St. Simon's Hospital (Eastonwood)

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This page refers to the St. Simon's Hospital in Eastonwood. For the St. Simon's Hospital in Ridleybank, please see St. Simon's Hospital (Ridleybank).


St. Simon's Hospital
--VVV RPMBG 18:27, 11 June 2024 (UTC)
St. Simon's Hospital

Eastonwood [33, 21]

St. Chad's Church a cemetery a warehouse
Troman Lane St. Simon's Hospital St. Anselm's Hospital
Wyles Bank Coley Towers a carpark

Basic Info:

  • Excellent place to find first aid kits. Zombies frequently check inside.
  • Portable Generators have a use other than powering the lights and increasing search probability in hospitals. Players with the Surgery Skill can heal for 15 HP if the Hospital has a fueled up Generator.
  • Hospitals can be barricaded normally.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Hospitals:
    • "...its wards and corridors blackened with the soot of a recent fire"
    • "...its empty wards criss-crossed with snapped quarantine tape."
    • " of the city's psychiatric hospitals."
    • "...dark corridors leading through abandoned wards."
    • "...its emergency room in disarray."
    • "...its lobby covered with quarantine posters."
    • "...a children's hospital with bright murals across the walls. "
    • "The main lobby is riddled with bullet holes."
    • "It was one of the last to be evacuated, and seems to have been cleared out in a hurry."
    • "...a derelict hospital that was closed down years ago."

St. Simon's Hospital


Before the quarantine, St Simon's Hospital was a children's orthopedic hospital, and offered free medical care to families in need. The interior is still decorated with bright murals and the hallways are lined with drawings from the pupils of Brabner Row School.

In the summer of 2009, Malton College of Medicine came to Eastonwood and began renovating the hospital for use as its new campus and base of operations in Eastonwood. MCM rearranged the hospital's floor plan to meet the demands of a zombie apocalypse; the ground floor was used for admissions, the emergency ward was converted into a dormitory for students and survivors, and the Dean and staff set up their offices on the fifth floor in the administrative wing. A hot tub was set up on the roof, accessible only by the staircase to the decommissioned helipad.


When MCM arrived at St Simon's in the summer of 2009, the hospital was ruined. There were traces of previous occupation, scraps of old graffiti, but they were cleaned away along with the bloodstains. Anyone who remembers stories from the early years of the infestation should feel free to supply them here.

After two happy years of service to the Eastonwood area, Malton College of Medicine packed its bags and went on tour of Malton in early March of 2011. After months of helping out numerous suburbs of Malton, MCM reestablished its campus headquarters at St. George's Hospital in Greentown.

Barricade Policy

MCM historically proposed a barricade policy for Eastonwood, which can be found here along with the !zanbah plan, which is somewhat different.

News Archive

Main article: St. Simon's Hospital (Eastonwood)/News Archive

Current Status

After two weeks during which MCM comfortably held St Simon's at VSB while 20 zombies gathered outside, on the night of Friday 20 November, there was a very sudden increase to >50. A simultaneous attack by perhaps 15 of those zombies took place that night, almost all of whom were members of The Dead Walker, a group strongly suspected of zerging. Violet Begonia, Dean of MCM, states MCM's position in this respect under 'Recent News' on the Eastonwood page. --Sherry talk MCM 12:47, 22 November 2009 (UTC)

MCM has returned to Eastonwood, and will now settle at St Simon's. The hospital will be held at VSB++ except when under siege. --Sherry talk MCM 14:04, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

MCM is on a mission elsewhere just at the moment, but is keeping an eye on the hospital in its absence. MOB has just passed through Eastonwood, but MCM has begun to rebuild, and St Simon's has been reclaimed and repaired. MCM will continue to service the revive point at the cemetery one block north of the hospital [33,20]. --Sherry talk MCM 14:07, 24 October 2009 (BST)

The hospital has recently come under attack, presumably by zombies, and has been ruined. 
  Template:Roz Barton 12:00, 3 October 2010 (BST)