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Purpose and Goals

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"As the leader of the Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol, I feel an innate duty to protect the survivors of Malton from the curse of the zombie plague, as well as the countless psychotic murderers within the city. The Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol is a group dedicated to securing the suburb of Rolt Heights in order to provide a safe haven for nomadic survivors, as well as increase the chances of survival in Malton through teamwork in numbers. I think I speak for all of our members when I state that we will not allow the hostile zeds to advance upon the unfortunate people trapped within this city. If you come to our homes to take away our safety, you will be driven from Rolt Heights."

--Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol Leader, Maria Lombardi

Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol
Abbreviation: RHVP
Group Numbers: 11 Active Members
Leadership: Maria Lombardi
and Cervecero
Goals: Safety of Rolt Heights and security of nearby tactical resources, such as the Patterson Building and Treweeke Mall.
Recruitment Policy: Open recruitment policy
Contact: RHVP Forums
Alliance Public Forum
Or visit Ayliffe Street PD, RVHP HQ.

Current News and Announcements

Keeping watch from Ayliffe Police Department HQ.
Keeping watch from Ayliffe Street PD HQ.

The following news articles are provided by the Rolts Heights Vigilante Patrol in order to keep its members notified.

Septemeber 11th, 2019: Canopener is back and Ayliffe is up and lit. Wake up bitches! We got a few new folk and we're kicking zombie ass.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"

January 1st, 2010: The RHVP is still strong and active, contrary to the lack of news being posted here. New members are encouraged to visit Ayliffe Street PD to locate us and join.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"

January 1st, 2009: Due to membership changes group news will no longer be updated here with any common frequency.

November 16th, 2008: Ayliffe Street Police Department appears to be in disarray. Super Wiki Medic has returned and is seeking to make contact with Maria Lombardi.

November 3rd, 2008: Please note RHVP are actively recruiting at the moment. If you are interested in joining please swing by our HQ and talk with Maria and/or Cervcero.

August 18th, 2008: Great News! RHVP now have a new co leader in the form of Cervecero. Cervecero will work alongside Maria to strengthen RHVP and its commitment to Rolt Heights and alliance with the Dulston Alliance. --Wilkowski

August 14th, 2008: With a heavy heart RHVP members waved (a hopefully temporary) goodbye to one of their leader's today - Randomzero2. It is with deep regret we wave goodbye to this chap, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Should he decide to return then he will be welcomed with open arms. Good Luck RZ2!! --Wilkowski

August 11th, 2008: With more refugee's appearing daily at the RHVP HQ, we are also aware of many people approaching us for membership. We welcome with open arms new members. For all those who wish to join RHVP, if you can write your interest up on our site, senior decision makers will come back to you asap with a response. --Wilkowski

July 14th, 2008: During this period of relative ease, peace and quite, members of RHVP are seeking an additional beer fridge to cope with the increased demands on alcoholic content. Please direct any interested parties to Ayliffe PD for further information. --Wilkowski

May 30th, 2008: Today marks the 2nd day of a coordinated Zed attack on RHVP's HQ. Clearly the Zed's have heard about our infamous beer fridge, however we are not giving any quarter (or drink) and will defend the fridge until the last drinker! --Wilkowski

April 29th, 2008: The RHVP are now officially a member group of the Dulston Alliance! We look forward to supporting and working with the other member groups of the DA. --Wilkowski

April 24th, 2008: Last night marked the first night of the reclamation of RHVP's HQ from the zed incursion. RHVP members are now back in full control of Ayliffe PD and surrounding buildings, the beer fridge is full and switched back on! --Wilkowski

April 14th, 2008: After a brutal battle involving building to building guerilla fighting in and around the area of Rolt Heights, RHVP and allies have started securing the area, zed activity appears to be down, with only the cemeteries busy with wanna be revives! --Wilkowski

April 2nd, 2008: Well, after what can only be described as an ongoing life and death situation we are starting to make some headway in reclaiming our lands from the foul fiends! --Wilkowski

March 31st, 2008: We are busy, busy, defending and reclaiming where possible against the might of the rotters! Currently defending and reclaiming Ayliffe PD and Patterson NT. --Wilkowski

March 26th, 2008: With threats of a new zombie incursion heading towards the Northeast Malton members of RHVP are starting to batten down the hatches in readiness. Any affiliates/groups who would be keen to work together with us are more than welcome to contact us. --Wilkowski

March 17th, 2008: In honour of St. Patrick's Day (and any excuse to get a beer in) the beer fridge is fully stocked, so if you wish, please feel free to swing by for a beer and the chance to join up as a member of RHVP. --Wilkowski

March 14th, 2008: The Patterson Building is fully restored to order with a healthy number of survivors overlooked by some of RHVP's finest. Currently Extremely Heavily Barricaded, entry can be made via Ramsden Way Fire Station next door. Ayliffe Street Police Department meanwhile is also Extremely Heavily Barricaded and has a full complement of RHVP personnel on site. Entry can be gained via the adjacent building Downs Boulevard Fire Station, for any visitors, please enquire about our beer fridge facilities! --Wilkowski

March 1st, 2008: The Patterson Building, a NecroTech Facility, is currently held by survivors. Zombified RHVP members are advised to head to the cemetery and await revival. Ayliffe Street Police Department is currently held, but completely barricaded. Please access the Police Department from an adjacent building. --Soldier Corvus

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.