page! If someone comes up with one I like, I'll wait a day after I see it to allow possibly better suggestions in (I doubt it, I don't even think anyone's going to give me an idea), and then I'll affix said concept to the Template; as well as crafting a custom template for the winner stating how they helped my ass out and post it on my page (as well as give to them to post on their page). They will also be listed as a Friend of the Tech under the appropriate userpage section. The sub-par Template with hilarious image is... Here:

Lifting.GIF Perseverance
If at first you don't succeed, spit out the grass and try again

Good luck, and I really hope someone reads this!

July 10th

Knocked over a hospital with 72 survivors inside today, wow that kicked ass. I had so little AP I basically Meatshielded the entire battle, but it was still amazing. Feeding lasted over 12 hours before every last one was devoured, and many a zombie sat down in a pile of rubble with a fully belly that night. Of an interesting note to all you readers(by that I mean two squirrels and a nickle) are a few video game references that emerged during the tactical chatter: see if you can spot them.

C&C Screenie.png

GoW Screen.png

And of further interest was the fact that I received a hug from the famous and wildly popular WanYao! I know, right? [crickets chirp], you know, because I'm a virtually unheard of small-time user with a crappy journal no one reads and He's known by everyone? whatever, just click the damn link.

YaoHug Screen.png

July 7th

Barhah Zambaz Joined up with the MOB today, and boy do they feed well. I gotta say, It's really interesting how nice they are. Make most survivors I know look like barbarians. Of course I speak not of the wonderful folks down at Rotter's Relief, but comparing the MOB's coordination and excessive chattiness with most Humans' quick short lines of text, It's easy to see how one's deficit can quickly be driven into a strength.

June 20th

Saw a LOT of Flares today, someone spent 50 AP firing these suckers off. There's not something you see every day.