The Dinan Hotel

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The Dinan Hotel
Last update Aug 2020
BoogieDinosaur (talk) 16:39, 28 June 2023 (UTC)
the Dinan Hotel

Hollomstown [66,94]

the Goodwyn Museum the Eddington Monument Loockyer Cinema
wasteland the Dinan Hotel a junkyard
a warehouse Baston Street Flower Crescent Railway Station

Basic Info:

  • Also known as motels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Hotels can be barricaded normally.
Hotel Pic.jpg

"You are standing inside the Dinan Hotel. The building may or may not be barricaded, and its doors may or may not be closed."


An old hotel, it was purchased by Thomas Dinan and transformed into one of the finest hotels in the area. The patrons consisted mainly of out of suburb Museum attendees, along with museum investors whom spent the night in Dinan's luxury suites. Dinan Hotel was considered one of Maltons finest hotels, and attracted much new business to the area. Its landmarks included a 20 by 20 metre swimming pool, a cafe, 50 detached rooms, and a gallery. Many of the riches, however, were lost to time after the outbreak, lost, stolen, broken, or even used as barricade material.

Kevokov Bombing

Thomas Dinan, in his beloved gallery, one month before the attack.

On May 10th, 2003, the hotel owner, Thomas Dinan, was assassinated by the leader of the terrorist group Kevokov, Johnathon A. Tikhon, in what has been known as the Kekokov Bombing. Pronounced dead at the scene by medical investigators, Dinan left the hotel to his wife and two children. The accident, however, proved deadly to the hotel and it closed within the first six months, as survivors ignored plights to pay for rooms as they barricaded doors and looted.

Thirty-two other civilians were also killed in the blast. Of note, Scott Spalding who was an associate of Thomas, lost his left arm in the blast. He died in the emergency room at Gall General Hospital, his final words "You called THAT an explosion, I'll tell you it wa..."

Barricade Policy

The Dinan Hotel is mandated by the Hollomstown Barricade Plan to remain at an Extremely Heavily Barricaded Level. The purpose of this mandate is to provide a fortified safe house for Hollomstown's veteran survivors. the Entry point is at the Goodwyn museam

Current Status

12/6/2009 You are inside the Dinan Hotel. The building has been very strongly barricaded. Also here is stealraven (50HP).A portable generator has been set up here. It is running. The lobby has been decorated with a conceptual painting.Somebody has spraypainted 1-734-829-7765 :cp onto a wall.--Dr Mycroft Chris 18:53, 6 December 2009 (UTC)

Up to date as of 00:12, 8 August 2007 (BST)

The Dinan Hotel is currently being used as a safe house for a small number of newbie survivors. It, however, is not powered and contains neither a generator or a radio transmitter.

Recent News

August 9th, 2007

I, Montana8 (UD character is batleon0) will be heading to the hotel with a generator and a transmitter in hand and will establish it is as a major fortress. --Montana8 17:10, 9 August 2007 (BST)