Communist Party of Malton

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Communist Party of Malton
Communist Party of Malton
Abbreviation: CPM
Group Numbers: 22
Leadership: Communal
Goals: The destruction of all forms of oppression
Recruitment Policy: Open to all levels of reds
Contact: *Forum

The Communist Party of Malton is a revolutionary socialist party of the Malton working class, fighting both capitalist oppression and the zombie threat. Currently based in Dakerstown, with the headquarters at Hardwick Row Railway Station.


If you wish to join or contact the CPM, have any questions, requests, job requests, or just wish to get in contact or leave a message, please visit Workers of Malton Unite, a forum for both the CPM and the entire intercity Socialist community. Everybody is free to register and post.

Those interested in joining, go the recruitment section of the forum and post a link to your profile. Once you're in, you are free to do as you wish. Coming over to the Party headquarters and participating in our campaigns would be very nice, but that is all optional as long as you take a look at the blog and forum every once in a while.

CPM Members

ex-CPM Members



  1. Anti-Fascist Action: Hitler-worshippers are sick. Put them out of their misery.
  2. PKing: The CPM does not attack Survivors except in retaliation to attacks on our members, or unless they or fascists, trenchies or the man. The exception to this is The Randoms, who we might still be at war with. Can't quite remember why anymore.
  3. Zerging: The CPM is against Zerging. Members of CPM may have 1 character in CPM. Members of the CPM cannot have an alt in an allied group, as this clearly violates the principle.
  4. Sacred Ground Policy: We will not target zombies at cemeteries (unless we know them to be Brain Rotters or Blacklisted) although the best place to get revived is inside the junkyard near Pask NT, in Dakerstown.
  5. Combat Revives: We do not support Combat Revives. Revives should only be carried out on recognized Survivor members of your Contacts Lists, or at a recognized Revive Point following a DNA scan. Obviously, if you see a dedicated zombie, don't revive them. It gets on their nerves, and they'll only come in and break the generators or PK you.
  6. Graffiti: Respect the messages of other groups, and do not replace important messages inside of resource buildings.
  7. We support this FUACK initiative - Universal Safehouse: All junkyards (excluding the indoor RP next to Pask) will be permanently maintained at VSB+2 enabling low-level survivors to have a guaranteed safety in the hostile wastes of Dakerstown. Appropriate graffiti will be applied.
  8. Workers Unity - we support closer cooperation between the leftist groups of Dakerstown. In time we hope this will lead to a single revolutionary force with diverse currents and trends.
  9. Establishment of a Workers' Republic of Dakers, run by a Dakers Soviet democratically elected by survivors in the suburb.

Recent News

September 2011

21st September

A neo-nazi zerger and his new 'Skinhead Army' have annoyed enough leftists in Dakers to earn some bullets. Find him, and re-educate via the medium of revoltionary justice, comrades. Visit the WoMU 'enemies of socialism' section.

August 2011

3st August

The Party has unanimously voted to help the survivors inside Calvert Mall to break the zombie siege. Party members and friends of the CPM should immediately go there to help the comrades who are already showing their solidarity through direct action. To the barricades!

2st August

Quote from the CPM-blog: "Comrades need to get to Calvert Mall immediately. The South East and South West corners have had break-ins driven out today, since CPM militants began arriving on the scene. The developing seige is a chance for every members and supporter of the CPM to show what the CPM is all about - showing solidarity with worker-survivors fighting for their lives."

1st August

Comrades should head to the Revolutionary Operations area of the Workers of Malton Unite forum. We are voting on whether the party should begin a Mall Tour by trying to help save the under-seige Calvert Mall or head to Caiger Mall instead.

July 2011

25th July

With Dakers secure, group numbers have reached 20. While discussions on our forum start on what we should do with our increasingly free-time, party taggers are active in surrounding suburbs.

Quote from the CPM-blog: "The People's Republic of Dakers is almost entirely free of the undead, and thoughts of the CPM cadre and our allies turn to how we make the People's Suburb the beacon for peace, freedom and solidarity. As our guns grow silent, or pens, our lungs and our spray cans will make the Red Daker's known throughout Malton. Meanwhile, our party has grown to 20 active comrades, and our friends the Urban Guerillas have also attracted new recruits."

June 2011

2th June

After weeks of brutal blood-letting, the Party and its allies has begun to recover tracts of Dakers and nearby suburbs for the revolution. While the zombie threat is still dire, and lives will continue to be lost - the CPM sends out a message of hope to progressives across Malton - the tide is starting to turn. Join the wave - join the CPM!

May 2011

7th May

With Dakers in ruins and the failure of our efforts at a quick comeback, it is clear that Dakers, and indeed Malton, face difficult times. Comrades are urged to use their APs when undead to attack zombies in key resource buildings. Meanwhile several individuals and groups from the party are moving through other suburbs, seeking revives, supplies and gathering support with which to return to Dakers. Dark times, comrades, but it is in the dark when our light will shine brightest. Never has the choice between socialism and zombie capitalism been starker - civilisation or barbarism.

April 2011

22nd April

Comrades are rallying and rearming in Yagoton, following comrade Anton Nilson's proposals for a coordinated push to reclaim Dakers (A.k.a. "Operation: The East Is Green"). While the zombies have won the battle - we will win the war. We will consign these counter-revoltionary threat to the dustbin of history in the near future. All comrades and progressives should head to Yagoton and the WoMU forum.

12nd April

Our suburb remains in a state chaos and confusion as nazi zerger zombies and other zombies are locked in struggle with our comrades and other brave fighters from IUSS, FUACK and UG. The new progressive forum 'Workers of Malton Unite' is proving a useful tool in organising the struggle. The CPM urges all progressives in the city to head for Dakers, and visit the forum. Dakers will be rebuilt as a haven of free-thinking,discussion and solidarity.

2nd April

A forum called Workers of Malton Unite has been set up to be used for the Party. However, all comrades and allies in the struggle are welcome. The forum is for all of us, no true Socialists are rejected.

Meanwhile in Dakerstown, the situation is getting worse. A wave of zombies has rolled in from the surrounding suburbs, along with Neo-Nazi zergs from Wotan's Templar. The CPM headquarters was recently retaken however, and our efforts grow every day.

March 2011

28th March

Party offices, Pask and many other buildings have been ruined by the rotters. Neo-Nazi zerger working on attacking the south-west. All comrades should work ceaselessly in recovering the office (only a couple of zeds left inside) as a first step toward the liberation of Dakkers.

24th March

Like the blog - or time to re-establish a forum - head to the blog to discuss and vote, comrades.

20th March

The CPM is once again the largest organised group on the left, with 13 active comrades (according to game stats). Comrades should make their way to the Party office in Dakers if they are able.

14th March

A generator and a transmitter has been installed in the station, and Radio Lenin has finally returned to Dakerstown. The first broadcast was short and concise.

12th March

Radio Lenin is back on the air - tune radios to 26.98 MHz.

11th March

CPM offices have been established in Hardwick Row Railway Station. Comrades and allies should pop in for political discussions, planning and vodka.

6th March

In honour of the heroic struggle of the Libyan masses, the provisional committee of the CPM is relaunching the party. All comrades are requested to visit our new blog. We are back, comrades!


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.98 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Hardwick Row Railway Station (7,0)

It is recommended that members and supporters of the CPM tune their radios to 26.98 MHz, official frequency of Radio Lenin.


Active allies

Inactive allies

Socialist Template.png Socialism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
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This User or Group believes the Red Army totally knew how to rock the world, and all modern bands are wannabe sissies. Kalinka, my love, come back to me!
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This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.