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The goal of the location style guide is to create a standard look for all of the location pages on the wiki as well as provide an simple and understandable format so that important information may be quickly found about any location.

Location Style Guides

Location Style Guide
Location Block Category Guide
Location Category Style Guide
Suburb Style Guide


Location pages are to provide relevant information about their respective location much in the same way that suburb pages provide an overview of a suburb. Each location in Malton should have its own location page (no pages merging multiple locations) that has a neutral point of view and includes the following.

Location Page Content

Each location page should have the following:

Location Block

A Location block template should include all of the following:

  • The location name and coordinates
  • The suburb the location is in
  • A Map centered on the location showing the surrounding 1 block radius
  • The building type information template


Describe the block - appearance, function, etc. Ensure that the description is generic enough such that players, especially role-players will accept the description provided. If the block has a special status, such as Revivification Points or Mobile Phone Masts, these can be listed here. This section can also be used to described other locations in the vicinity which are affiliated with this location - e.g. a revivification point, a Necrotech building and a Hospital working together to function as a revivification clinic, or the entry points for those with Free Running into an Extremely Heavily Barricaded mall. A description of the building prior to the zombie outbreak may also be provided.


A summary of the significant events that have taken place at this location. Links to longer events summaries should be included here. A groups taking control of a building or declaring a location as a their headquarters should only be considered significant if the groups actions have been otherwise notable or they can prove their occupancy has been maintained for a significant amount of time. Lesser claims should be made under the building status.

Barricading policy

The recommend barricaded level as stated by the suburbs accepted barricade plan. If a suburb has no known barricade plan then the Uniform Barricading Policy recommended barricade level may be listed. If a barricade plan is going to be ignored or has been for a period of time then this should be mentioned as well. Example- According to the Suburb Name barricade plan this building should be left at loosely barricaded but with the fall of all other hospitals it is to remain at EHB until further notice

Current Status

General building status, number of zombies outside/ in the area, fuel requests. Any incident of minor importance should be mentioned here. All information here should be time stamped. Older reports should be move to a news archive as this section grows.

Pictures and Icons

When possible location pages should include a picture to illustrate the page. Images should be included either as part of or above the description section. Icons for revive points, MalTel, and any other location focused organization should be placed here as well.

Danger Reports

Locations requiring Danger Reports and Building Information Center templates should have these templates located at the top of the page.

Relevant Categories

The correct suburb category and building type category should be included at the bottom of the page followed by any other relevant game categories such as Category:Revive point. Maintenance request templates such as {{blockthis}} should be placed under all other categories. Group specific categories should not be included on any location page. A full list of building type categories can be found at Location Category Style Guide

Page Names

The names of the locations with proper names should be spelled out in full. This means that:

  • Any pages beginning with "St" (eg. St Luke's Cathedral) should be named as "St." (e.g. St. Luke's Cathedral)
  • Police Departments are to be spelled out in full instead of PD or Police Dept
  • Fire Station are to be spelled out in full instead of FS
  • Buildings beginning with "The" are to include the article as part of the name for the page.

There are a number of buildings that share the same name. These buildings are differentiated with the name of the suburb in parenthesis after the name, e.g. Cyril General Hospital (Roachtown). A disambiguation page should be set up e.g. Cyril General Hospital. Ensure that the {{disambiguation}} tag is on the disambiguation page. Should a location share a name with another named location in the same suburb the location coordinates should be placed in the parenthesis instead of the suburb name.

Generic locations, e.g. warehouses, junkyards, etc. should have the coordinates (without parentheses, without a space after the comma) after the name so as to differentiate the different blocks, e.g. Carpark 22,53. Remove any articles such as "A" or "The" from in front of these location names.


The following redirects should point to a location when ever possible.

  1. The coordinate of the block (e.g. 33,24 redirects to Evans Row Fire Station)
  2. "the" buildings (e.g. Darnell Building redirects to The Darnell Building)
  3. "St" locations (e.g. St Swithun's Church redirects to St. Swithun's Church)
  4. "Police Dept" (e.g. Lentell Walk Police Dept redirects to Lentell Walk Police Department)


Location pages with frequent updates to the Current Status section should have an archive to hold older status reports. The archive should be located at Pagename/News Archive be categorized with Category:Location Archives. A link to the archive should be placed under the Current Status section after the archive is created. The Archives talk page should be used as an archive for the locations talk page. All discussions relevant to the archive should take place on location talk page.

Disambiguation Pages

These are pages separating locations with the same name located in different suburbs. (e.g. Zephyrinus General Hospital.) These pages should contain the {{disambig}} template at the very bottom and should not have any categories.

Location pages should not have any links leading to a disambiguation page.