Owens Park

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Owens Park

Wyke Hills [59, 97]

the Wicksted Building the Threadgold Building Methringham Alley Railway Station
Cabbell Way Owens Park Reed Avenue School
wasteland wasteland the Rycroft Building

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
Owens Park as seen from between Methringham Alley Railway Station and Reed Avenue School, looking directly West.



During the early outbreaks, most of the pigeons, squirrels, and other wildlife naturally found in Malton was eaten by zombies. It is estimated that by mid-2006, only 300 mammals and birds were left alive in Malton other than humans and zombies. However, due to the consistently low amount of zombies, proximity to the border, and extensive grove of oak trees only occasionally cut down for barricades, Owens Park has become home to a murder of approximately 400 crows, the largest group of any species in Malton.

In early 2008, a supply of wheat was airdropped in Honeybone Walk, and the local survivors agreed to make a collaborative attempt to grow a field of it in the grass area of this park, in order to fight hunger. It was during harvest that the crows first came, and they ate virtually the entire crop. It is believed that five people starved to death as a result of this, although they would have soon been feed a diet of human flesh. Other than migrating south to avoid the thick winter of 2009, the birds have been present ever since.

For the most part they eat insects, fruit poisonous to humans, and rats. Previously, they would gather around any building under siege and wait until the survivors were defeated, and then ate the carrion inside. However, their meals would eventually rise and bite back, and the crows learned not to take the risk.

Some survivors have captured crows, training them to find food, scout an area for zombies, deliver letters, or even claw out the eyes of zombies. The greatest challenge for a trainer is to get the bird to avoid them when they're undead yet return when they're revivified. Other crows spend enough time in the sight but not reach of zombies to learn to repeat basic phrases in zamgrh. Superstitious humans often shoot those those that do.