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The 5th of November, 2007

"Remember, remember, the Fifth of November ..."

At the beginning of the month, most of the RRF were clustering in their home turf in anticipation of a major offensive on the 5th of November. The days leading up to the scheduled confrontation we were passed munching in on snacks falling out of the freerunning lanes leading into the suburb. It was my hope that this period would allow me to gain some experience for my newbie character.

I'd been mostly outside the Halsey Auto Repair, hoping to break in every now and then or waiting for someone to drag a weakened, but kicking and screaming intruder out on the streets. Just as the night was turning into the 5th, I joined a moderate mob (around 40) and slipped into the Blackmore Building in anticipation of the attack. Throughout the day the humans kept coming, but not with an offensive that matched our expectations. Instead of attacking en masse and holding ground, they snuck in, took a few down and snuck away again. This raiding continued, their attacks slowly whittling down the numbers of zombie horde, but never gaining any ground. The building remained filled with shambling zombies the entire day.

In the end, the 5th of November was something of an anti-climax. Apparently the humans lacked numbers and coordination to accomplish a serious objective. They had managed to barricade large parts of the suburb, but this only meant that we'd have to spend a few days clearing our surroundings. It was time to once more spread devastation around Ridleybank, to return it to its natural apocalyptic self. The Ring of Ruin, it was called as we spread out, but it seemed more like a buffet.

Victory at Ackland! (November - December 2007)

As part of a massive attack areas held by the Crimson Clan, the Brennand Building in Havercroft, in the southernmost tip of CC's extended core area, in the so called "zone s", became the target for RRF's Wrecking Ball. The building was a key NT resource and would need to be secured for an overall victory in the area.

It took a while for the zombie tide to crash the defenses. This was by far the biggest fighting I'd seen thus far and the defenders seemed dogged in their determination to push us out. But even with things progressing slowly, and with us determined to hold what we gained, our relentless push could only eventually break the resistance - and so it did. The result was - as always - absolute ruin and desolation as far as the eye could see.

Meanwhile, while the Wrecking Ball had been taking and holding the Brennand building, other parts of the RRF and its allies had focused on other targets until nothing that was decent or worthwhile remained unruined in the area, except the impregnable Ackland Mall. Of course, it turned out to be not quite so impregnable after all when all of the horde, including the Wrecking Ball, coalesced and laid siege on the structure. While the south western corner bore the brunt of the assault, a coordinated sneak attack on the north west finally broke the defenses and allowed the mass of walking corpses to eat the residents and ransack the entire mall. The RRF and its allies claimed victory ([1])!

Excursion III (January - February 2008)

Since the beginning of the year, the RRF has left its homeland to bring death and destruction to Malton at large. We've since crushed three malls and their surrounding suburbs. The price of real estate is going down and we're still going on strong.

Valentine Wedding Crash (February 2008)

The Gore Corps had gotten wind of a wedding happening on Valentine's Day, so as esteemed dignitaries of Malton it was necessary of us to attend. Somehow the invitations had gotten lost in the mail, but that's hardly surprising considering all the postmen are probably dead. Pretty much every other PKer attended too and the festivities began in earnest. We made the news, too.

Back in the Game (November - December 2011)

I came back to the game after a long hiatus and saw a city/game still reeling from the invasion of Something Awful's the Dead. The RRF has been on an excursion in the south-eastern parts of Malton, steadily ruining one suburb after another. What strikes me though is that there have been very few pitched battles and no truly difficult ones like in the old days. Even Fort Perryn which had reinvigorated and was chock full of survivors fell after a spearhead strike by the Gore Corps allowed zombies to setup a beach head inside. Good fun that, regardless.

The whole game (RRF and GC included) seems to be in a bit of a rut and the groups that are active aren't really taking part that much in community efforts. That is a shame and I hope things will slowly revivify (haha pun) as the game needs healthy survivor and zombie groups for it to be truly fun for all involved. In the interests of just that, I did my part and created the Occupy Malton movement!

The 2012 Apocalypse (February 2012)

There is an alternative to reinvigorating the game and Malton's End is it. If the survivor population drops low enough or isn't coordinated enough, it will be the end of the game. Currently, the prediction is set that the critical numbers will be reached by July of this year.

Maybe Urban Dead is what the Mayan's were on about.

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