Leaman Grove School

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Leaman Grove School
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Leaman Grove School

Pegton [80, 59]

the Maver Building
the Custard Museum the Breay Building
Pollitt Street School
Leaman Grove School Whitlock Way Railway Station
Peter General Hospital
Club Threadgould
Shyar Cinema

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally

Leaman Grove School


Leaman Grove: crucible of learning.

A red-brick Victorian school topped by a cupola, from which the smoking ruins of Malton can be surveyed.


Founded by philanthropic spinster Phyllis McWhirter in 1815 for maimed drummer boys returning from the Battle of Waterloo, Leaman Grove soon established a reputation for academic vigour and iron discipline. Inured by their battlefield experiences, the pupils thought nothing of the brutal floggings dished out for minor infractions, such as blotting one's Latin primer or omitting to tie one's cravat correctly.

However, the horror of the school's gruel remained etched on their memories ever after: graffiti about its repulsive flavour, rumoured ingredients and watery texture can be seen to this day, scratched into the surviving walls of the building among the bloodstains.

The school's brightest alumni were Willard Whitlock, William Whitehead and Walfrid Warburton, who developed the Walloper steam locomotive and helped to prompt the railway's spread across Malton. Whitlock is memorialised at the neighbouring railway station, while his partners are buried in Pegton's northern cemetery.

Barricade Policy


Current Status

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