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((He has faded from this world, but shall any remember his deeds?))

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Extractor Hacked
Abbreviation: Ex-Hacked
Group Numbers: 7 dedicated, plus Free Hacks
Leadership: Alphonse Burr, Dr. Ashar Alhazrad
Goals: Discover the truth behind the outbreak, and take affirmative action thereof.
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Here

The Extractor Hacked, founded by ex greyhat hacker Alphonse Burr, are a group of individuals bent on discovering the absolute truth behind the zombie outbreak. Recognizable by the trademark hacked DNA extractors for which they are named, they are based in the opinion that the zombie outbreak was caused not by chance, but by NecroTech intentionally. While claiming that they will adopt different policies if significant evidence proves otherwise, they currently spend their time in an attempt to thwart the actions they believe NecroTech to be taking to the detriment of the remaining survivors.

Of the Extractor Hacked

We of the Extractor Hacked are disturbed by the actions taken by the majority of the surviving populace. It is widely believed that the company of NecroTech is the party responsible for the current outbreak at large, but no action is taken in spite of it. It seems to be the popular opinion that our current situation is the result of an accidental leak, widely held to have taken place from under the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank. We of the Extractor Hacked know differently, for when put under scrutiny, this theory seems to hold no weight. It is our belief that this hellish situation we now find ourselves in was indeed the intention of NecroTech to begin with. Any logical inquiry would deduce that NecroTech has been using us as the largest known test subject to date, and is getting away with it. Why do we think this? Anyone who has given it enough thought would come to this conclusion, but in times of desperation, as are the ones we currently endure, the instinct for survival can overcome, or greatly postpone series of rational thought. In times of chaos, the human psyche searches for some order or purpose to attach it's self to, even if that purpose be in disorder. The surviving inhabitants of this once fine city of Malton are so preoccupied by the need to reestablish the order they once enjoyed, or to create one of their own, that they have ignored the cause of their misfortune. It is neither bloodthirsty "zombie", nor psychotic axeman, nor ignorant survivor that is to blame, for they are but the result of the ultimate cause. It is they, and no one else, whom we fight.
Penned by hand --Alphonse Burr

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This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.91 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Access Denied

Our Reasons

Many may be confused as to our reasoning. The populace at large appears to discount our claims as many a conspiracy theory. This is most likely the result of the average survivor's tendency to neglect from listening to the full set of arguments we have set fourth. It is here that I will make them known:

Building Numbers

The sheer amount of NecroTech buildings standing in Malton is itself a matter of inquiry. Why is it that NecroTech would need so many covert buildings built in such close proximity to each other? Some companies are known to have large infrastructures based in specific cities, but the construction or acquisition of over one hundred individual NecroTech buildings is in itself a matter of concern. It seemed that NecroTech had, and still may have, the intent for its presence to be felt in every corner of Malton.

The NecroNet

The introduction of the NecroNet was hailed by the majority of the survivor population as a form of godsend, but it raises a series of questions. The nature of the NecroNet is largely unknown even to the Extractor Hacked, who have spent the majority of their time during the quarantine attempting to understand it. It is believed that the NecroNet was first made available at around January 19th, 2006, but this also leaves some questions unanswered. Additions to software, as the ones in the already present revivification syringe machinery so that the mark II syringe may be manufactured, are of low difficulty integrating. The NecroNet though, would need specialized equipment to be able to operate correctly. This equipment would have had to have either been tediously installed in all one hundred plus NecroTech facilities (a difficult task when it is realized that the system for monitoring the “zombies” would have had to have been designed, and the time and manpower needed for installation seems to exceed the 6 month time span between the outbreak and the NecroNet’s integration) or, it would have had to have been already installed into the various buildings. The latter seems more likely, as the system is so integrated into the buildings that even when a building is ransacked the NecroNet sensors are never permanently damaged.
The only conceivable reason for the integration of a device that is able to track a subject based only on its DNA signature in up to a four block radius, is that NecroTech was anticipating the need to track subjects through the streets of Malton. It is because of this that we believe the NecroNet is evidence to the theory of the planned release of the zombification retrovirus, sometimes referred to as “Agent 50”, as they where already prepared to study it.

The Quick Military Blockade

The speed to which the military was able to seal off the city is also to be of note. If the military was alerted post-outbreak, then the city would have taken more than one day to become completely quarantined. As the military was able to completely seal off an area of approximately 10,000 city blocks by nightfall on the day of the outbreak, this is likely not the case. It is more likely to assume then, that the army was alerted before the incident occurred. If this was an accidental leak, then there would not have been any prior warning to the army, it is thus safe to assume that NecroTech had been aware that the leak would happen before it did, so that they where able to confer this information with the military. Why would NecroTech do this? They needed the maximum amount of test subjects, and they could not allow any to escape.


Some may have noticed the "ominous" red sensor eyes (see any NT building page) adorning the NecroTech buildings as of late. These are the eyes of an arguably sapient AI known as "A.L.I.C.E.". The prying questions and strange mannerisms are in themselves enough to raise suspicion, but they are not the only cause. What is the purpose of A.L.I.C.E.? It has stated that it is here to "monitor and maintain NecroTech facilities throughout Malton", but is that it's true purpose? Certainly there are NecroTech scientists to do this, and if said NecroTech building has the power to run A.L.I.C.E.'s sensors, then there is most likely a NecroTech engineer nearby to maintain the place. It is believed by more than us that A.L.I.C.E. has a more sinister purpose. We are all carriers to the Agent 50 retrovirus, and we, as well as the zombies, are most likely under study. A.L.I.C.E., with its constant watchful gaze, and insistent questioning is here to study the physical and mental characteristics of Agent 50 carriers as the NecroTech engineers are here to study the zombies. We can only hope that it does not receive the robotic servo arms it has "asked" for.

Revivification Syringes

It is odd how NecroTech has been able to create a substance that rebuilds the human body and mind from a zombified state, restoring all motor function, cognitive reasoning, and former memories, but has yet to devise a substance that removes the disease, as is evident in the case of suicidal survivors rising from the dead with no other contact with Agent 50. The syringe does not kill or remove the disease, it simply removes its symptoms. With the symptoms of the L-Strain of Agent 50 being so drastic, one would assume that it would be easier to remove the disease than to reverse it. This is not the case though, for instead of a simple cure, we have a substance that would feel at home in any science fiction movie. Do we have an explanation for this? It seems simple to imagine one. The reason NecroTech has yet to create a cure is that they do not wish one created. If the citizens of Malton where to cease their zombified state, there would be no more research to be done. This is why there is a lack of a cure, because they wish for us to stay in this way until thy acquire what they need.


What is it that NecroTech was trying to achieve? Where they searching for an elixir of eternal life? A weapon that turns one's own populace into the enemy? A form of slave labor? The answer to this is unknown, and it is one that we of the Extractor Hacked work diligently to discover. Whatever the reason, it is evident that we are the test subjects for their plan. Each and every one of us is a carrier to the Agent 50 retrovirus, and as such are the best research subjects that NecroTech could ask for. Why would NecroTech need such a large amount of test subjects? Well, let us look at the numbers. The city of Malton boasted a population of hundreds of thousands of people, but our resources indicate that there are only somewhere between thirty and forty thousand carriers of Agent 50 left, this includes both the human and "zombie" population. "Zombies" seem to be able to regenerate their wounds no matter how grievous they have become, and also seem to be able to live almost indefinitely even without a steady supply of nourishment (such as human flesh). It then comes down to the question of why all of the citizens of Malton are not "alive" in one form or another. We have hypothesized that the reason is that only a small percentage of the population are able to adopt the Agent 50 retrovirus for any decent length of time. Our current estimates leave us to believe that only about six to seven percent of the human population are able to effectively adopt the retrovirus. This leads us to our earlier question. The answer to the question is that for NecroTech to have six test subjects, they would have to infect one hundred patients with the disease. Thus, the disease was released so as to acquire the test subjects necessary to further study Agent 50's effects. It is also possible that NecroTech needed to study "zombies" in an environment other than a lab room.

Our Weapons

But what is to be done to the contrary of NecroTech? There are reasons that the Extractor Hacked are only now emerging, the largest being that viable weapons needed to be devised. December 25th 2008 marks the date of the most effective of these weapons, but there are others, and is here we shall disclose them to you:

Hacked Extractor

The signature piece of equipment for any extractor hack, the hacked extractor is the only weapon to date believed to truly affect NecroTech. A hacked extractor is a normal extractor with specific software and hardware modifications to suit our needs. It is easily distinguishable from a normal DNA extractor because of the fact that half of the case is removed and new pieces of hardware are added. When a hacked extractor scans a zombie, its signature will still allow the NecroNet to track it, but all data sent to the NecroTech database will be corrupted. In fact the data is composed in a manner so as to attempt to corrupt other information on the database as well (via a form of buffer overflow). In essence, it will allow all the benefits that survivors gain from a normal DNA extractor, but at the same time attack NecroTech. We are in the process though, of setting up our own database of uncorrupted data, from which our own research, lead by Dr. Asher Alhazrad, may be conducted.
The original hacked extractor was created by Alphonse Burr after two years of research and development. Thankfully, a new hacked extractor takes less than a day to make if the correct materials are present and an already hacked extractor is used as a template (in effect, if one stays any extended period of time with an Extractor Hacked member, or a free hack, in any building with sufficient supplies i.e. mall tech shops, NT buildings etc. You may have your extractor hacked). To distinguish yourselves as an extractor hack, without having to join the Extractor Hacked themselves (e.g. stay only a free hack), simply state so in your character description. This praise can be anything from "Carries a partially disassembled DNA extractor" to simply putting the words "free hack" in your description. Be sure however, that this phrase is understandable, so that it is clear that your extractor is actually hacked.

Spray Cans

Used by pre-outbreak Malton civilians for purposes such as paint jobs and graffiti, the spray can has adopted a more important purpose in post-outbreak times. It is used as a form of signpost alerting other survivors to a variety of situations. To the Extractor Hacked spray cans can be used to temporarily disable the sensors of A.L.I.C.E., a questionably sapient artificial intelligence installed by NecroWatch in seemingly every NT building. All Extractor Hacks are encouraged to spray over the intrusive sensor eyes of A.L.I.C.E. when staying in any NecroTech building for any extended period of time (do so by spraying "sprayed over all of A.L.I.C.E's sensors " or the like, onto the wall).
Spray cans can also be used to spread the message of the Extractor Hacked to the populace in a less original way. Extractor Hacked propaganda is recommended to be sprayed around the are where we have set up a base, and anywhere else for that matter. Approved Extractor Hacked messages are as follows:

Find The Truth, Fight the Necro tinyurl.com/3a3uhc
Extractor Hacked: tinyurl.com/3a3uhc
NecroTech Lies, Fight Back tinyurl.com/3a3uhc

Any other suggestions for approved messages should be submitted at the discussion page Here.

NecroNet Hacks

While no hacks directly pertaining to the NecroNet itself have made it to the Alpha stage of testing, there are some ideas in consideration. The main hindrance to this project is the lack of routine access to a NecroNet terminal free from NecroTech employees and the AI A.L.I.C.E.'s countermeasures. A steady Extractor Hacked HQ would have to be established in order to design such a complex program. Not even Alphonse Burr in the years he has been trying has succeeded. The plan for a Extractor Hacked HQ is though in the works, and thus such hacks may be available in the future.

Our Goals

While the long term goals of the Extractor Hacked should be clear at this point, our immediate goals are not as well spelled out. The immediate short term goals of the Extractor Hacked are as follows:

Recruit Members -- while a mostly self explanatory, and universal goal of most all organizations, the Extractor Hacked are currently looking to fill our ranks with at least ten members before solidifying the Extractor Hacked hierarchy. No formal criteria has yet been set fourth, but common sense may need to apply.

Spread Use of Hacked Extractors -- Few are bound to use our recent invention if they are unaware of it. This goal is simply requires Extractor Hacked members to carry the message of the hacked extractor to those who would be willing to adopt them.

Acquire Positive Intergroup Relations -- Akin to the previous goal above, the Extractor Hacked will need, not only alliances, but positive relations with groups who would be willing to adopt the hacked extractor. In the current microcosm of a world we live in, strong ties with beneficial organizations are almost a prerequisite for any group wishing to last.

Establish an Extractor Hacked HQ -- The Extractor Hacked are also in need of a NecroTech building with which to make base camp, and to have undisturbed access to the NecroNet. As our original prospect, The Hurst Building becomes more dangerous at every moment, we are looking at alternative choices, namely the Tompson Building.

Diplomatic Relations

Positive Relations:

Zomcon - As an apparent splinter group from the Umbrella Corporation, the goals of Zomcon seem to be compatible with those of the Extractor Hacked.

E.N.D. - A nomadic survivor group, E.N.D. has gained the respect of the Extractor Hacked.

Negative Relations:

NecroTech - Our primary enemy. Those who formally affiliate themselves with NecroTech are not to be trusted, but hostile action is at this date not to be taken unless provoked by said NecroTech affiliate.

NecroWatch - as one of the most prominent NecroTech sponsored groups in Malton, and it's apparent functionality as NecroTech's face operation, it is to be highly distrusted.

Extractor Hacked Findings

On the Neurology of the "Undead"


February 24th:The official Extractor Hacked Forum has been created and can be found Here. It doesn't have much, but its all we need right now. All Extractor Hacked Members are asked to create an account and request member access. Confidential information will be given through the secure channels on this forum. Find the Truth, Fight the Necro. --Alphonse Burr 19:02, 24 February 2008 (UTC)

February 23rd:The Hurst is powered and with transmitter. There are some non Extractor Hacked personnel there, but they appear friendly. All Extractor Hacked personnel are asked to report to the Hurst building as soon as they are able to help with the defense. --Alphonse Burr 15:47, 23 February 2008 (UTC)

Update: Radio station changed to 27.91 due to its current use by a group neglectful of stating so on the Radio page. --Alphonse Burr 00:14, 22 February 2008 (UTC)

February 20th: The E.N.D. survivor group as been confirmed as a positive relation.

February 19th: A dedicated ratio channel has been established. It will be broadcasting at frequency 27.90. All Extractor Hacked are recommended to have one radio tuned to this station at all times, especially if you are not an avid metagamer. Broadcasts will be sent out as needed. --Alphonse Burr 23:04, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

February 17th: The Extractor Hacked have assumed a new "ally". The organization of "Zomcon" had made known it's support of our group, by what margin is yet to be seen. Either way, they have been added to the Positive Relations area of our newly created Diplomatic section, and obvious Negative Relations have been added.
Find the Truth, Fight the Necro. -- Alphonse Burr 20:32, 17 February 2008 (UTC)

February 13th: I have recently met with an old acquaintance by the name of Edward the Screwdriver, who has asked to join the group, for his own reasons, as he has a personal vendetta against NecroTech. He is a marvelous tactician, holds my utmost trust (aka I know him in real life), and thus has been put in charge of any of our future militant ventures. He is not specifically trained in the weaponry currently used in Malton, but he will soon adjust, and will most likely spearhead our more dangerous missions. While he is part of the Extractor Hacked proper, he has been given a certain amount of freedom to act as he sees fit. Future Extractor Hacked of a more militant nature will most likely be placed under his authority.
Find the Truth, Fight the Necro. --Alphonse Burr 17:56, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

February 8th: Our most recent prospect for our, at least temporary, HQ has been chosen as the Tompson Building. The buildings of southeast Malton have gone under rigorous evaluation, and as of now the Tompson building has been chosen. Further suggestions are always welcome, and will be evaluated justly. It is recommended that all Extractor Hacked personnel culminate around this point. In other news, the talk page for the Extractor Hacked has been established, and should be used to post comments about our prospective base and more.


  • Extractor Hacked -- The name of the organized group founded by Alphonse Burr.
  • extractor hack -- One who carries and uses a hacked extractor, includes free hacks.
  • extractor hacks -- Plural of extractor hack.
  • free hack -- One who carries and uses a hacked extractor but is not a member of the Extractor Hacked.
  • Agent 50 -- A term sometimes used for the zombification retrovirus.
  • Agent 51 -- A term sometimes used for the substance found in revivification syringes.
  • L-Strain -- Name proposed by Dr. Ashar Alhazrad for the modified form of the Agent 50 virus that resulted in the "zombie plague". Technically, Agent 50 is a different virus than the one currently afflicting Malton. To be honest, Dr. Alhazrad only likes the name "L-Strain" because L is the roman numeral for "fifty".


As the Extractor Hacked are in dire need of members, the current recruitment policy is very lenient, simply post a request Here, and your request will be answered as soon as we are able.

Extractor Hacked Members

Alphonse Burr: software/hardware hacker and project administrator.

Dr. Ashar Alhazrad, alias Kintaros: Head molecular biologist.

Itachiro: hired muscle and bodyguard.

Breckinridge 'Breck' Scott: Supervisor of the Tompson building.

Codename: Etaf: New Member, position not yet solidified.

Codename LetMeAtHim: New Member position not yet solidified.


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