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-The Red Joker

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♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

The Berserkers are Red Rum's feared area effect assault team- capable of burning entire suburbs to the ground, their arrival is often heralded by an exodus of the living.

Currently Non-Operational

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Department History

A natural progression during the departmentalization, the Berserkers symbolize much of Red Rum's original purpose- seemingly random destruction across a wide scale.

Department Aims

Past Events

Department Leader Profile

Current Leader


One of Red Rum's most prolific murderers, c138 has deigned to devote her attention to destroying entire swathes of Malton at a time.

Past Leader(s)

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RRBerserkers.gif The Berserkers
You'll learn to fear moving into forbidden territory, area claimed by ruthless murderers. Always there, always killing, for this user is a Berserker.

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