Malton Myriad

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Malton Myriad
Abbreviation: MM
Group Numbers: Building
Leadership: (Custodian) Little Daddy
Goals: To continue the success of the MM
Recruitment: Always OPEN, anyone who is for the zombie cause can join!
Contact: The Forum!

The Monroeville Many are Migrating!

Join the oncoming storm!

Neutral Point of View

The Malton Myriad are a zombie group. They began their life as the Monroeville Many in (suprisingly) Monroeville, but after breaking that little toy, they managed to get themselves tagged and shipped to Malton for further experimentation.

Sound like the group for you? Then Join

Then come on in and get into the action! Then check out the new forum here!. Follow the threads to sign up and then you're set to go!

If you're a human finding it diffcult in the area and want to become a zombie and join us, no worries! Just find a building or a tower and jump off it! You'll be dead instantly and can help us turn this suburb into a walking disaster area! Even better just stand out in the street, you'll be helping our members gain those killer skills.

It will happen eventually, so why not die today!

Dreamt of being a leader of your own cell? Then Join! And that dream can become a reality!

Read our recruitment advert here.

The Beginning

To all those who want to join us, come visit Wykewood and just start killing there. Start by finding people on the street or open buildings and start killing. Then, once you have enough experience get Memories Of Life, this will be the one thing which starts you off in your way! You can get more information at our forum as to where you should begin.

For more history on us, and other random stuff, go Here.

What's going on, Where am I going!?

Friday 8, August

Head for the McDonald Motel, in the SW corner of Wykewood.

Tuesday 19, August

Head for Adalbert and Josephine General Hospital. They are 12 and 11,76 respectively.