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Kannibal Kids are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 06:11, 3 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Kannibal Kids
Kannibal Kids Logo.jpg
Abbreviation: KK
Group Numbers: COMING SOON
Leadership: Anime Is Poopy, Billy Age 3, 'Lil Cypher Zero
Goals: To play the greatest game of tag ever played
Recruitment Policy: Click Here To Join
Contact: PM Anime Is Poopy on Resensitized

The Greatest Game Of Tag Ever Played

The Rules

The Rules are simple okay?

  • Anyone who signs up to play is "it".
  • You can only tag those who are "it".
  • Tagging those who are it can be done with any weapon, as long as they fall down and goto sleep. If you want to eat their organs you can, but you don't have to, freshly tagged hearts taste yummy!
  • Zombies can't tag. They are obviously kids sleepwalking and only awake kids can play. Get some Necrotech's No-Go Zombie Put-Down Juice and when you wake up, you can play!
  • Anyone who tags you is obviously playing, and should be put on the players list.
  • No telling on those who tag you, only wienies tell. You aren't a wienie are you?
  • You can't tag yourself, so no jumping out of windows.
  • You can only hide in free running zones connected to the mall unless otherwise specified.
  • No camping in buildings more than 5 squares away from the mall, getting caught will lose you 5 points, and +1 bonus point to anyone who tags you there.
  • Every player will be given a camera. In order to get points, you must take a picture after you tag someone, and rush back to the clubhouse to post it to get your point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!
  • Each reported tag earns the player 1 point. Each tag not reported subtracts a point. You will have 3 days to report your tag.
  • Forging a tag will be -1 billion points.
  • Each game will last 2 weeks unless otherwise specified.
  • Tagging a player between games is prohibited and the tagger will begin the next game 5 points in the hole.
  • Points for the overall winner will be determined by 1 point for third place, 2 points for second place, and 3 points for first place for each individual game.
  • Only Clubhouse Leaders may edit this page or any of the sub-pages (except talk pages).
  • No Twin Brothers allowed.
  • Only girls with boobs allowed.

The Players

The Following People Know The Secret Handshake And Are Known Players In The Greatest Game of Tag Evar!

Hall of Shame

The Following Players Cannot Gain Any Points For Various Reasons.
The Following Players Are Twin Brothers.


The Leaderboard
  1. Anime is Poopy ~ 3 Points
  2. lil Cypher Zero ~ 3 Points
  3. Evan Brooks ~ 1 point
  4. Billy Age 3 ~ 1 Point

Our Photo Album

Aren't they so cute?

The Game


3) Bale Mall

Game 3 is on as of today, Monday August 6th, at 8pm and will end August 20th at 8pm

In Bounds Map
Bale In Bounds.png

2) Calvert Mall

The Game Began: Thursday July 26th at 8pm EST and ended Thursday August 2nd at 8pm EST, one week earlier than scheduled on account of Zombie Infestation. With Extinction having moved into Calvert Mall area it made playing tag very hard when they were trying to play too. Bad zombies! You can't play tag while sleepwalking! You need to wake up with Necrotech's No-Go Zombie Put-Down Juice and then you can play, like Dr'Spears and Dr'Carnage did, but without twin brothers! They will be ineligible to gain points in later rounds unless one of them comes and says they aren't playing anymore. The early ending of round 2 means that Round 3 will start sooner than expected.

Round 2 Results
  1. Evan Brooks ~ 3 Points
  2. lil Cypher Zero ~ 1 Point
  3. Anime is Poopy ~ 0 Points (Bad zombies!)
  4. Billy Age 3 ~ 0 Points (Bad zombies!)
  5. bozoboy ~ 0 Points (Bad zombies!)
  6. Fat Sarge ~ 0 Points (Bad zombies!)
  7. Wee Abdy ~ 0 Points (Bad zombies!)
  8. BurtTheSoldier ~ -5 Points (Tagged between rounds 1 and 2)
  9. Dr'Spears ~ -1 Billion Points (No twin brothers please)
  10. Dr'Carnage ~-1 Billion and 1 Points (Report your tags and no twin brothers please)

1) Caiger Mall

The Game Began: Monday July 9th 8:00 pm EST and ended on Monday July 23nd 8:00 pm EST. The game was great fun, and many new players were found. The 5 building radius of the mall proved to be quite enjoyable, giving the players much room to hide and seek, though one person was found outside the perimeter, he assures us that it was just an accident. The new players, while very fun, have been quite the disappointment. Instead of claiming their points, they opted to take negative points, and even one of them tagged a member outside of the established game time. Shame Shame! As per the rules, they will begin the next game 5 points in the hole.

Round 1 Results
  1. Anime is Poopy ~ 11 Points
  2. lil Cypher Zero ~ 5 Points
  3. Billy Age 3 ~ 4 Points
  4. bozoboy ~ -1 Point (Report your tags please)
  5. BurtTheSoldier ~ -1 Point, -5 Points for next round (Only tag in the designated period and report your tags please)
  6. Evan Brooks ~ -1 Point (Report your tags please)
  7. Fat Sarge ~ -1 Point (Report your tags please)
  8. Wee Abdy ~ -2 Points (Stay in-bounds please)