Sprackling Square Police Department

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Sprackling Square Police Department
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Sprackling Square Police Dept

Whittenside [88,97]

a carpark Brymer Drive the Bellamy Building
Dewfall Cinema Sprackling Square Police Dept Clough Towers
Copping Drive Skilton Crescent Club Adey

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Pre-Outbreak Sprackling Square PD


The narrow entrances allow for easy annihilation of any and all zombies who try to enter the building. Inside, pkers and gkers are locked up in the cells. The supplies, all sorted out and stacked, are kept upstairs and the evidence lockers have been emptied to make room for syringes. The Sergeant here has assumed control of the PD, and has been ordered to patrol the surrounding area by his military superiors at Fort Perryn.


When Whittenside, unarguably the most peaceful of Malton's suburbs, was chosen as the site of Fort Perryn, the construction of supporting hospitals and Police Departments were ordered. Sprackling Square was the first such completed, and had its troop garrison supplemented by the close military forces. During and after the Outbreak (when a state of emergency was declared), Sprackling Square was used as a stop on the preliminary evacuation route for southeastern Malton. When it closed, however, the flow of survivors into the PD ceased and the remaining officers were left to fend for themselves.

Barricade Policy

The second PD of Whittenside, should be barricaded to VSB+2 according to the Whittenside Barricade Plan.