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Crucifixes should be useless,
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This user frowns upon wasting AP by walking
This user drags a blue phone box wherever he goes
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This user is used to dumbing it down
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This user has an imaginary nerd role playing alter ego who leads a planet-sized organization, travels between universes, and can turn into a cat. Deal with it.
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Militant Order of Barhah!


Wiki Information

I spend most of my time looking over the Suggestions:Discussions page and endeavoring to provide neutral and constructive analysis on possible suggestions. I also do User page renovation, Signature construction, Template modification and creation, and various other aesthetic operations for those who are less experienced in Wikicode or simply don't have the time to do it themselves. I'm always willing to help others, and if you would like assistance, feel free to meet me in the MOB channel, or to post on my Talk page.


A Random Emu *Retired*

This gerbil somehow managed to grab a Fire Axe and start cleaning up Monroeville one zombie at a time, but has since been bitten and now spends his zombified days moping and dreaming of glorious for wood chips, and has now been retired... If he runs across a lone survivor out in the open, he will maim them, but refrains from killing in order to spare others his melancholy fate. He does not, however, spare those who would deny him access to buildings that may or not contain precious wood chips. You have been warned: close your doors and you'll pay the price...

Barhah Zambaz

This zombie is a walking embodiment of BARHAH!. Always willing to open a door or drag a harman to feed babah zambaz, this zombie spends his days eating flesh, breaking cades, and rolling with the MOB. If revived, he immediately throws himself to his brethren to provide them with Flesh, Meat Caek, and Experience; though on the inside he secretly wishes his brothers would express their gratitude for this snackrifice in ways that involve bananas less...

Carsons Beckett

This medical professional hails from Scotland. The best in his field; After finding a cure for his "clone syndrom", Dr. Beckett left the Atlantis Expedition after Michell's episode idea from "200" escaped into the population of Malton and began infecting the townsfolk. He's currently attempting to do the most good he can in the wake of this disaster, despite the fact that he's not a bloody miracle worker.

Dr. Daniel Jacksons

It is unknown exactly how this bookish Archaeologist acquired extensive military training. Daniel left his previous post studying Deep Space Radar Telemetry *cough* After Mitchell's episode idea from "200" escaped from his imagination, made its way into the small British town of Malton, and began infecting the population. He is currently attempting to cure the town's inhabitants..... using knowledge obtained from his experience studying Deep Space Radar Telemetry..... right..... by working at the Greatorex Building, Also known as the Eastern branch of Rotter's Relief.

Firearms Joe *Retired*

This former Monroeville generic action movie hero is now a zombie. Bitchin. While this axe-wielding commando will not likely outright kill any weak survivors he finds lying in the street, those who try to run and hide would feel the wrath of his size 10 boot-nana, were he not retired.

Mr. Doctorz

This tall strange man is wearing a brown suit with thin blue pinstripes, a white shirt, dark tie, and a light brown overcoat which was given to him by Janis Joplin. He speaks with a British accent and drags a giant blue phone box behind him wherever he goes. He claims to be from the North. This strange man happens to be passing through Malton, and is currently just hanging around to see how things turn out. He originally arrived with a female companion, but after she tried to eat his arm he decided it would be best if they went their separate ways. His Timey-Wimey detector goes ding when there's stuff, and can boil an egg at thirty paces... Whether you want it to or not actually, he's learned to stay away from hens. He also happens to be in possession of a Sonic Screwdriver, which unfortunately has no effect whatsoever on wooden barricades.


Despite ten years of police firearms training, This officer's aim used to be hampered by a combination of low hit percentages and complete nudity. Zombie Target Practice and Therapy have since repaired his aim. Although his clothesless status does little to convince survivors to lower barricades, His recent acquisition of Free Running makes that a non-issue.

Cookie.jpg A FREE COOKIE
Pedentic has given Techercizer a cookie for being friendly.

Random Crap

Even though no one will ever visit this page, I might as well create a section for people to comment on and possibly praise the many random templates I have created... Oh wait, I have a page for that... It's my talk page... o.0; All Templates on the left side of this page were created by me, as well as the right side Templates "Assisted", "Genius", and "Timey-Wimey Detector".

Official Memberships

Rotter's Relief

This organization of Scientists has the common goal of assisting cooperative Rotters and making Malton a better place for everyone. They offer rehabilitation programs for Brain Rotted zombies who wish to join the survivor community, but revive all zombies who respect their neutrality. Well known Career Zombies who follow their guidelines can utilize their program to get important skills or pick up a spare flak jacket. Their wiki page can be found Here, and their forums and IRC channel at They welcome all who respect them, and really can never get as many people as they want to visit their forums. If you are thinking of joining, have any questions, or just want to tell them you support what they do, please drop them a post. Rotter's Relief: Making Malton a better place for everyone.

Militant Order of Barhah

You've heard of them around the leaking ruined watercooler: They're that giant horde rampaging over Malton bringing death and destruction wherever they tread. You're confident they mean business, but you just don't feel like joining a Horde until you've established yourself as a reputable zombie. Kill some famous harmanz, maybe get some more skills, then you'll start looking for a horde... WRONG. The Militant Order of Barhah feeds babah zambaz, and they feed them well. Run with the MOB and you can expect upwards of 100 exp a day in pre-prepared harmanz as your fellow Horde members work to help you reach your full zombified potential and become a terrifying undead force to be reckoned with; and nowhere can you give back to the community as much as by helping others along their way to the ranks of the lvl 42 zombies. Their wiki page is Here, and their official website is . The Militant Order of Barhah: "Security, Integrity, Honor, Murder."

Friends of the Tech

Bisfan - A relatively high level MOB member who used to lead some of my strikes. He's helped make sure Barhah Zambaz is well fed and led me on some crazy raids, and I've forgiven him for muting me. =P

BrainsTasty - This guy and I are super tight. We've helped each other with alot of Wikistuff, and he was the one that introduced me to the MOB. He gave me the kick I needed to get my signature up and running, and you might notice a Template or two on his site with my link on it.

Desmond - This user was the first person to assist me in getting the word out about Techercizer's Sequence of Events


My Signature

Techercizer's Sequence of Events