The Drayton Building

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The Drayton Building
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the Drayton Building

Eastonwood [33, 28]

Courtney Lane Fire Station Thickett Plaza Fire Station Bissell Walk
the Fysh Monument the Drayton Building Back Bank
Popham Place Sherwell Place Booth Row

Basic Info:

The Drayton Building



Before the Breakout

The Drayton Building used to be the Commercial Office of Drayton Technologies, a company headed by Sir Thomas Drayton that made numerous breakthroughs in IT and Multimedia. They were strong in 2001, but by the time 2003 came along, things were not going too well.

Late in 2003, Drayton Technologies went bankrupt. Drayton technologies had made a major impact though, and thanks to their breakthroughs, many companies were striving. Dezonus Industries was one of these companies.

Dezonus Industries, following their success in Grandius, decided they wanted to expand their company. When they heard about The Drayton Building being up for sale, they rushed to it, significantly outbidding Necrotech. The Drayton Building became the core of the Malton Division of Dezonus Industries.

The Drayton Building, for a short amount of time, was renamed "The Vareth Building", but Dezonus Vareth himself insisted that the building should keep it's name to honor Sir Drayton. Vareth offered Drayton a job with them, but Drayton was ready to retire, so Declined.

The Breakout

News of the Breakout came quickly to the Malton Division of Dezonus Idustries. The employees tried to make contact with Grandius, but all Communications had been Jammed. A few employees tried to run, the others stayed. On June 5th, 2005, The building was attacked, all employees killed. Whatever they were working on, destroyed.

It was years before Dezonus Vareth was able to find out what happened. He decided to attempt to quell the resistance by putting into play what would be known as The "Dezonus Industries: Malton Dispatch". Dezonus Vareth's Cousin, Varon Vareth would go in and attempt to assemble a team of survivors to cure or eradicate this Breakout, and try and recapture The Drayton Building.

Time will tell if he succeeds...

Barricade Policy

Current Status

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