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Lewance Library
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Lewance Library

Wyke Hills [57,93]

a carpark a junkyard Keirl Street
a warehouse Lewance Library Ephrem General Hospital
the Ruxton Museum Cowie Library Bubcar Avenue

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.


A two story building, connected only by escalators that have now been destroyed. The front side is home to three large windows. Two of then have shattered sometime after the Malton Incident began, but the other is believed to be the largest pane of glass yet unbroken in the entirety of Malton.

All the furniture and bookshelves originally on the second floor have already been taken down to the lower level to be used as barricades. The now inaccessible second floor is empty of all but smashed computers and small bones, and crows living in Owens Park often perch there, much to the annoyance of the locals. Some attempt to use shotguns to kill them, but the crows have learned to recognize firearms and fly out of the user's sight.


Built in 2004, this was once of the most technologically up to date libraries in Wyke Hills. The second floor was used to house nearly a hundred computers, while the first served more traditional library purposes.

When the dead began to destroy buildings in 2007, the local survivors feared for the functionality of their computers. They thus agreed to destroy the escalators and position large window curtains found in Reed Towers with one computer on top of each, in such a way that when pulled, a single computer would fall from the second story. The hope was that if zombies took the building, they would not be intelligent enough to pull any computers down and the technology would be safe until the building was recaptured. The escalators were destroyed and the curtains nearly all in place when one of the three survivors working on the second floor died of infection. He reanimated, killed the other two survivors, and destroyed all the computers before eventually ruining the entire building.

More recently, survivors constructed a trap for crows out of a vending machine and shotgun. The shotgun would fire out of the open compartment at the bottom, where a tripwire was concealed in stale candy. This did kill a handful of birds, but it was hotly contested whether the shotgun shells should be put to better use. When an uninformed survivor accidentally sprung the trap on himself and died, his reanimated corpse smashed the machine before being shot down, and it was not replaced.

Barricade Policy

EHB, to serve as a safehouse for the living.