Milard Park

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Milard Park

Shuttlebank [30, 10]

Dowell Library
Nikolai General Hospital
(West Boundwood)
Boulting Avenue
(West Boundwood)
Theodore General Hospital
Milard Park a factory
Aplin Towers Barton Avenue

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Milard Park



In the current condition of Malton, it really isn't a big change from the later years of Millard Park, prior to the outbreak. Even before the dead rose to claim the city, the suburb of Shuttlebank refused to preform much maintenance due to the parks proximity to Aplin Towers. The grass dead from years of neglect, the walls littered with the graffiti of gangs before the outbreak, and survivors post-incident. The park equipment has all been salvaged for use in the Barricades of nearby buildings and the walking paths remain stained with the bloodshed of violence from both before and after the zombies took the city.


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