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About 30 Active on a bad day. Over 60 confirmed regulars. Red Rum in Action

-The Red Pants
-The Red Peasant
-The Red Raconteur
-The Red Tuesday

Staff Cabinet
-The Red Desperado
-The Red Pill
-The Red Whine

Retired Staff
-The Red Queen
-The Red Light District
-The Red Menace
-The Red Agent
-The Red Village Idiot
-The Red Rogue
-The Red Joker
-The Red Puppet
-The Red Bishop
-The Red Baron
-The Red Muse
-The Red Rastafarian
-The Red Stranger
-The Red Shirt
-The Red Eye
-The Red Produce
-The Red Star
-The Red Insurgent

Past Departments
The Morgue
Ministry of Misinformation

Entertainment through the homicidal arts.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer, or PKer sympathizer.
2. Don't be a fool; leave your vendettas behind.
3. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.
4. Post Here

Proof of Concept

Red Rum is not about hard work, It's about fun. Want proof that we're not all seriousness and shotguns? Dig these quotes:

"For the crime of killing a member of Red Rum, and for smuggling small fruit past federal borders, I hereby declare Grape Smuggler boom headshotted. May Kevan have Mercy on your soul."

- Excuse for PKing

"Oh sh**, that wasn't the First Aid Kit..."

- After a kill

"HEY! Stop shooting people! I want to kill somebody!"

- During a somewhat uncoordinated attack

"Okay, as long as he promises to shout "Sireeeeeeeens!" when our safe house gets raided and you get winged and there's bullets and doves flying everywhere."

- On recruiting

"We're killing them because they're all on our group's PK List. Didn't you know who you were harboring?"

- When asked why we were killing a bunch of people

"Aw shit, whoops.", "D-D-D-D-D-D-DOUBLE KILL!", "Red Rum: Rockin' the Hat Trick.", "orly?"

- Said after first, second, third, and fourth kill during a streak.

"Holy shit... All survivors should leave this place ASAP! Never seen PK'ing in this scale! I'm off, good luck! Btw. Lordi won the Eurovision! WOOO"

- Observer on our services

"The horror...the horror..."

- Observer on our services

"I really hated you in Gangs of New York!"

- Before killing In-Game Martin Scorsese

"I always knew I'd shoot you in a mall liquor store,Burgundy."

- Zaruthustra, before killing 5 time Emmy-award winning Ron Burgundy in a mall liquor store

"What? Don't blame me, he's the one who wore that cologne. Nautica drives me nuts!"

- To the witnesses of a murder

"Okay, headshotting Non-Rotters at a revive point is just plain wrong, especially when you have the NT Skills and are hiding in a powered NT building. I'm a PKer, but there are some things that even I wouldnt do."

- On morals

"Stand still, darnit!

- After a series of misses

"I have killed Neil because I was bored, and he interrupted my shopping by GKing. NEVER interrupt a girl's shopping."

- Taking down a GKer. Trust me, it was for purely selfish reasons

"I was trying to pass through without wasting any Ammo, but you just HAD to be low on health! WHY!?"

- Low health survivors = PKer crack!

"Silly Angel, Malton's for the dead! ...So join them!"

- Before killing a member of the Malton Angels

Why did I kill you? You messed with the weasels man..."

- Explaining the important question, WHY?

"Now which one was the water pistol again? *BANG* Whoops guess it wasn't that one"

- After killing a survivor on low health who was annoying the hell out of me

"Hey you have a fly on your head, let me help you with that....Whoops sorry dude.."

- Not all Hitmen are subtle....

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