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Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

The Malton Anarchist Federation

Malton Anarchist Federation
Abbreviation: M(A)F
Group Numbers: 6 collectives, 25+ members
Leadership: consensus process
Goals: Unite anarchists in organization and action.
Recruitment Policy: By joining one of the member collectives
Contact: Discussion Page or Message Board

The Malton Anarchist Federation is an umbrella federation of freely associated survivor collectives, affinity groups, and individuals across the Malton metropolitan area who ascribe to anarchist principles. Each collective, affinity group, and member exists autonomously within the federation, as long as they consider themselves anarchist and endorse the fundamental principles of revolutionary anarchism. The M(A)F is at the moment broadcasting over 28.54MHz. Tune in to get the latest news about our fight against discrimination and capitalism.

Further, it is not the aim of the M(A)F[1] to take over, dominate, or impose its will. It is not a PKer group, and does not specifically take responsibility for the actions of member collectives. It is a loose federation of freely associated anarchist collectives, some of which have differing aims.

We currently request the members of member collectives include our full name as their group in their description page, since most of our member groups are small, and that their specific collective be mentioned in their survivor description. We can show anarchist strength and unity better this way. This is, however, just a request and not a requirement. We would also request that all members join our messageboard, where we can plan and make decisions more privately than here on the wiki or elsewhere.

The M(A)F[2] does not release membership numbers as it is a federation and not an organization, and it is up to member groups to release their own numbers, though initially none of our member collectives had less than three members, and we have many unaffiliated members as well. As of late July 2007, the Stats page shows us with 25 members with an average of level 21.

Member Groups

  1. Malton Anarchists Collective
  2. Molotov Rocktails
  3. Industrial Workers of the World Malton GMB
  4. Society for Creative Anarchism
  5. Anarchy International

Invited Groups

  1. Anarchists
  2. Friends of the Featherstone Library
  3. Any other groups or individuals who wish to join
  4. EMLN


The M(A)F supports its socialist sister project, the Union of Malton's Socialist Factions. Groups and collectives within the two have collaborated and formed neighbor safehouses from the beginning, especially the I.U.S.S. There is also an alliance with the socialists in the Urban Guerillas.

The M(A)F has formal alliances with a number of groups, including but not limited to:

Leaguepic.png Viva la revolucion!
This user/ group supports The Revolution

There are certain groups that M(A)F members cannot consense to ally with, including groups invoking law enforcement and right wing politics, though M(A)F will remain neutral to all such groups unless attacked.

We do not ally with zombie groups.

Radio Frequency: 28.54

Our radio frequency is 28.54. We generally do not use other ones, and suggest all of our members have a radio tuned to this station at all times. We use it principally for organizational purposes, alerts of attacks, basic tactical discourse, political agitation, music/karaoke, theater, party announcements, and raffles. It is polite to name yourself when using this frequency. Taking from the experience of some of our allies, we know that there are some consarned fools who may feel it necessary to infiltrate our airwaves with hostile intent. People who use our frequency without our permission are free to do so as long as it is not with misinformation, spam, provocations, or other material that would unnecessarily clog it. Those who infiltrate our airwaves with hostile intent have in the past been discovered and have been dealt with.

Message Board

If you have Questions or would like to join, just visit our message board. There are specific boards available for non-registered users.


We are committed to many forms of less-annoying anarchist agitation:

Mutual Aid for all! M(A)F

FAKs Not Bombs - M@F

Headshots Not Bombs - M(A)F

To the Beericades! M(A)F

(insert capitalist element) is obsolete! - M(A)F

Smash Brains, then Sexism! - M(A)F

Racism is a worse plague than undeath -M@F

a las barricadas - m(A)f

Property is obsolete - M(A)F

A red & black star with the letters M(A)F inside

M(A)F inside a red & black star (this is particularly good for outside spots)

Liberte, equalite, solidarite - M(A)F

Smash the Brain, then the State! - M(A)F

Anarchy = Direct Democracy M(A)F

Viva Anarquia - M(A)F

What is Anarchism?

Typically, anarchism is as poorly understood as many other political terms thanks to a combination of unfamiliarity with its history and politics, and misinformation supplied by those who oppose it, including those in power.

In its essence, anarchism is revolutionary ideology that advocates a stateless and egalitarian society. It calls for the literal achievement of equality and liberty, and believes neither class systems nor governments or states are capable of these.

Beyond that, there is a huge array of different styles and tendencies. Anarchist tendencies include such vastly distinct ideals as anarchist communism, anarcho-syndicalism, platformism, social ecology, anarcha-feminism, green anarchy, primitivism, anarcho-pacifism, crust anarchism, and some elements within libertarian communism. Most anarchists historically have gone under the first four of the preceding tendencies, known alternately as social anarchisms or collectivist anarchisms, which tend toward believing in organization, class war, community control, direct and complete democracy, marxist critiques of capitalism, and other general similarities. Some anarchisms are primarily environmentalists, and many others are what are known as lifestyle anarchists, which is generally anti-organizational. Some anarchists oppose all forms of authority, and others believe in limited leadership or recallable delegate-style democracy.

Some notable anarchist thinkers and activists include Mikhail Bakunin, Piotr Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Errico Malatesta, Murray Bookchin, Noam Chomsky, Buenaventura Durruti, and Nestor Makhno. Important anarchist websites include [3] and [4]. Anarchism has been prevalent especially in so-called developed countries, as well as in China, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, and South Africa.

Anarchists use a circle-A (@ or (A)), black flags, black and red (or purple, or green, or pink, or brown, depending on the tendency) flags, similarly colored stars, black cats, and many other symbols.



For the past some months, and while continuing our primary visions of mutual aid, direct democracy and survivor solidarity, M(A)F has joined with some other survivor groups in revolting against the law and order reactionaries of the DEM. Groups like DEM, in our view, are mostly made up of authoritarian personalities who were combatants and repressive forces before the outbreak, and currently seek to destroy the few gains that humans have seen from the outbreak: the collapse of capitalism and the police state. Their leadership need to learn to listen to the cries of the people. We are not alone in our objectives. Innocent groups and individuals should see no hostility from M(A)F comrades, and indeed should continue to see mutual aid. If you are unrelated to our conflict and are harmed in any way, contact us so we may come to an amicable resolution. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 18:29, 20 September 2008 (BST)


The Hostilities with the crabapples have subsided after various allied groups stomped them hard. Their "estate" was occupied for a good three weeks and all in all, this counts as a victory! The Crap just made themselves look like even greater wiki propagandists. Anyone who sees King Crabapple KOS, it is some kind of impostor. Now the M@F moves on, beyond the sunset, to a new chapter--Lorosidiotas 17:35, 1 July 2008 (BST)

After a two month long period of dormancy, and a subsequent month long journey to all four corners of Malton, the M@F has returned to West Boundwood, at least temporarily. We have gotten quite used to traveling and helping folks out in Blythvilles, Arkhams, Williamsville, and Gibsonton. Since it helps us pump our numbers we plan on being extra flexible and our numbers are looking good folks. We invite all persons and former M@F Members (yes, yes) to link up and join the one big affinity group.

We are squatting in Zie Crap-lapple neighborhood, doing the Radio thing and trying to recruit hope to see you all around town--Lorosidiotas 22:47, 2 June 2008 (BST)


Some members of M(A)F are currently traveling to compromised areas around Malton and treating the infection, while new recruits are joining but operating autonomously. Meanwhile, the existence of the Nazi Party of Malton has come to our attention as a new enemy to focus on. If anyone needs a helping hand contact us. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 15:49, 25 February 2008 (UTC)


November A call was made on the radio channel to attack police barricades and riot in support and in solidarity with of those who are struggling for freedom in France. Members are scattered, but efforts to centralize are underway in the private area of the forum. People who wish to help out are encouraged to tune their radios to the our channel. --Blackemperor 17:59, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

September The radio station has been more active lately. Some members continue to work in unison somewhere in the northeast, as others spread the message in other suburbs scattered about Malton. It's a fair time to be an anarchist. --BlackEmperor 20:03, 27 September 2007 (BST)


As we come to our first anniversary month, we have seen growth. Our numbers on the Stats page have fluctuated, but at our highest (that I noticed) we were at 25 members with over 600 levels between us, and that doesn't include some members who do not put our group name in. Many are currently in Jensentown, while others have been closer to the city center, are engaged in major battles over malls and NT buildings else where, or are incommunicado. Well, in any event, Happy Birthday, M(A)F! --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 16:02, 7 August 2007 (BST)


At least five M(A)F anarchists are currently active with the Urban Guerillas in Dakerstown. According to the stats page, there are at least sixteen active members (though others still don't use the name in their group slot), but these forces are generally thought to be dispersed. News and music occasions on the group radio freq.


After some shenanigans celebrating May Day/International Workers Day, the Haymarket riot, and Karl Marx's birthday, many M(A)F anarchists have dispersed on tours to strengthen bonds with allied groups, including the Urban Guerillas, B.A.R., and the Ghetto Cows. We have also spread out to increase recruitment. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 20:09, 17 May 2007 (BST)


I have taen it upon myself to nominate a Malton Mayoral candidate on behalf of the M(A)F: None of the Above. A discussion at the messageboard will begin if this is not how comrades feel. Otherwise, M(A)F members have been recently carrying out invaluable work to defend NT buildings that have been under attack. Right off the bat, I will name the reason why an anarchist would oppose my initiative: because it might be viewed as legitamizing the election. But since the election will not possibly include within two percent of the eligible voters, it is illegit from the beginning. This just provides an option for those who seek to oppose it by a means other than boycotting the election. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 21:19, 11 April 2007 (BST)


According to the stats page, we have 18 members. This is interesting, as we have plenty of long dormant comrades, and other comrades who don't have us in their group name. -- Luigi

For a time, M(A)F members had set up a weekly anarchist drinking party called the Beericades. M(A)F members participated in some recent doomed defense efforts, including for Bale Mall. Most of the survivors in western Lamport Hills were driven out or eaten alive by a sudden onslaught of zombies, soon after the end of a recent large zombie strike. Some M(A)F members who were active near there are planning their next collective move. The attacked pre-empted anti-war demonstrations or St. Patrick's celebrations. The radio frequency is occasionally used for alerts of attacks or murders, or as a music station for radical politically-charged music. Most of the music is old anarchist songs, rap or punk, but anything is aloud. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 19:46, 24 March 2007 (UTC)


Some M(A)F collectives have moved out of but still near our previous stronghold of West Boundwood. We have a sizeable contingent from the wobblies and M(A)C in Lamport Hills, where we have found new allies. The Crabapple Clan has remained hostile. Someone claiming to be from the X of Dentonside declared war on M(A)F and IUSS on the radio frequency used by the IUSS, and threatened to PK anyone from those two groups who was found in Dentonside. Someone from the X then alleged that these transmissions were not made by their group. A M(A)F member sent to Dentonside to peacefully speak with the X about the incident was killed as he slept by a member of the X: Anselmus attacked you for 8 damage. (2 days ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. Anselmus attacked you for 4 damage. (2 days ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. Anselmus said "Stop posting on wiki, Luigi. We dont talk there. And get out of denonside, with your crap government, quarantine effeXive! Long live the X!" (2 days ago) Anselmus attacked you for 4 damage. (2 days ago) You were killed by Anselmus. (2 days ago) M(A)F has now requested a repudiation of this unprovoked murder and temporary punishment of the perpetrator. Otherwise, M(A)F considers this a declaration of war by the X. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 15:32, 13 February 2007 (UTC)


The most active M(A)F collectives are currently operating largely in concert with some non-anarchist groups, while some are supporting the IUSS in defense against the declared war by the Crabapple Clan. Alliances remain strong and growing. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 19:08, 19 January 2007 (UTC)



M(A)F member collectives in West Boundwood continue to see aggression from the Crabapple Clan, including some murders. M(A)F members have continued to retaliate against those individuals who have committed recent murders of our members. Alliances with socialist groups like the I.U.S.S. remain very strong. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 16:37, 16 December 2006 (UTC)


Among M(A)F's many collective enterprises is an effort at a reading group. Anyone is allowed to join. Currently it operates on the M(A)F messageboard in a board that you are not required to register for, so it is free to all. Currently taking proposals for short (less than 50 pages) readings of articles, chapters, essays, or pamphlets. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 19:02, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

The negotiations with the Crabapples ended after the Crabapples refused to speak seriously and a couple M(A)F anarchist negotiators were attacked without provocation. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 19:20, 13 November 2006 (UTC)


Those M(A)F member collectives that operate in central-Northern suburbs and the IUSS are currently in negotiations (that M@F initiated) with the Crabapples for a bilateral ceasefire and end to hostilities. The negotiations are going somewhat poorly, and the wiki page about them is considered to be heavily Crabapple-slanted. No side has initiated hostilities with the BADmen. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 20:18, 25 October 2006 (BST)


After the enemy Ivanatinkle zerger tried to provoke division between the I.U.S.S. and M(A)F, we have quickly reconciled, ivana has been revolutionarily assaulted, and socialists and M(A)F anarchists have continued healing each other and carrying out joint missions against zombies and other enemies. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 16:44, 21 September 2006 (BST)

Today I saw a tag that said "The I.U.S.S. and MAF. Do we want them to control us?". This is not true. The M(A)F does not want to control any survivor in Malton. We do not believe in the concepts of power and do not want impose our will on other people!

In the last days, several members of collectives within the M(A)F have participated in attacks on the Crabapple Clan. The Crabapples are a family that control several houses in a suburb, the M(A)F is operating in and they tag these buildings as "private property", where just members of the Crabapple Clan are allowed to stay. One of our members was thrown out, when he stayed in their so called "family museum". The M(A)F does not believe in private property. Safehouses and buildings are for all survivors in Malton. Though the Crabapples were asked to stop tagging buildings as their property they continued and so provoked an attack by members of the M(A)F. This is not an act of Player-Killing. This is an act of revolutionary justice!

--Madd83 M(A)C | M(A)F 01:12, 8 September 2006 (BST)

There is a shared frequency between M(A)F and the individual Propaganda Orange on 28.54MHz that began at our founding. No congresses yet, as the member collectives are still spread out. In recent weeks, many zombies have been cleared, many survivors have been healed, and several safehouses have been declared. --Luigi Galleani M(A)C | M(A)F 23:22, 5 September 2006 (BST)

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