Grandon PD Noise Abatement Society

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Grandon PD Noise Abatement Society
Abbreviation: GPDNAS
Group Numbers: On the stats page.
Leadership: : Highly Secretive.
Goals: The bringing of Barhah to
the Grandon PD in Brooke Hills
Recruitment: Any and all who wish for Barhah can join!
Contact: the wiki page. and on the forum

Are you tired of your zombie being shotgunned in the face? Are humans generally being a dick towards your zombie? Are you kept awake at night by loud and rude human's?

Then join the GPDNAS! We patrol the streets of Brooke Hills making it safe for zombie kind. Our dedicated Officers are working tirelessly to bring peace and quiet to the city's streets. But we cannot do it alone. No. We need you!

GPDNAS - "Working for a quieter tomorrow, so you don't have to."

Grandon PD Noise Abatement Society

The Grandon PD Noise Abatement Society is a zombie group dedicated to bringing Barhah to the Grandon Police Department located in Brooke Hills. The group follows the example set forth by the St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society located in Kempsterbank. We undead have grown tired of the rustling about of the harmanz within the PD, and think that it is ridiculous to have three PDs so close to each other. What tomfoolery is this? The harmanz should stop being so selfish, and give one up to the glory of Barhah!

The harmanz seem not to know that we are unstoppable. We cannot be stopped, we cannot be killed, we can only be slowed at best. Grandon is our home and it shall be ours in time. It just depends on how long the harmanz can resist our efforts. Need we also point out that they don't have license's for those guns?


The goals are simple: Barhah in Grandon PD, and to make sure the building will remain in our hands. This can be obtained in two ways;

1) We are let inside the building, and are allowed to remain inside this building, enjoying the rest of our undead ways.
2) By force. If we are not allowed inside the PD, then survivors had better watch out. Expend your ammo, use up your first aid kits, call for help on your radios. Headshot us with as many bullets as you need, for it will not matter. We will be like an ocean of dead, coming and going as quickly as the tides come and go.

PD Status


Grandon Place Police Department
Last update November 2020
22:25, 26 April 2023 (UTC)


We are in the process of recruiting! New Officer's are always needed to patrol the streets and enforce local noise pollution laws. Violently if need be. What do you need to do in order to be a recruit? Be a zombie, and believe, as we believe, that Grandon should be in zombie hands! To officially become a member, please visit and sign up to the forums. We'll process you as soon as we can from there! Barhah to all!

Training Opportunities

We pride ourselves in providing training course's to any Zeds who wish for help regardless of group. Our instructors will open the doors and tear down the, illegal if we may point out, barricades to allow the trainee's access to the sweet sweet brains inside.


If you happen to be breathing, grab a spraycan and go to work!

"Stop the Noise!"


If you would like to contact us, you can groan towards our direction in game. On second thought, that might not be the best way of handling communications. Instead, why don't you shuffle on over to our forums at [1]? It may be a bit sparse at the moment, but we'll get the fun a-rollin' soon!


SFHNAS - Our Hospital based brethren.