The Ackermen Hotel

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The Ackermen Hotel
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the Ackermen Hotel

West Becktown [11,31]

Stranger Grove Fire Station the Sell Monument the Acott Arms
Worner Crescent the Ackermen Hotel wasteland
Tuchings Park a carpark Mather Bank

Basic Info:

  • Also known as motels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Hotels can be barricaded normally.



Construction of the Ackermen Hotel of Malton began in 1948 during the city's postwar boom and was completed in 1950. The hotel opened to visitors in August of that year. The hotel was built as an emulation of the famous Waldorf=Astoria Hotel of New York City and for the next two decades was considered one of the best places to stay for visiting dignitaries and other persons of note. In the early 1980's, after losing lots of business to the nearby Nolan Hotel [12,36] with its state of the art design and ultramodern decor, the Ackermen was purchased by Marriot. After the acquisition, room rates were lowered and many of the amenities that previous Ackermen guests had enjoyed were eliminated as well to save money and enable the building to turn a profit. This in addition to the construction of the Acott Arms [12,30] and a modern art museum (now the wasteland that adjoins the Ackermen) made the Hotel boom again, although it did not quite return to its former grandeur. Right before the outbreak, plans were afoot to begin to bring back the Hotel to its former glory with various renovations and the creation of gold and platinum memberships by Marriot. Since the outbreak, many survivors have spent the night in its still comfortable rooms and wandered through its once magnificent ballrooms.

Barricade Policy