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The Palytoxin Gang

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Palytoxin Gang
Abbreviation: PTG
Group Numbers: <10 (Highest 15).
Leadership: None
Goals: To end the zombie crises.
To protect our fish & coral.
Recruitment Policy: We do not recruit (read here).
Contact: Post in discussion, or contact Anachronos (

Fish, Coral, Guns. The Palytoxin Gang.

Palytoxin Gang

Before the quarantine, there existed a loose-knit Reef Keeping group living in Dulston. With the advent of the zombie outburst the group formed an alliance in an attempt to quell the zombie threat and ultimately continue maintaining their precious fish and coral. The Gang gets its name from the deadly toxin (palytoxin) that is secreted by certain corals, such as the colorful one featured in the group's logo. It is believed that this fanatic group of Reef Keepers originated from

The Gang is a survivor-oriented group, but some of their members are zombies (although all are ZKers). While the group only recently appeared in Dulston they have taken part in, and thus affected the outcome of, several major sieges and battles within the suburb. Other than their devoted love to their nano-reefs, the Gang would like nothing better than to plant an axe, knife, or hot lead into any rotter or PKer who crosses their path.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

Recent News

November 8th, 2007 - After a formal discussion with the Dulston Alliance it has come to pass that the PTG are, for all intensive purposes, to be considered "disbanded". While a handful of the PTG's original members are still alive, not enough are active to still consider the group alive. As such, the group has now been relegated to Malton's history books.

May 27th, 2007 - Yes, we are still active. We aren't quite as organized as we used to be due to the lack of attention span exhibited by most of our members. :P No real news to report except that we are still around and in the tri-burb area of the NE corner of Malton. Some are ranged abroad, most are not. --Mr Fosi 21:43, 27 May 2007 (EST)

February 18th, 2007 - Caleb Usher combined your KoS List with every other criminal listed in the Dulston Alliance's Black List. So be sure to refer to the Black List when tracking murderers identified by members of the Alliance, or when verifying zombie rotters.

February 13th, 2007 - Yes, we are still active. It appears that the Dulston Alliance was able to push both the PKer groups DORIS and the Myrmidons out of Dulston. Other than that, not much has been going on. No news is good news, right? ~ Mr. Fosi, 13 February 2007, 08:56 (EST)

December 7th, 2006 - An increasing number of anti-PTG graffiti has been popping up over Dulston, all members are advised to keep a spray can handy to paint over any graffiti you encounter. Also, Carl Jung has been added to the enemies list for PKing multiple PTG members helping out Stickling Mall in Shearbank. --Anachronos 02:01, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

December 5th, 2006 - The long dispute between the PTG and Dread Zombie Roberts has been ended. He has been taken off our enemies list. Also, courtesy of Reaper with no name, the Palytoxin Gang now has 2 official group templates. Show your support for us by putting them on your wiki page. --Anachronos 00:02, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

December 3rd, 2006 - The group wiki has undergone some major changes; the Summary's been updated, Enemies added, member list updates for aesthetic purposes, and this news section has been added. Enjoy. --Anachronos 21:24, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

Group Templates

Courtesy of Reaper with no name, the Palytoxin Gang has two official templates. Putting {{Palytoxin}} will display this banner:

Pgang.jpg w00t! Reefers!
This user/group supports the Palytoxin Gang.

For an even larger one, include {{Palytoxin Large}} to display this banner:

Pgang.jpg w00t! Reefers!
This user/group doesn't know what the Hell a zoanthid is, but still supports the Palytoxin Gang!

PKer Accusations

We're not PKers despite anything you may have heard on the radio. We are part of the Dulston Alliance and as such, we make it our duty to make PKers unwelcome in Dulston. It is hardly in our, or the Dulston Alliance's, self interest to kill innocent survivors. Instead, we target those who belong to known PKer groups such as DORIS, Disciples of James Gumb, Red Rum, Cybele's Slayers, and The Myrmidons. If you see a radio broadcast denouncing us come from a person belonging to one of these groups you can discount it as impotent wrath from a person who deserved their execution. Don't forget these tried and true words of wisdom: Consider the source.

Some of our members have been accused of PKing, on the radio, in in-game speech, and through graffiti. These accusations are false. We promise you that we only PK a player if he has PKed one of our members, in which case we take vengeance with zeal and reckless abandon (we of the Palytoxin Gang don't forgive or forget easily....). So if you don't mess with us, we won't mess with you. And if you do mess with us, well, you may want to find a new suburb. One far, far away.

Do not kill our members without justification; we protect our own. If you kill one of our members without justification, you will be targeted in perpetuity unless you repent your ways our discussion page, in which case we may pardon you. If you don't like it, move to another suburb or continue to be taken down.


  • Where do you operate?

Mostly around the Dulston area, but we have members stationed at key areas all over Malton.

  • Can I join the Palytoxin Gang?

Sorry, but no. We're not like other groups; we previously knew each other from a different website ( and only members from that site are allowed to join us. That doesn't mean you can't help us (or vice versa). We're always willing to lend a helping hand, so long as you're dedicated to the survivor cause.

  • I was in a building and one of your members came in and killed a survivor. What's up with that?

Well there are two reasons for this:

  1. The executed survivor murdered one of our members somewhere else and we tracked him down in order to exact justice on him.
  2. We witnessed the survivor killing a fellow survivor, without any justification, proving him to be nothing more than a cold-blooded killer.

Please keep in mind that the Palytoxin Gang is a member group of the Dulston Alliance, and as such it is our duty to collect bounties on any murderers who try to step foot into the NE Corner, or Dulston in particular. We don't take kindly to killers.

  • How can I reach you guys?

Like it says in the Group Template (top/right), post in our discussion page. If for some reason you would prefer to contact us privately, you can contact Anachronos via e-mail at and he will share your message with the rest of the Gang.