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A fire fighter trapped in the city when the dead reanimated. As grizzled as he is tenacious.

Blake is transplant from Malton, where his father, a retired fire fighter, runs a bar in Greentown.

Where in Monroeville

Blake is currently hunkering down in West Monroeville in a hospital. During daylight hours he heads out into the streets to chop down the dead.

The Destination

Blake is gearing up and headed towards The Hauser Bar, where he intends to open up shop and server brews to the locals. It will be a long and dangerous trip, but it should be possible with the local zombie populations afraid of head shots.


A member of the Green Street Elite, even though there is no Green Street in Monroeville.

Character Build

Blake Jr is dealing with an outbreak where no NecroTech is around, and therefore needs to be extra careful in dealing with the zombie hordes. I'm going to focus on getting a good way to Farm XP in these early stages first, and then move to utility skills quickly, as those will increase his ability to safely move around and survive as the hordes get bigger and the town gets more barricaded.

His initial skills are Hand to Hand, and Axe skills, for general combat XP on the early zombie targets. It would take too long to acquire gun skills, and with the zombies weak and low in numbers right now, the ability to gain xp through healing isn't so great, yet.

His next skills were utility based because it won't take long for the zombie hordes to learn to ruin buildings and decimate neighborhoods:

  • Construction (to get and keep secure buildings)
  • Free Running (to move through neighborhoods safely)
  • Diagnosis (because every dead human is a permanent zombie, so we have to stick together.)
  • Body Building (because more health means being more likely to survive a zombie attack.)

More recently, Blake has picked up:

  • Shopping (with the malls still up in many places, it's still possible to locate useful gear.)
  • Pistol Skills (because the Malls are still holding, so ammo is easily available.)

In the long term I don't see shopping or gun skills being especially useful. Malls will be hard to hold, or reclaim, and therefore the skills associated with shopping won't be all that great, which will make getting ammo harder. I'll be better off sticking to Axe combat when I need XP, and avoiding zombies most of the time otherwise. To that end bargain hunting will not be a viable investment.

With scientists and Necrotech unavailable in town, the science skills will be the least useful.

That makes Tagging, First Aid, and Surgery useful skills for the long term. Knife Fighting has some limited potential as well.

I'm holding off on Head Shot as there are reports of P-killings of survivors with Head Shot in some of the less civilized areas. I do intend to take the skill onces I've reached a safer location.

Considerations on Zombie-hood

In all likelihood Blake Jr will be killed eventually. When that happens he won't have access to the Human skills ever again. To that end, Skills like Diagnosis and Bodybuilding, as well as searching out a Cricket Bat, setting any radio stations, and wearing a Flak jacket, are things that should be done sooner rather then later. That way, should I get killed, I will be in a situation to be an effective zombie character.

This also means keeping an extra bit of Xp around for zombie skills is a good idea. Once necessary human skills have been purchase, building up a buffer of at least 100xp would be smart.

A zombie XP Buffer will be especially important now that Head Shot are permanent. The longer I last as Survivor, the more likely I am to encounter only powerful Survivors when/if I become a Zombie. Having access to combat skill, or more importantly, movement skills, will help a zombie character living longer.

  • Lurching Gate (So I can get to a safe place)
  • Memories of Life (So I can open a door to get into a building)
  • Vigour Mortis (So I can sort of fight ok)


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