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"Seriously? Enemies?"


If your group wishes to form an alliance, send a diplomat to our Talk Page.

Malton Department of Defense

Malton Department of Defense has been a confirmed Ally and has shown extreme civility and aid towards Malton Safe Zone Security.

Department of Emergency Management

So far, the Department of Emergency Management has been confirmed in an allegiance with Malton Safe Zone Security, however more information will be needed to see of any full confirmation.


You can only become an enemy if you attack or kill one of our own without plausible good reason, or wage war.



This is a place set as a somewhat "look out" or for those who are not enemied as a group, but as an individual. More or less it is just a statement to watch out for these individuals.

April 23, 2012
Bruce McInnerverse - Due to the fact that they fired upon the chief for no reason, no word was mentioned as to why, and killing him.
Yakman3 - Due to the fact that they fired upon the chief several times for no reason, and no word was mention as to why.

Peace Treaties

Temporary Treaties that do expire after some time, if you wish to join in a full Alliance, please send a diplomat to our Talk Page.


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"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious."

-- Malton Safe Zone Security/Sun Tzu

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