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Known Groups in This Area Northeast Malton Important Buildings and Events
BOW small.jpg Bastards of War
BAR small.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars, The
DG GroupIcon.jpg Dante's Guard
DeadvsBlue small.jpg Dead vs Blue
Dribblingbeaver.jpg Dribbling Beavers, The
DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
Medicsymbol.jpg Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad
Elt.gif Electric Light Torchestra
FotFL GroupIcon.jpg Friends of the Featherstone Library
Imperial eagle.jpg Imperium of Man
MFD GroupIcon.jpg Malton Fire Department
Metal Fox small.jpg Metal Fox
Newgrounds GroupIcon.jpg [ Newgrounds ]
Zoanthid.jpg Palytoxin Gang
Queer-jew-400px.gif Queer Jew
RCDC logomini.jpg Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps


DeadAnimals GroupIcon.jpg Dead Animals - Redux
InfectedSwarm small.jpg Infected Swarm
Fuckadoor!!!.jpg Rhodenbank Warriors
ShamblinCrooners small.jpg Shamblin' Crooners
Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston Buildings


  • December 9th, 2008 - Region is mostly ruined, recovery efforts both inside and out are underway by local groups.
  • January 29th, 2008 - Zombie attacks on Giddings peripherals have begun spilling over into Spracklingbank and Heytown, as many Northeastern regulars march south to join the Giddings war.--Boris 09:52, 29 January 2008 (UTC)
  • Apr 28, 2007 - Dowdney Mall has started to be under siege. Metal Fox is on the scene and is taking on the 100 zombies outside.
  • Sep 4 - 11, 2006 - The Big Bash sieges Treweeke Mall. Historically this was remembered as The Treweeke Stand, where survivors fought valiantly, but by its end the mall had fallen and survivor casualties were innumerable.

Historical Timeline/Event Archive
Raines Hills Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
Randallbank Heytown Spracklingbank Paynterton

Northeast Malton, or the NE Corner, is an area of the city comprised primarily of the four suburbs located nearest Malton's northeast corner, namely: Rhodenbank, Dulston, Rolt Heights, and Pescodside. Often, the term is also applied to the suburbs of Earletown, Pashenton, Santlerville, Gibsonton, and Dunningwood, which border the aforementioned four northeast corner suburbs.

Historically, prior to the invasion of Mall Tour '06, the suburb of Dulston was known for harboring more PKer groups than actual zombie groups -- with the sacking of Treweeke Mall though, survivor groups coordinated their efforts to reclaim the suburb, eventually forming the Dulston Alliance. The Alliance's efforts have contributed to the relative safety of the NE Corner, as the survivor organization has worked vigorously to target both PKer and zombie groups in the area.

Northeast Malton has two malls of the city's twenty malls within its boundaries (10% of total city blocks), but has no other unique buildings.

Northeast Survivor Groups

  • Bastards of War - The BOW is the leading survivor group in the suburb of Earletown, numbering at over forty members.
  • The Burchell Arms Regulars - The BAR is the leading survivor group in the suburb of Rolt Heights. The group has taken up the responsibility of providing protection for much of the area surrounding the Burchell Arms pub, after which their group is named. One other defining fact known about the group is that most of its members despise "mall rats" (survivors who live in malls on a daily basis) and thus have refused to assist in the defense of Treweeke Mall under any circumstances. The BAR are also known to support the Otto Street revive point in Pescodside.
  • Dante's Guard - A member group of the Dulston Alliance located in the suburb of Pescodside. This survivor group disappeared back in late-2006, and then reappeared in early-2007. At this time it is considered a small survivor group.
  • Dead vs Blue - One of the founding member groups of the Dulston Alliance and one of the more influential Dulston survivor groups. When the group first started it was composed entirely of forum members associated with the "Red vs Blue" forum (and thus the origin of group's name), but they have since opened their membership to all newcomers.
  • DORIS - The Democracy of Resensitized w/ Interesting Sigs left its mark on Dulston when this notorious PKer group declared Dulston as "New Baghdad", and then began to murder survivors throughout the suburb.
  • The Dribbling Beavers - The Dribbling Beavers is the leading survivor group in the suburb of Santlerville. An alliance, forged with the Burchell Arms Regulars, has translated to Beaver patrols being sent into Rolt Heights from time to time.
  • Dulston Alliance - A survivor organization originally situated in the suburb of Dulston and formed from an alliance between multiple local survivor groups. After forming the Alliance continued to spread its influence into the surrounding suburbs and formed additional alliances with other nearby groups in Rhodenbank and Pescodside. Since its founding the Alliance has both gained and lost member groups, with an estimate placing the overall membership within all its groups between 50-100 survivors.
  • Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad - A member group of the Dulston Alliance located in the suburb of Dulston. The DITPS has concentrated their efforts on maintaining the suburb's hospitals and healing injured survivors, rather than hunting zombies. As such, they have become a popular support group within the Alliance.
  • Electric Light Torchestra - A member group of the Dulston Alliance located in the suburb of Dulston. The ELT has concentrated their efforts on maintaining power throughout the suburb, in particular at NecroTech facilities and the phone mast (Parrott Towers). As such, they have become a popular support group within the Alliance.
  • FOXHOUND - One of the founding member groups of the Dulston Alliance the group prefers to use a military structure to their operations. Unlike most of the other survivor groups within the Alliance FOXHOUND (and its sub-group, the FOXHOUND Hunters) were very mobile. This fact is shown in the number of suburbs within the NE Corner that still indicate FOXHOUND among their local survivor groups.
  • Friends of the Featherstone Library - A member group of the Dulston Alliance and the leading survivor group in the suburb of Pescodside. The group is composed of survivors interested in strategic miniature wargames and the group was named after their headquarters, the Featherstone Library, which coincidentally shared the same name as Donald Featherstone (a famous strategic wargame author). The FotFL shares a competitive vendetta against the local zombie group, Dead Animals - Redux.
  • Iron Wolves - The Iron Wolves are a group that prides itself on it's special forces technology and training. They are here to protect survivors and Rolt Heights.. We are a stationary group that will protect all land in Rolt Heights, and will go into the red zone to fight zeds, and PKers. We are always recruiting new members.
  • Malton Fire Department - The MFD has branches in all the suburbs of the NE Corner and maintains an active presence, if in limited numbers.
  • Metal Fox - MF is a Special Forces group deployed into Pescodside to attempt to secure the area. When we lost radio contact a week into the operation, we decided to hold up in Pescodside. Now we are defending this neighborhood until the end.
  • [ Newgrounds ] - [Newgrounds] is a survivor group located in the suburb of Rolt Heights. Unlike most survivor groups some members of [Newgrounds] were in fact zombies and were hostile to other survivors. The group is officially formed from members associated with the Newgrounds forum, which the group commonly uses to communicate between its members.
  • Palytoxin Gang - A member group of the Dulston Alliance located in the suburb of Dulston. The PTG is officially formed from members associated with a micro-reef forum.
  • Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps - A member group of the Dulston Alliance and the leading survivor group in the suburb of Rhodenbank. The group was formed at the Ablett Arms and considers the pub their unofficial headquarters.

Northeast Hordes

  • Dead Animals - Redux - An off-shoot, or reformation, of the original zombie group, Dead Animals, its newest incarnation is still located in the suburb of Pescodside. The group's goals appear similar to that of most other zombie groups, but they are known to have a competitive vendetta against a local survivor group, the Friends of the Featherstone Library.
  • Rhodenbank Warriors - It is debatable whether the Rhodenbank Warriors are still an active zombie group in the suburb of Rhodenbank, as they are rather inactive and hard to find. Originally a survivor group, they one day decided to become a zombie group, but found they lacked many of the essential zombie skills required to be a proper menace. This was typified in a historic event wherein the entire group, upon decimating the Starr Building's barricades, found that not a single one of them possessed Memories of Life. Thus their entire assault was halted by the laughable fact that none of them could open the doors.
  • Shamblin' Crooners - The Crooners are a zombie group located in the suburb of Dulston. In the past they harassed local survivor groups, such as Dead vs Blue, before the appearance of the survivor organization the Dulston Alliance. These days many local survivor groups consider the Crooners intentions to be nothing more than "good-natured fun", rather than menacing. The zombies are known for breaking into buildings and serenading humans with a few songs ("Z!NG!NG")... before proceeding to eat only the more veteran survivors present (i.e. level 6 or higher). As such, no survivor group has actually campaigned against them within recent months.