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Due to the extreme lack of staff, Malton Safe Zone Security can't exactly keep up to date, or really, for that matter, create high objectives or activities to keep everyone busy and keep things rolling. Though Malton Safe Zone Security usually stays preoccupied with it's base, it also has another job to do. It's clearly defined and explained that M.S.Z.S. sits in a building and makes sure hiding survivors don't get eaten or shot, but in due time, they will be offering supporting militia groups. What this means is, as an example, if M.D.D. were to go to all out war and choose to try to exterminate or diminish a group from existence, and with good reason and trust, M.S.Z.S. would offer in it's own hand as support, to aid the troops and make sure they are defended. There's also been a lot of blab about defending and staying put right, well M.S.Z.S. uses, more or less, oppressive defense. While it may look like we could be mobilizing, what they are really doing is moving up to the front to take ground and stake a name. Unlike most military units in how they run in and start firing with any blockade, barricade, or cover there is, M.S.Z.S., for example, would be moving in early, creating mounted turrets, mortar emplacements, and anything else such as sandbags and bunkers for protection, making sure their name is known in the area.

Current Operations

Until further notice, all Operations will be listed in complete public, here.

Home Is Where You Make It Malton Safe Zone Security never had a home, never had a great place to settle down. And after the incident with DK13, which will not be discussed any longer, M.S.Z.S. is moving, has moved, and gained a great friend. This Operation is to take soil and print the M.S.Z.S. name on it so it can start its true duties.

Till The Fat Lady Sings M.S.Z.S. has arrived at it's home and will continue to rebuild the area along with it's great support from M.D.D. They will immediately open their doors to any non hostile civilians, but keep them equally closed for all murderers and zombies.
Boot Camp Start the front page, get the place cleaned up, get everything in working order, and finally, open for business... eventually.

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"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious."

-- Malton Safe Zone Security/Sun Tzu

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